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(2, OQQ yen Le. 'Patent application (1) Jurihana # Digeshioshi de 4 4 19 in the order of 4 de 豐
91, the title of the invention multi-dimensional blue voice 儒 4 # re ** t, [phase] Japan Patent
Office published patent gazette 49-21102. 0 Published Nissho 49. (1974) 2.25 examination
request unclaimed (total 8 pages) Office serial number 1 o Japanese classification. Specification-9
Title of the Invention Multi-Dimensional Audio Signal Reproducing Device 9 Title of the Invention
Multi-Dimensional Audio Signal Reproducing Device
4, agent 8160
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a multidimensional audio signal reproduction apparatus, and more particularly to an improvement of an
apparatus for reproducing multi-dimensional audio signals having eccentricity in both IJ-ix
conversion transmission system and independent conversion transmission system. .
Conventionally, many systems have been proposed for multi-dimensional transmission of audio
signals, but broadly speaking, there are five matrix methods that transmit matrix signals of multidimensional signals for transmission, and discrete systems by independent transmission. For
example, a record reproduction board manufactured according to the n-n-o system, and a
reproduction apparatus suitable for 7-n etc. are commercially available. However, since both
methods do not have mutual adaptability, the consumer must have a suitable playback device for
the program source of each method, and is forced to spend a large amount of money, and
further, depending on the method of the program source when reproducing. I use raw one by
one! It is troublesome to switch a (or its switch)-so-called. EndPage: One of the factors that
impedes the spread of 4-channel stereo. In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, the
present applicant has provided a new multi-dimensional audio signal recording / reproducing
system having adaptability to both conventional discrete system and matrix system and called it
RMC system and RMT system. However, reproduction according to these methods does not
necessarily have optical adaptability to the signals according to the conventional matrix method
as will be described later, and it is necessary to exchange the respective signals before and after
at the input / output terminals of the decoder, In addition, there is a fault such as being unable to
reproduce. The present invention aims at obtaining a correct reproduction sound field even for
matrix signals, except for the disadvantages of the RMC type and RMTTM type reproduction
apparatuses. Prior to the description of the present invention, the conventional matrix type% CD4 type and the RMC type, R, MT type according to the present invention will be briefly described
as a summary for helping the reason. The regular matrix method (hereinafter referred to as KM
method) encoding / decoding gold matrix display is as follows. And-: m: allocation ratio (blending
ratio), 0 <m <ILB: signal corresponding to a sound source located at the left rear in the original
sound field Lp: 〃-left front now 〃 right front 〃 RB: right back 〃 LB ′: decoder output signal
LF / applied to the speaker located at the left rear in the playback sound field, and output signal
of the decoder applied to the speaker located in the front left at the playback sound field:
playback In the sound field, the output signal 配置 d of the decoder placed on the right front side
and applied to the speakers: on the speakers placed on the right rear side in the playback sound
The equation i11 is usually represented by a vector as shown in FIG. 1 that the phase is 90 °
lead and lag phase with respect to +1. . It is easy for those skilled in the art to construct an actual
circuit from a matrix display such as a creation, so that the construction of the circuit is omitted
to illustrate. It can be obtained by substituting the KM system total cocoon matrix (1) equation
into (2) equation, but it can be used as a discrete system by using m = 'tan 22.5 2 =, ρ-l which is
generally used. The -4 set is shown in FIG. 3 (in the case of an independent 4 band yang chil
signal in the voice frequency band TL = Lp '-LBT 几 2 顯 10 周波 数 ICL = Lp-LBCfL = now-chunk
,-Are each encoded. Since CL and CR are signals that modulate carrier wave fc, they must be
demodulated prior to the code, but since they have no essential meaning in the description of the
present invention, Description of the modulation / demodulation procedure is omitted. If one
encoding and decoding of the CD-4 system is substituted with Mat EndPage: 2151 equation K (4),
the total matrix becomes a diagonal-matrix as in 1. It can be seen that the CD-4 system is
discrete. The configuration of the RMC system signal is 10 <as shown in FIG. 4, and the first
transmission signal TL in the voice frequency range and the second transmission signal TR are in
the high frequency band. The carrier signal CL of 1 and the second carrier signal C are each
encoded from a single power speech code. -Since it is a signal that is CL and CHIts carrier wave
fC tube modulation, and must be demodulated prior to decoding as in the above-mentioned CD-4
system, it is essential to the description of the present invention to have meaning f: wait- Since
there is no problem, the description of modulation and demodulation is omitted below. If RMC
encoding is displayed in matrix, it becomes as follows. When the forward-input speech signal
distributed in the lWl phase is used as a reference axis, the father 9 has a mirror image of each
other with an angle of θ (0 ≦ θ ≦ 900) with respect to the reference axis 2 It means a unit
vector on the axis of a book. In other words, it shows the phase shift type of the rear side human
power signal at the time of A and A encoding. This RtJC system is a novel discrete system, and its
decoding matrix is the inverse matrix of the encoding matrix of equation (7), and can be obtained
mathematically as shown in the following equation. The RMT method is similar to the abovementioned RMC method, and its one-word structure is as shown in FIG. 5, and its encoding and
decoding are as shown below, respectively. It is shown by formulas and diagrams that it is
adaptive to the scheme and the CD-4 scheme.
