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Patent Office Commissioner Yuki Miyake failure [Fa] Japan Patent Office 0 JPA 4932531 °
Office number serial number io Japan classification? Ultrasonic transducer (1) Piezoelectric
ceramic bimorph transducer plate A certain air gap is separated from the radiation surface side,
and a plurality of concentric circles are surrounded on the central circular portion. An ultrasonic
transducer comprising resonant plates each having a plurality of slots formed therein.
λ claims
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer. In
recent years, the use of the ultrasonic remote control system has been expanded from household
electric appliances to household electric appliances. This ultrasonic remote control method
requires a transmitter and a receiver, but the transmitter (: an aluminum rod is not used to
oscillate ultrasonic waves with a resonant wave number, or a type that oscillates a capacitor sbi
sound wave. There is a capacitor microphone, an ultrasonic ceramic wave receiver or the like as
the wave receiver. For aluminum hammers, it is necessary to prepare an aluminum rod for each
channel, and the mechanism becomes complicated. Capacitors and speakers and microphones
have smooth sensitivity characteristics with respect to frequency, but relatively high voltage (50
The disadvantage is that it requires -150 F) and the withstand voltage and humidity resistance is
not very good. Therefore, in recent years, ultrasonic ceramic transducers that can be easily
handled and miniaturized can be used. For example, in the case of TV channel switching, remote
control of sound control, etc., at the beginning of development, the demand for a wide band of
transducers was quite strong. The demand for the transmitter-receiver has changed since the
malfunction of the source reception wave circuit and the restriction of the use frequency
allocation are performed. That is, in the case of the wave receiver, it is necessary to increase the
wave transmission output as a requirement characteristic of the wave transmitter as well as the
above-mentioned as a required characteristic of the wave transmitter. There was a limit ["e" of
the EndPage: 1 transmission output 'd of the waver about 15 dB (OdE == 1pbgr7F'7ym). In
addition, the frequency band of the conventional transducer can be selected arbitrarily within
3/4 45 KHz, but the recent one based on the above-mentioned regulations requires a 3 G-42 KHz
and narrow-band transducer. The On the other hand, the present inventors, for example, shown
in FIG. 1 (g), have a constant gap (0 to 5 to 1 to 10 WIJ 4) with respect to the circular
piezoelectric ceramic bimorph oscillator 11 having a vibration node of 6.5φ. A circular
resonance plate 12 is proposed on one radiation surface side, and its peripheral portion 21 is
fixed between a synthetic resin fixing ring 16.17 by fixing it. As shown in FIG. 1 (b), the
resonance plate 12 with an outer diameter of 12.9 φ has three windows 23 between the central
circular portion 20 and the peripheral portion 21 with a diameter of 6 φ. 22 ζ: It is supported
so that the elasticity of the central circular part is appropriate. Next, a support ring 13 of silicone
rubber is adhered to a part of the vibrator plate 110 with an adhesive by an adhesive, and fixed
on the bottom surface 14 of the synthetic resin in the metal case 18.19 provided with the wire
mesh 24 on the front surface (= The lead wire bonded to the vibrator both-side node is connected
to the terminal 15, and the top lead wire is grounded to the case.
The sensitivity characteristic of this ultrasonic transducer has, for example, a peak at about 49
KHz of the resonance frequency of the transducer plate 11, and it has a wave length of
approximately -55 tts (OtLB = IV / phar) as a wave receiver and approximately It shows 20 dB
(Odj3 = 1 pbar / V / wh). Recently, the inventors of the present invention have moved the central
portion of the circular resonant plate 12 in FIG. 1 (j) (the direction of the two-oscillator plate 11
(the two conical projections are pushed out and brought into contact with the oscillator plate 11
with appropriate pressure It was possible to propose a new one, to make the same wave number
characteristics of the transducer extremely wide band, and to equalize the balance of the
bandwidth of the receiver and the transmitter. Furthermore, after the present inventors rejoicing,
the shape of the circular diaphragm (in relation to the study of the second embodiment, the three
windows shown in FIG. 1 (A) are substituted (: plural By forming the arc-shaped slots at equal
intervals on the concentric circle circumference, it becomes clear that there is an effect that the
output of the transmitter is increased with almost no change in the receiver sensitivity near the
resonance frequency. Also, it was found that when the diameter of the central circular portion of
the circular resonant plate is about 1/2 of the outer diameter of the resonant plate, the receiver
sensitivity and the transmitter output are maximized. Therefore, an object of the present
invention is to provide an ultrasonic transducer capable of increasing the output of a transmitter,
in particular, by the shape of a resonant plate generally separated by a constant space on the
radiation surface side of a piezoelectric ceramic bimorph oscillator plate. The characteristic is
that a plurality of slots are respectively formed on a plurality of concentric circles so as to
surround the central circular portion of the resonant plate, and the outer diameter of the central
circular portion of the resonant plate is approximately 1 It is set to / 2. Hereinafter, the present
invention will be described in detail by way of examples. FIG. 2 shows a circular resonator plate
22 using the embodiment of the present invention, and the other configuration is completely the
same as FIG. 1 (d). That is, the circumferences of the three concentric circles formed between the
central circular portion 30 and the peripheral portion 31 are respectively divided equally into
three, and three circular arc slots 33 on each concentric circle and the connecting path 32
between them are provided. The adjacent concentric connection paths 32 are mutually offset by
half a pitch 1. The resonance plate 22 is made of 0.1 mm thick phosphor steel plate and has an
outer diameter of 12.9 φ, and a central circular part Plots of the ratio of the central circular part
diameter to the outer diameter when the diameter of V is changed on the horizontal axis and the
receiver sensitivity and transmitter output on the vertical axis are shown in FIGS. 3 and 4,
respectively. In any case, the above ratio clearly shows the maximum value at around 0.5. The
resonance frequency of the oscillator plate is about 49 KHz. Now, the maximum value of the
shape is taken and the outer diameter of the resonance plate is ii2.9 φ, the central circular part
radius is 6 φ, and the material is a brass plate and a thin copper plate, and the thickness is 0.
