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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing the configuration
of a conventional SQ decoder, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing an embodiment of the SQ
decoder according to the present invention, and FIGS. It is a vector diagram explaining operation
of a device. ? N 2 и и и и и и Lt input end IN 22 иии и и и Rt input end 21, 22, 23, 24 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и Phase shifter 27.28 и и и и и и и и и и и mixing circuit, f output end, OUT 23 и и и и Rb 'output end, OUT
24 и и и и и Rf' output end. Fig. 1 L) 1) 17-49-36 907 (2) Fig. 2 "1 L. Corner 0.707 La [? 4 RT. . 707
LsRF "RT Fig. 3 (a)" et al., 0.707 Ls 0.14 Rs. L-0.14 La 02 RF 0; 7 Ls (LT) (0.2 RT) (LF ') rb) 6. No
1- '. 2F'0.5648 FIG. 4 (a) MLF ? 8Rs. . . . : 4 Riffl 28 Ls O. 707 RB ", = .7 RBO, 707 LBO 28 L80, 7
LaLT) (0.4 RT) (LB) rb) .. X1 x 818-Actual opening 49-36 907 (3) Fig. 5 Front R to Back @ 1 LT0.4 RT "-" L11 RF ? LB и R <50 HZ. и 1041 La "0 ? ? ? ? RF 2 RF 55 HZ ?
????????? ?
?????????????????????? Hirore? . 768 B each RBOAIR B? 1 H HZ, 42
RF-19 =
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a 1Pl easy-to-use
SQ decoder which is particularly suitable for use in a four channel stereo occupying device. As a
conventional SQ system (abbreviated as 5TFllOQUAD system) in a conventional 4f yan stereo
stereo device, there is one as shown in FIG. The left and right coding signals 49-3Fi17- (1) LT and
RT are obtained from the snare encoder, and four of the faces V7977, 7zK te (91-0 '), (9) -900)
There is a dust C to be mixed by the mixing circuit 13 as shown in the figure so as to separate
the signals into a child, a left front LP, and a left pack IiB right pack RB right front By + g. ???
??????? 4; W4 [3i) It is called a decoder with a hook, and it is decided on the relatively
small size of the 1Q j 8Q decoder, and it is received from the sound field widely used in thick
cloth 7 Although the sense of hearing was conceived as a means to compensate for the
incongruence on the subject, it was regrettable that the lack of it, 6 was sufficiently altered. The
present invention has been made to the point as described above, and it is a simple 7 ? ? 2 ?
that exhibits extremely good effects when used as a SQ 4-channel stereo playback device, 2 == ?
2:; Two: Nini 2F; 49-36907-03, that is, IN ?, IN, and so on in FIG. 2 are input terminals for
obtaining left and right 4-channel communication signals LT and ? T from an encoder (not
shown). Among these, the input terminal IN of I и T is connected to the first mixing circuit 21 to
give a mixing amount of +1.0, and connected to the second mixing circuit 22 to give a mixing
amount of +02, It is connected to the eighth and fourth mixing circuits 23 ░ 24 to be each +1.0.
Give a mixing amount of -0.4. On the other hand, the input terminal INt of RT is connected to the
second mixing circuit 22 to give a mixing amount of +1.0 and the first one. Eighth and fourth
mixing circuits 2. Connected to 23.24 to give each a mixing pitch of + 0.2 ░ -0, 4, +1.0. The
output of the first mixing circuit 21 is connected to the output OUT of the left front, and the
output of the second mixing circuit 22 is connected to the output signal RF 'of the light front. The
output terminal 0 ? ? Tt4 to be provided is connected.
849-36907-04 Also, the output resistance of the eighth mixing circuit 23 is connected to the first
phase shifter 2511 (?-0 ░), 9 ░ to (?-90 ░), rail: The output iAi of the self-conventional 4
mixinto 11421 is ifg processed by the 1 @ 2 phase shifter 26 (?-00) and (?-90 ') K9 and then
the circle 1s needs 25 cases The output end of (?-и ? o ') ++ Y of the phase shifter 26 of (? -?
