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Patent Agent General Secretary Takehisa Ido 3 Patent Applicants Agent Address 7 w / Higashiku, Higashi-ku, Osaka City S-gg Address (Taika Building) (1) Description 7 (2) Drawing 7 [Phase]
Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-22090 ■ Application date
application & 7. (1970>) Me, / 7 examination request unclaimed (all three pages) □ one :. What
is shown in FIG. 1 is wholesaled. Name of the Spina / Invention
Piezoelectric vibrator
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a bimorph-type
piezoelectric vibrator in which a piezoelectric plate (piezoelectric ceramic plate of titanium, lead
zirconate, etc.) is combined with a metal plate. 'The object of the present invention is to obtain a
piezoelectric buzzer which can be made small and inexpensive and which is not unpleasant to the
sense of hearing. ・ Conventional, as a bimorph piezoelectric vibrator. A piezoelectric plate (1) is
bonded to a metal plate (2) with resin etc., and lead wires (a blade is drawn from this) to an
oscillator (not shown) having a frequency matching the resonance frequency of this mechanical
vibration system. Connect and vibrate. FIG. 1 schematically shows the structure in which the
metal plate is supported at the periphery (II), but there is also a structure with a fixed periphery.
When this piezoelectric vibrator is used as a buzzer, there is a so-called other excitation method
in which an oscillator tuned to the resonance frequency of the vibrator is used to sound, but in
the other excitation method, the Q of the diaphragm of this vibrator is high. Since the production
frequency and the frequency shift due to the manufacturing load occur, the resonance frequency
is different for each individual vibrator, and it is not practical to adjust the oscillator accordingly.
Therefore, normally, a self-oscillation type colppi, a pin-shaped non-adjustment electric circuit,
etc. are often used, and are put to practical use as a 17, 73 KHz buzzer. However, in the case of
the self-excitation method using the non-adjustment circuit, it is preferable that the atmitter and
tone EndPage: 1 at the resonance point of the vibration system be sufficiently high, and this
method causes discomfort to the human ear. If you want to obtain a buzzer with no frequency of
300 Hz to 1000 Hz, for example, the metal plate has a thickness of 0.2πm, the diameter is 70
mm, the piezoelectric plate has a thickness of 02 am, and the diameter is large. In the case of
high frequency, it is difficult to increase the volume with a vibrator of this type when the power
supply voltage is usually used at around 2 V 3, ie, the diameter of the metal plate and the
piezoelectric plate for the determined frequency, The thickness and the support structure of the
diaphragm, etc., are factors that determine the admittance of the vibrator. For example, at a
frequency of 73 'KHz, the metal plate of the peripheral support structure has a thickness of 02 m
Good results are obtained with a diameter of 30 朋, a piezoelectric plate of 0, 2111ff, and a
diameter of 30mW. The higher the frequency, the smaller the shape of the metal plate and the
piezoelectric plate. The "-" continuous sound is not preferable because it usually causes
discomfort to human hearing. In the case of such a single sound, it has been a difficult problem
to make the buzzer small and inexpensive for human hearing discomfort.
The inventor solved this contradictory problem as follows. That is, since the metal plate (: l) of the
vibration f is made extremely thin, for example, less than 07 Km, and driven by an electric circuit
capable of simultaneously emitting lower than / KFI · obtained by reducing the piezoelectric plate
(/ is there. By doing this, it is possible to obtain an extremely small, yet loud enough sound
volume of the / KH '+; -JKHz buzzer and an unpleasant, non-sickness sound buzzer with a single
sound of "2KH or less". It is possible. Furthermore, to be more specific according to the
embodiment, for example, the metal plate (: l) of the vibrator has a thickness OO'gyttm and a
diameter! When the size of a plate of 02 朋 thickness and 2S 、 diameter is used as the
piezoelectric plate (1), the fundamental resonance frequency of this vibration system is the
supporting method of the diaphragm; 4 are tltii), and 200 HZ to 410'OHZ. However, since the
metal plate (2) is extremely thin as described above, it is almost impossible to vibrate at a single
frequency, and harmonics are generated at the same time. In the present invention, this tendency
is used positively and all around this thin diaphragm plate is fixed to a rigid baffle so as to raise
it, and the drive circuit is a square wave multivibrator with a period of, for example, t00 Hz. It
uses a circuit. Since the square wave contains only the primary resonance frequency and its
harmonics at the same time, it is possible to drive the above-mentioned vibration system
efficiently and to extract large acoustic energy. The distance continued (although there was little
discomfort, its sound quality was better than that of the electromagnetic buzzer of A'00 * (y,).
The number of elastic yarns on the metal plate of vibration i (Dano (S! 53、オ□い。。 k, yo, o
□ 工 1, do. As described above, since this piezoelectric vibrator can make the vibration system
small and is driven by a simple electric circuit, it is practical when used as a piezoelectric buzzer
and, unlike a single sound one, it is low. Since it is a complex sound having many resonance
frequency components, it has many characteristics such as not giving discomfort even if it is
continuously sounded.
1 schematically shows the structure of a bimorph piezoelectric vibrator, (1) shows a piezoelectric
plate, (2, 2) shows a metal plate, (3) shows a lead wire, (ll) Is a supporting part of the metal plate,
EndPage: 2 FIG. 1 乙 Inventors other than the above, patent applicant or agent EndPage:3
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