The combination of the conditions of IC and 0.2 t and the punching pattern in the first round (j)
and FIG. 2 was made to make resonant plates a to f in the following table. The reception
sensitivity and transmission output at the resonance frequency when the resonance plates 6 to f
shown in the table are used in the ultrasonic transducer of FIG. 1 are shown in FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 (:
respectively). That is, the wave receiving sensitivity in FIG. 5 shows that there is no significant
difference between the two resonance plate EndPage: 2 cases, and in the case of 16 G
transmission power, only the conditions e and f are the other The increase of the output of about
BdE is shown compared with the case of the condition. FIG. 7 shows a curve A of the twofrequency characteristic of the transmitter output using the resonance plate of f showing the
shape of FIG. 2 of the present invention among the resonance temporary conditions of the above
table, and the shape of FIG. And a curve B in the case of the C resonance plate. As is apparent
from this, in the case of the resonance plate of the present invention, each frequency shows a rise
of about 9 dB, which confirms the result of FIG. FIG. 8 shows curves A and B of an example of the
frequency characteristics of the receiver sensitivity when the load resistance is 47 f′Ω using
the resonance plates of j and α as in FIG. The curve B has a high frequency (: a slight difference:
the shape deviates, and each frequency (the difference in; the difference is smaller than in the
case of the transmission output); No difference found! It supports the result of J5 figure. Also, the
directivity characteristics of the resonance plates of 6 and f were not significantly different from
each other. From the above results, it can be seen that the transmission power is largely
dependent on the shape of the slot pattern without affecting the material of the resonant plate
and the thickness ζ: at least within the above-mentioned range. I understand. That is, the
piezoelectric ceramic bimorph oscillator plate 11 shown in FIG. 1 (υ) generates bending
vibration with the support ring 13 as a node, and the phase of the amplitude differs by 180
degrees between the central portion and the peripheral portion. 2 (if the resonance plate of FIG.
2 is separated by a fixed air gap, the diameter of the central circular plate is approximately equal
to the diameter of the vibration node of the vibrator and FIG. 1 (b) In this case, the phase is
adjusted in the central circular surface of the resonance plate facing the abdomen and the nodal
portion of the vibrator, so that it can be delivered as almost the same phase. Thus, as described
above, it is possible to maximize the transmission power when the diameter of the central
circular portion is 1/2 of the outer diameter of the resonance plate. Thus, the adjustment of the
phase largely depends on the shape of the air gap and the resonance plate. Yet another effect of
this resonant plate is the acoustic impedance matching effect.
That is, since the acoustic impedance is density × speed of sound, it becomes discontinuous in
air and the vibrator. By bringing the resonance plate close to the vibrator, the apparent density is
increased by the standing wave effect and the air and the vibrator are well matched. It is
Therefore, three windows are provided around the vibrator in the voice of FIG. 1C phrase (in the
case of a dense structure comprising a plurality of arc-shaped slots as shown in FIG. Be
understood. In the embodiment, the circular arc-shaped slot 33 surrounding the central circular
portion 3o is considered to be a circular arc equally divided into three equal circles on three
concentric circles, but the effects of phase adjustment and acoustic impedance matching in
relation to the resonant frequency The number of concentric circles and the circumferential
equal fraction can be appropriately increased or decreased as long as the range is sufficiently
exhibited. In addition, the detour between the central circular portion 3G and the peripheral
portion 31 is maximized by shifting the adjacent circular arc slots on the concentric circles by
half pitch, but the connecting paths 32 of the respective concentric circles can be made closer to
each other. By biasing the shift of the pitch in one direction, the elasticity of the central circular
portion can be changed. Further, since the mechanical effect of the arcuate slot is to soften the
radial and circumferential elasticity and to make the opposing surface with the periphery of the
transducer face dense, so long as this effect is equivalent Not only arcuate slots but also
combinations with radial and spiral slots can be used. It will be appreciated that in each of these
cases the width and length of the slot may be varied in relation to the aforementioned acoustic
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 (g) is an explanatory view of the configuration of
the conventional proposal example, FIG. 1 (b) is an example of the shape of the resonance plate,
FIG. 2 is an example of the resonance plate shape of the present invention, 3 and 4 are drawings
showing the relationship between the shape and the effect of the resonance plate of the present
invention, and FIGS. 5 to 8 are drawings showing the effect of the present invention in
comparison with the example of the prior art, and 11 is A piezoelectric ceramic bimorph
oscillator plate, 22 is a resonance plate, 3 o is a central circular plate, and 33 is a slot. Patent
assignee Tokyo-Kai Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Tamakyu Hisayoshi 5 parts
EndPage: 3: yf) y Figure 3 Resonator plate center J11 type part diameter to outside diameter
ratio piece 4 figure base plate center circle Part diameter to outside diameter ratio 升 5 50 "Co-S
board condition EndPage: 4 Missing 6 Fig. Circle board condition CEp) 班 班 歎 γ ◆-1 (gp)
version 発 明 Other inventor and agent address mentioned above Same name Full name Yusuke
Sasaki Address Same name Toshio Abe Agent address Tokyo, Tokyo 2 5-2 Minami Nagasaki,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo-Name ('7283) Patent attorney Aoki Aiki' -7 (7449) Patent attorney Yoshiro
Tasaka-(748 ρ Patent attorney Mori 1) Hiro EndPage: 5
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