? ? I) +, +, 7 molecules, 1 and b and 2 of the phase shifter 26 is raised by the fifth S,
respectively Both are connected to the 'n' i circuit and the 'No circuit' to give a mixing ratio of 07, and the output of the first feather V 925 (the output terminal of '90-90 W minutes and Mi +
4 self 2 [-Z v 1 da 26 to the output of the (?-00) component is a: mixing cycle of doublet y 6 It is
connected to the 28 (1ilj1's 41- + 07 of the mixing @ give you. These fifth and sixth mixes (the
output end of the olf 21.28 is the output signal of the left back [the output 40 UTt providing the
B'f and the output signal of the light pack) LB 'are provided to the output end 0?'rts Connected
6, 449-36907-05. Furthermore, FIG. 2 vc is full and input ends INx +, TNtt. Shown in City 1 are
the encoders 1 illll and j j 1 (each showing a pictograph of the resulting LTRTN force signal. As
described above, the composition 1 of the decoder that is Fyfd is like 8 '. That is, the point of the
present invention is that the phase shifter is located at 1ITiK + white contact mixing operation to
improve the separation effect before and after K, the left front for rrU +, the output 48??4Ly ?
of the pack, LB 'Is as follows. First of all, in the mixing circuit 21 of ? 1 at the front, mixing
operation like Neo is performed to the third Xfat. t, ie, FIG. 8 is shown in FIG. ???? It shows
the relationship between the left front signal LF ? obtained by adding these components as a
vector in the mixing circuit 2 with the RT signals as (+1 (LT)) and (+0.2 (RT)), respectively. Here,
assuming that the signal localized at the front sensor 549-36907-06 and the pack center is
manually operated, if Ly = Rtp-P, LB-R, R-B, as shown in FIG. It will be 564B, backward 1) in the
direction of 88.8 against 1.2F '. In addition, against backwards, in the mixing circuit 22 of ? 2 in
FIG. 4 (a mixing operation like neo is performed at at and the same commission I-L as described
above, L: umbrella, FIG. 4 (blYC71 <r KM KMjlmO , 6j'KhjL, 45e direction Kt ? ? signal LB1 of
the left pack, which is 1.4 B in four directions.
As for the above, the eighth and fourth mixing circuits 2, '? , 24 provide an intermittent
relationship. However, left, right pack LB ', RB'l ? mixing operation' Noase shifter 25.26! ???
There are also cases where there is some variation with the above because In the above, the
operation of the phase shifter 25.26 is as follows. First of all, the phase shifter 25 obtains an
integrated output as ?1 ░ 49-36907-07 (+ 1.0LT), (?0, 4RT)? from the output end of the
second mixing circuit 22.? Phase difference sound movement The current output is divided into
two signals with a phase difference of 90 ░ in the required frequency range by the present east
KJE. Next, the phase shifter circuit 26 separates and outputs two signals having a 90 'difference.
The amount of mixing of these 07% is given by the mixing circuit 27.28 as crosstalk with respect
to the front portion, and the signal left back LB1 of the rear portion and the light pack RB1 are
obtained. FIG. 5 shows an example of the vector relationship at each frequency of
LP'TRy'HLB'1RB ', which is the forward component as described above, and I, n, 1 pass through
the phase shifter. After the mixing, the backward components LB ? ? and Rs ? are made to be
localized through the phase shifter while the straight components after the mixing 94 are
inserted at each frequency with respect to the former L, I, a, I. It shows a state in which each X
phase changes. As described in detail above, according to the present invention, in addition to the
fact that the separation of the previous ff is very good, it is possible to obtain other effects than
the prior art. Furthermore, according to the present invention, there is an advantage that the
phase shifter can be extremely simplified.
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