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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker of the present
invention, and FIG. 4 is a conventional skier and the present invention. FIG. 5 is an explanatory
view showing the directivity of the speaker according to the present invention. 14, song plates,
15 ...... center pole, 16 ...... magnet 17 ...... top plate, 1B ...... intermediate flop E voice coil% 29. 30 и
и Curved magnetic gap. Figure 1 Figure 2-51-, 49-. 35 220 (2) Fig. 22 ? 22/421 fll 28 l 53 o 2 o
t 929 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Cl2 k Hl)-52-
[Detailed description of the invention] In this IIJ ?, a 2 m, ? t, ? q, ? ? ? voice coil tube is
placed in a single ? path consisting of a single magnet, and an independent electrical input is
applied to that n p 1) It is to be configured as a speaker. 4I: As an electrokinetic speaker that is in
charge of A, whether it is configured 1 as shown in ? 1 и figure, @ 2 figure 1 or 2; No-Eal 1111
"? Fork Plate 121K Ring-shaped Magnetic v) 131 ░ -Ling-like s71. Z-) 141? Arrange the area
49-35220-022, and clamp on the upper plate (4) above ID 15'e (61 vr through vr @ li! 71kIs,
CCwIli (7) и и (voice coil 1g + ?-? L% & i ? ? part is configured by a baffle ? during the upper
part v-) (41 ICIRM). Commonly, what is shown in Fig. 2 is mounted on the top 4 of the dragon
pole 111 with an equalizer 111e ttT screw. ????????????? ???????? It is
installed t with a screw. In this manner, when voice input from the outside is applied to the voice
coil 181 K in & ask & 1 k TiL, t? 11 @ force by Pingdong was transmitted to circulation III +
moxibustion (7) 1, the plaster from the diaphragm (7) veh was nowhere. Therefore, the vibration
system is made of #lII material or a single plate (from the group of 71 The tribute to ll ? ? ?
Beka became a confession, and testing of the sound quality on the first floor and the cost factor
of 1.54 M 1 of the sound quality of the sound as Subika Cassnum were to be determined 1a. j,
49-35220-035 The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned disadvantages of 1 kf rice.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. In 511i1 *-, IA 4 is a
plate integrally formed with a center pole 118 tube at the center of the upper surface, and is
formed in a lower u-conical shape of the above-mentioned sensor pole am. And the magnet 1 иии of
the route + 141 Kri 11 is arranged, and the ring-shaped upper plate surface is arranged on the
magnet (mostly), and these rj ? etc. are KL! -It is ? ? ?. In addition, a fixed body composed of
a nonmagnetic material such as a ? a event at the threshold of the plate-Sen-Pole Q8j magnet и
Ura I # 1 layer nl This fixed body (most), the upper part A magnetic plate which is formed on the
plate O and the upper surface of the seven-no-ball is attached to the middle rail 11) located at 7.
This intermediate play) '+ 9 is also formed as a solid y-bin or a number i integrally connected to a
fixed body (d) to a fixed position. This fixing pin clJ is JtAI 'by one force, 10 eccentricity t-stop,
magne y) oa, im 49-35220-044, leakage value east ta collecting, S east's ? r r light It is a thing.
However, this middle 7 v-t + 19 K means that the magnetic gap is concentrically formed 211
internally. Then, the top of the top plate 1 and the 111K Fi Gran printer @ on the middle plate (2)
are distributed n. Ring shape I! To board-seven doe A1 m1 vibration ? 0 attached. This ringshaped vibration III + @ @ is distributed on the thick 14 diameter magnetic gap (2) @ of the
above two magnetic gaps, and the dome 11 image @ provisional gI on the small i pole-air gap .
That is, between the ring-shaped vibration ll7L and the play in the ground part Q space above the
gray space 1111, the dome IIA will have a poor distribution K on the middle 1v-t. First, the
intermediate route V-) + 19 is fixed to the intermediate route III by the flange 1 flange Faltc Sibis
II. In addition, 1 boat play) 1171 Kt! The Pasifuru lN lie is southbound with bis (2). Furthermore,
the above ring-shaped trespasser 4mraK is a large-pole magnetic V ? 1 K K d ? ? ? voice coil
? (? ? system 2) or do 1 m ? (2) K is small-diameter magnetic, 49-35220-055 gap
(divergence) vc 1 voice coil 1 (beat yarn 1) is combined. The speaker of the present invention
configured as described above, as shown in FIG. At the same time it can be expanded to slk band
tube addition nine things, 8DI in the characteristic AKsP will be eradicated, ADII in the out-ofband use area. It will be formed. Furthermore, as shown in Fig.5, by circulating the voltage ten
cycles each independently in the phase-width mode to two bias coils as shown in Fig. 5, the same
number of signals of I-IIII are used for i "C%, pointing of the speaker It's a very wide @ sec and it's
? ?. This is one of the major powers of this review: character, improvement and directionality.
It is a great one of six to one, and is a great pleasure for you. Figure 4 Figure 1f I a simple
explanation "see Figure + 2 Figure 2 following speaker ?-? shows 1ll L5 Figure 1 is an actual
figure 11flt of the proposed speaker * a4 is a conventional speaker Sound pressure of the
speaker 49-35220-06 according to the present invention-jlIIIL number inertia ratio soft figure,
directivity of the speaker of the first alpha ? 1 note showing the directivity of the speaker.
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Voice Kotosuru / IJ-mountain
..... Magnetic gap. Name) ? ? ? l l-Name 49-35 220-07 Dragon 1 Figure 3.1 3. 12 lit ? 2
Figure 5 fl fl 0 ? / 28 't 2 Figure 3 7 t 123 ? 2 I 22,' e 125, ,, = =,: '. (?, ,, ':': H- :, / 7 ', / "" t6'?
???? 7182816302 o1 929 Agent's name Hard 1 rx atp-pi 352;? l) Fig. 5 и ? [12ksg 49-
35220-09 (1 other than the above и и и и и и и и ??? 1 ? ? ? ? J ? ?; ? 5 ░ jll l N ? white
pine 1 и electricity: Seo: ?1 'work +' +, tournament? ?? Inside 1, l (6152) attorney! ░ '-t' ░ ?,
? 49-35220-10
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