Only the product of the decoding matrix and the encoding matrix 4 is shown below for simplicity.
When the RMC signal of the equation (7) is added to the 8M decoder of the equation (2), the
output signal matrix is usually used as icm = fi-1 so that A = ejθ and A = −e ”, but θ Is
selected as a special value of 900 or 45 °, Rl j C (No. 1 or 几 M decoder output is shown as in
FIG. 6.1 and 6.21′a. The output is completely the same as in Fig. 2 and Fig. 6.1, but the TL and
TBTt! In the 'fLM system and R, MC (90') system are the same. It is natural because they are
equal to each other. The tree RMC ( Signal output shown in FIG. 6.2 is only adaptable,
as the phase of the backward signal differs from that of the RM signal output. There is only one
RMT signal. When the RMC signal of equation (7) is added to the CD-4 decoder of equation (5),
the output signal matrix becomes as follows. An example for EndPage: 3θ = 45 ° is as shown in
FIG. 517. In this case, the phase difference of the rear output signal is 90 ', and m = fi-1ycB bex
seha v-syn ar, rdB so that a fair four channel effect can be obtained. +4) When it is added to the
RMC deco-f of the equation (4) CD-4 signal t (8), it becomes an output signal matrix a. If it is
illustrated as a vector for θ; 45 °, it becomes as shown in FIG. In this case, the phase 4 of the
left and right rear signals becomes 90 °, and if the usual value of m = 2-1 is taken, the
separation becomes 7.7 dB, so that a valid 4-channel effect can be obtained. In addition to the
RMC decoder of the RM multiplication signal (8) of the equation (1), matrix display of the output
signal obtained by Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 49-21102 (4) / l! If we arrange it as m = E-1,
the crosstalk component is larger than the main signal component and the sound! lh gold can not
be reproduced. However, if the right input signal and the left output signal are input before and
after, respectively, the output signal matrix IJx will output signal matrix when the (7, 1) ゐ RMT
signal is added to the CD-4 system decoder of the equation (5) Is the U-port of FIG. In this case,
the phase difference between the two rear signals is 90 °, and with respect to the usual value of
xgm = JT71, a separate channel of 13.7 dB provides a practically sufficient 4-channel effect of
13.7 dB. If it is added to the CD-4 signal of the equation (4) and the RMT decoder of the equation
(8, 1), the output No. 16 matrix is obtained, and it is as shown in FIG.
In this case, a four-cuff, nine-whip effect is obtained between the two signals. The output matrix
becomes 7111, and the 4-channel t * can not be reproduced. The following briefly describes the
adaptability of each method. 1st. Table '· 821 I EndPage: 4 From the above description and
Tables 1 and 2 which are the summary, 几 M signal is also correct by RMC system by 4RMT
system and it is far from obtaining 9 reproduction sound field, so σ It is clear that it will be
troublesome to switch the decoding matrix. The present invention intends to solve the abovementioned RMC reproduction frame installation R, MT reproduction device, and further, the nonadaptation to CD-4 reproduction straight line RM (No. 1 without complicated operation of
equipment. That is, the regeneration circuit is switched automatically depending on the presence
or absence of the carrier signal at the key table.
