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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of an apparatus for
automatically forming a speaker cone according to the present invention, wherein FIG. 1 is a
front view in vertical section, FIG. 2 is a plan view and FIG. 3 is a side view , FIG. 4 is a rear view.
1 · · · · · · · · Base · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Material supply pipe, 7, 8 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · Lifting cylinder, 17 · · · · · · · · · · · · · piston rod, E · · · · · E · · · moving cylinder, 25 · · · · · ·
· · · piston rod, 26 · · · · · · Lifting cylinder, 27 · · · · · · · piston rod, 28 · · · · · · adsorption surface. Da57-Ju-sho 49-i 4128 (2) 1 Figure-I-58 Ju-sho 49-14128 (3)-59-
[Detailed description of the invention] In this consideration, kraft material, etc., which is a raw
material of speaker cone, is water-soluble in a bowl shape circle and fc * solidified, then this
solidified material is automatically transferred into a molding die for molding The following is a
detailed description of the apparatus which has been made possible, with reference to the
drawing which is a practical example of f'Lt. Install the heating (4) on the upper surface of the
base (1) and the upper surface of the base (1) with the number of seats + 31 "-k placed on the
lower bottom, and the furnace temperature (4) ) On the top-side, supply material with pulp (5) +
2149-14128-('It pipe + 61 jllt RO and 4K, & i 410 below JiK, with water supply pipe (9) with
pulp 171181 and drain pipe αU Water tank ul, water passage C1 ',! 垂 P P 座 座 座 3 3 ry ry ry
ry ry ry ry ry ry よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う よ う
汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲 汲. The ta 汲 aak installed with the concave seat 0 ... of the array and
on the beam a9 overhanging on the other side of the one base (1) ascend + silling ae downward
fixed, the lifting cylinder α G The lower end of the piston rod ll71 penetrating the rack (c), the
male mold side 【, the lower surface of the lower surface of the nine protru・ Fix it so that it can
be inserted into it, and the attachment piece c! IQ I'i is installed parallel to the back of the base
11+ in parallel with each other and is provided on one upper and lower inner shaft of the boat (a)
(2) and at the moving port at the qciJ hall, the moving port In the side of the base, fix the tip end
of the piston rod of the needle moving cylinder fixed to the @ part of the base (1) 5 Fix the tip of
the moving cylinder and move the mouth of the moving needle , Upward t-shaped outer ring
fixed to moving port, outer ring Shi r d r r r r 2 B k of piston rod (g) upper g s, lower rod 5 n-1 A
1 ') Q-na'! 錦) b '· · · · · adsorption plate with adsorption m on the adsorption surface 稜 瑞 t 1 of
the adsorption plate 吸着 1 surface of adsorption (c) is P temperature (4) P seat (3) ·
approximately · inside and I type Of the seat (which is fixed so that it can be lowered to 13 ... Pi,
and in the figure, the ring is the base (arrangement provided at the front of 11: is there. (i) The
present invention should have the above-mentioned structure), thereby, automatically solidifying
the raw material of the speaker cone r into a plate shape and forming first, the piston of the
moving cylinder (good) The piston rod is moved to the rear of the toe-shaped (4) along the
moving shaft (i) [the guide shaft 翰 @ by making the rod @ maximally extend, and the piston rod
is maximally extended by the insertion rod of the lifting cylinder. (The suction rage (support)
fixed on the upper surface of θ is placed at the highest position on fj j 9 (4), and the piston rod
α 711 r of the lift and lift cylinder α e is made to enter, and the lower end of the piston rod 171
Firmly (set) nzlA child cs 2 # "type" ° above 0 0 ° 0 ° 0 ° and put in place □, after sow, pulp
+ 7 + 28 mouth, water flow; Yol, water for dissolution to the water supply pipe (9) to 5 溶 soluble
water allP1 Ru (4) 座 seat + 31 ... to fill up the circle (4); 9'49-14128-05 供給 す る · After that,
open the pulp 151k, Kukuftto material 1 Kozo, Mitsu 1 evening When a suitable amount of corn
raw material t1 material supply pipe (61 end, l 'type (4)) made of powder etc. is supplied, this
raw material is dissolved in water for dissolution, and the seat G + · · · lower bottom The thickness
of the PR required deposit on the furnace net t21 of this furnace part + 31 · · · · · · · 抜 抜 抜 抜 抜
抜 抜 座 座 座 座 座 4 4 4 4 (4) A cane on a lower net P + 21 will solidify a cone material of
constant thickness.
After that, make the piston rod of the raising and lowering cylinder go in) K, fix it in the upper
side of the piston) and lower it from the east upper side on the fc adsorption & 翰 tsP type (4) fi *
[(Ha) kp type (4) on p site (3)-· At the same time it is inserted into its own p'3 and adsorbed! 1 @
O true 9 Tow starts. Then, since the corn material assimilated on the above-mentioned offshore
space (3; ... lower floor OF net +21 is adsorbed on the adsorption surface (2) of this adsorption
board 2, the ascending and lowering sill (5; ) When the piston rod (2) of 49-14128-06 'indigo is
extended, adsorption? In the lower surface of the disk 01, the cone material is adsorbed to the
suction surface of the lower surface, 4 ≧ 上昇 上昇 さ さ ま た ま た 上昇 引 引 引 こ こ 九 こ ピ
ハIn this piston rod, the guide rod with the fixed mover t1 raising / lowering cylinder 4 is
inclined to the back of the guide shaft and moved to the rear of the a4 and this movement pretest is to the rear of the female ff1 fi 41 When it comes, raise and lower the cylinder (d) * rF,
move the piston rod)). Then, the suction mh fixed on the upper end 1 of the piston rod (i) also
descends, and the suction surface (c) on the lower surface thereof is inserted into the concave
seat a3 · self · V3 on the female kI. At this time, when complete suction of the suction disk is
released, the cone material adsorbed on the suction surface @ of the suction disk (c) is reprinted
on the female gQ 4 on O concave seat a 3 ... circle, and then raised and lowered Piston Rondo @ 7
of cylinder 4 and lift up the suction cup-and extend the piston rod (2) of the moving cylinder 1 to
move the moving rod along the guide axis ah K (6) 49-14128-07 kFIi + 41 Return to the top
position. After that, the piston rod lti + 1 of the lifting and lowering cylinder αe is extended, and
the 1's rod fixed at the lower end of the piston rod an is lowered to project the protrusion a9 ...
tjlk type projecting on the lower surface of the male withdrawal bet When it is inserted into the
concave seat α3 · fist · circle on the alpha 尋, (Pm + 4 + concave seat (3) · e · lower base from the
lower base to the concave seat a 3 on the female I I ... Material is molded into a desired shape)
between the actual temperature 09-.e of the lower surface of the wound I8 and the concave seat
a3-e- on the female die a41). Therefore, with this rice bowl, the speaker cone is formed
automatically from the raw material, so it is suitable for mass production and helps to reduce
labor costs, 2e, b.
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