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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a known
cartridge, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the cartridge of the present invention. 1, 1
'is a diamond needle, 2 is a brazing layer, 3 is a piezoelectric ceramic, 4, 4' is an adhesive layer,
5.5 'is an elastic body holding portion, and 6 is a piezoelectric semiconductor. Doo 2 yen-3 units
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is a video that cuts the fine work of the
ceramic and omits the difficult work process of bonding with the diamond, and it is easy to
compensate for the temperature needle number at a low price, after the temperacity It is an
object of the present invention to provide a desk play pickup cartridge. The present invention will
be described in the following with reference to the embodiment shown in the drawings. FIG. 1
shows a known pickup cartridge 49-117022-021, in which a diamond needle 11) is brazed 12 n
to a piezoelectric ceramic 11 and an fEM ceramic (three voices are held by an elastic body
holding portion (5 n, Glue with adhesive # + 41. FIG. 2 shows the pickup cartridge of the present
invention, wherein (1) is a diamond needle, (6J is a feed semiconductor, (41 is an adhesive layer,
and (5) is an elastic body holding portion) The diamond is cut into a predetermined shape and
polished, and the piezoelectric ceramic (3) is adhered to the upper surface thereof with an
adhesive, and the elastic body holding portion is adhered to the upper surface thereof with an
adhesive. However, the ceramic is an α2 mx [15 mx [L2 sw + long blade, and the work of cutting
it precisely to this size is very difficult, and the bonding to bond the fine ceramic (3) to diamond
[IIJ area a2 × It was also difficult to bond to a very small area of 13 諺. The cartridge of this
invention is formed by growing a piezoelectric semiconductor (6), for example, a semiconductor
such as silicon or germanium on the upper surface of a diamond needle (1) cut and polished into
a predetermined shape. After performing surface treatment (vacuum evaporation or other similar
means) for Q2-03, the crystal of the piezoelectric semiconductor (6) is grown directly on the
diamond needle +11. 8: Dragon semiconductor (the upper surface of the crystal of 61 is cut to a
predetermined length, and the elastic body holding portion (5 (the device for adhering to this is
the structure described above, so the ceramic is finely cut or Bonding with diamond needles etc.
I-Operation 1-The scale is omitted, and the pick amp car (ridge 3-can be provided quickly, at
large tlt and inexpensive). Also, by replacing the '4 ceramic with a piezoelectric semiconductor on
the moon, the frequency physical properties are improved, so that the physical properties
become 1-gray and the correction of the temperature count becomes easy (p%).
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