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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings illustrate one embodiment of the present
invention. 1 · · · Main amplifier, 2-3 · · · · · · · · · Output terminal, 4-5 · · · · · · · · · Wide band
speakers, 6 · · · · · · · · · auxiliary speakers 8 to 9 · · · .... Capacitor. −83−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system with a plurality of loudspeakers of different reproduction frequencies, which comprises 4channel stereo according to the arrangement of each loudspeaker and □-. Sound effects and
sounds corresponding to each of the musical instruments that constitute the band, such as
making four sounds and listening in front of them. . (1) Ao-li 1iqq-n'i 1 It is an object to provide a
loud-speaking device that can be used. ′するものである。 ] This device has only one output
terminal of the main amplifier. Or connect multiple broadband speakers in parallel. Along with, a
capacitor with a predetermined capacitance selected. One pair of secondary speakers connected
to the negative side. Multiple sets of series circuits in parallel with the output terminal. It is
characterized in that it is connected to Thus, a wide band, connected to the output terminal of the
main amplifier. The range speaker faithfully re-reads all frequencies of the sound source. The
measurement spoofer connected to the negative side of the capacitor is 1 °, and the low
frequency part is absorbed by the capacitance value of the capacitor. -Multi-band sound effects,
by overlapping with the car. It is structured to be able to deliver An embodiment of this invention
will be described with reference to the drawings. A wide-band speaker +4) (5) of the same twoside 2 with the same characteristic is connected in parallel to the output terminal (2-bar 3) of the
1 main amplifier (1). 3 And, at the output terminals (2) and (3), two sets of series circuits of the
sub-speakers-(6) and (7) and the capacitors (8) and (9) respectively. It is connected in parallel,
and the capacitor (8) is My. It is located on the eggplant side output terminal (3) side. In such a
configuration, if the wide band speakers (4) and (5) are disposed on the left and right of the front
and the sub speakers-(6) and (7) are disposed on the left and right of one side, the main amplifier
(1) Is it? The broad band speakers 14) (5), by their voice current. And the sub-speakers (6) and
(7) reproduce the sound with the two bass portions cut. In this J-like condition, the low-pitched
part sounds forward. . You can hear the high-pitched part somebody or backwards]. a! : Because
it is I-31133-n4, it approximates as if it were 4 channel stereo. "The sound effect that is squared
is produced. In this case, it is natural that the sound source is that of channel 2 and 2 and that of
reproduction ability.
By arranging different things, a three-dimensional effect may be produced. Oh, in the case of
implementation, it is the sub-speaker-(6) (7). In addition, many may be provided, and further,
reproduction of each. Even if the range is adapted to various instruments and placed on the front.
よいものである。 In this case, as if every one. The music effect that the instrument player of is in
front. The result is obtained. This device is a secondary speaker that cuts the low range with two
or more capacitors of the broadband speaker as mentioned above. The beakers were connected
to the output terminals of the main amplifier. At 4, the sounds generated from each speaker were
synthesized. . (4) aq-34733-05 It is possible to obtain an acoustic effect as if it were a 4-channel
stereo or an acoustic effect like playing a band on one front, and moreover, it was in the main
amplifier or its front stage. Simple configuration that does not add to the electric circuit at all.
The above-mentioned sound effects can be obtained, and in particular, the characteristics of the
five sub-speakers have an effect that can be determined arbitrarily by the capacitance value of
the capacitor. のである。
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