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f、? Agency Director General Iku Takehisa 3. Patent applicant address Osaka Higashi-ku Kita
/! ': 5 I'll 15 name (213) Sumi Electric Co., Ltd. President formerly president Sakamotoyama 4
representative agent address 6 o'clock Minami Ocho, Shihojima, Ohana-ku, Osaka City Sumitomo
Electric' itl ', within the plan [phase [Japanese Patent Office] ■ Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 4911094 Request for examination at the end of examination request (all three pages)
ネ 1 番号 number [phase] llAl · '’' * ', Ci specification 1 1 name of the invention
Piezoelectric sound device
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to fire alarm, alarm pel
such as crime prevention bell, buzzer, interphone or telephone etc.? ,? The present invention
relates to a piezoelectric acoustic device that is 1% for general purpose buzzers such as a buzzer
and a measuring instrument. As shown in FIG. 1, this type of device has a piezoelectric element
(1) with silver electrodes mounted on both sides and a diaphragm (2) made of phosphor bronze
or the like bonded and integrated with an adhesive. Make a complex (5), lead this, Ni! By
connecting to the electric circuit (4) in (3), the composite (5) is bent and vibrated to generate a
sound wave. 1 + i, L is rationally using the current t to the moonlight j + taste co 4 · · iri / キ, its
113: qi, γ? The 臂 characteristic has sharp frequency characteristics in the narrow 11 range,
and it is difficult to incorporate harmonics and so on, so it has a drawback of poor harmony. Also,
in the prior art, the electric circuit (4) is composed of one oscillation circuit or one oscillation
circuit and a switching circuit, and there has been only a technique for producing sound
continuously or intermittently. Some models can generate continuous sound and intermittent
sound, and when the switching frequency is about 18 cycles, it produces a unique sound
resembling Kooe and Logi's roar. De However, if the switching frequency is 10 cycles or more,
due to the structure of a large room or building, the influence of echo etc. will be exerted, and
there may be only distinction between continuous sound and intermittent sound, and many kinds
of distinguishable sounds can not be produced. It also has drawbacks. The present invention
improves the above points, and provides a device capable of producing a unique tone with
harmony, and capable of generating a sound wave that can be identified such as a pseudotone.
That is, the gist of the present invention is to generate a unique tone with no-mony by changing
the frequency of the electric vibration of EndPage: 1 which drives the piezoelectric composite (5).
This type of acoustic device, which will be described in detail by way of example below, utilizes in
principle the resonance phenomenon, and the frequency characteristic of the generated volume
of the complex exhibits a sharp peak as shown in FIG. Therefore, when driven at a constant
voltage, even if the frequency is slightly changed to rl, '2', '3', the sound volume is largely
changed to dBl, dB2 and dB3. Therefore, various timbres can be produced by changing the
frequency. Fig. 3 shows an example of changing the frequency. This circuit can be divided into
two parts: a phase shift oscillator (6) centered on the transistor (Trl) and a part (7) of the
multivibrator centered on the transistors (Tr2 and Tr3). ) Connect ■ between ■ or 00.
In operation, when a DC voltage is applied between the terminals 1 and 2 ', the multi-element
applied to the composite by the rate of charge of the capacitors C1 and C2 changing periodically
due to the output voltage change of the phase shift oscillating unit (6). The frequency of the
output voltage of the vibrator part (7) changes periodically to generate a sound having a unique
timbre like a combination of two sounds. Of course, other than the above circuit, the frequency
may be changed by any other method.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a description of the piezoelectric acoustic
device [threshold, FIG. 2 is a frequency spectrum of the volume generated by the piezoelectric
acoustic device, and FIG. 3 shows an electric circuit according to an embodiment of the present
invention. (1) Piezoelectric □ element (2) diaphragm (3) reed (4) electric circuit (5) composite r
r, (6) phase shift oscillating section (7) multival break part (8) (8) 'The terminal to the power) Trl,
2.3;) Lansister CI, C2; Consistor ") Eri Attorney Attorney Hideki Aoki · EndPage: 26, Inventors
other than the above, patent applicants or agents ( 1) Inventor's residence Itami City, Hyogo
Prefecture Ito-shi, Kunio letter No. 1, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Itami Works Name IFM &
(T (2) Patent applicant (3) Agent address Yuka-ku, Onkaijima Minami-no-cho, Osaka Address 6o
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (Telephone Osaka 461-1031) EndPage: 3
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