4, agent 8160
Hereinafter, the invention will be described in detail with reference to FIG. Iii. In FIG. 11, the left
and right track signals corrected by the pickup (1) K pass through the input terminals (2) and (3),
and the low band P wave device 14) and the band P wave having the required passband at ' (5)
and the left and right transmission signals TL · and T'EL appear at the output of the low pass Pa
unit 14), while the left and right carrier signals CL and CR appear at the output of the band P
wave unit (5). Are separated. The cough carrier signal is demodulated by the demodulator (6) to
become the third and fourth transmission signals T and T ,. These four transmission signals are
added to the discrete signal matrix circuit (7) through switches (131t-). 1) In the matrix circuit
(7), four transmission signals (TL, TB% Tm and T, rs described above) (8) The skin is formulated
as shown in the equation (8, 1), and four skinny Reproduction signal LB. -LP? , R 〆 and Nitrate.
LB ', Li, House and% a are again amplified by switches (141, 4 channel amplifier 18) and applied
to the corresponding speaker groups (9) to reproduce the 4 channel sound field. A narrow band
carrier wave P wave device (a carrier wave fc is extracted by 11 from a part of the left and right
carrier signals CL and C separated by the band f wave device (5) and detected by a detector E (ill
The detector (1110 output-force is applied to, for example, a 4-port switch drive 1z of the relay).
When the switch driving device O3 has the output of the detector 1B, that is, 1! The outputs of
the low-pass f-wave device (4) and the demodulator (6) are connected to a discrete matrix circuit
(7) K, and the output of the matrix circuit (7) is further connected to a four channel amplifier (8).
Interlocking switch (13 and r14't- operated to be connected. When there is no carrier wave, the
output of the low frequency f-wave device (4) is for RM! It drives the real itch 0 and (141
connected so that the output of the matrix circuit wIr 19 for the RM is connected to the 4channel amplifier 18) Kaft-g. According to the invention, it is automatically connected to the
corresponding decoding matrix circuit “depending on whether there is a carrier wave in the
output signal of the pickup (1), in other words, whether the signal is by the discrete system or by
the RM system. As a result, the user is freed from the hassle of making judgments on the
program source system, and can enjoy the goodness of 4-channel stereo in the reproduction field
suitable for each system.
It is easy for those skilled in the art to carry out a number of modifications without departing
from the spirit of the present invention, for example, RMF + 4-t) output circuit of logic circuit +
15 to reduce crosstalk and reduce pseudo-discrete sound It's like playing a place.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 41 is a view showing a conventional RM
multiplication signal configuration, FIG. 2 is a vector diagram showing an aRM biosignal, FIG. 3 is
a view showing a conventional CD-4 signal configuration, FIG. FIG. 5 is a diagram based on an ill
of RMC signal provided for explanation of non-invention, FIG. 5 is a diagram showing the
configuration of 几 MT signal provided for explanation of the present invention, FIG. 6.1 and FIG.
RMC by the decoder (vector 1 showing the reproduced signal of No. 6, FIG. 7 is a vector diagram
showing the reproduced signal of the RMC signal by the CD-4 decoder 3; FIG. 8 shows the
reproduced signal of the CD-4 signal by the RMc decoder Fig. 9 is a vector diagram showing a
reproduced signal of the IT-4 by the CD-4 decoder, Fig. 9 is a vector diagram showing the
reproduced signal of the RMT decoder in Fig. 10 (a vector diagram showing a reproduced signal
of the D-4 signal, Fig. 11 Is one example of the practice of the invention, BF: right Front input
signal, RB = right rear input signal, Ld: left rear output signal, X4: left front output signal, 几 I:
right front output signal, 'Rf! = Right rear output signal, TL: EndPage: 5 left transmission signal,
TR: right transmission signal, CL: left carrier signal 1. -C: It is a right carrier signal i),! lli pickup,
(4) low band P wave device, B band 5 band 1 wave device, (6) demodulator, (71 times discrete
matrix for%, + & I 4 channel amplifier, · 91 speaker speaker group , Q [carrier wave f wave
device, ttua detector, [I2i switch drive, q3 and [141 units switch, l] E + lldRM matrix circuit
matrix circuit matrix insert Japan Columbia Co.狡 EndPage: 6 Chapter 8 EndPage: 7
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