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3 Patent Assignee Representative Masaharu Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 517 Address Kadoma City
Ogata Kadoma 1006 (2) Drawing 1 x 1 Japan Patent Office 1 Open Patent Gazette 0 JP 4940121 @ Open Date 49. (1974) 4.15 examination request final request (all 2 pages) specification
1, name of invention
Speaker device
a1 Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is intended to provide a speaker
storage tube which can freely adjust the directivity in sound emission by comfort control. In
general, the sound emitted from the speaker becomes beam-like (with extremely narrow
directivity) as the frequency increases as shown in FIG. Therefore, in order to obtain the desired
radiation range a, attach the rotation axis ac4 to the speaker 1 as shown in FIG. The rotating
shaft 2 is coupled to a reciprocating rotator 8 # I so as to sweep the speaker 1 to the left and
right to obtain a radiation cylinder 8 of 2θ in FIG. With such a configuration, it is necessary to
mechanically move the speaker 1, and the reliability of the movable part is not sufficiently
ensured, or it is difficult to move the speaker 1 (thereby making it difficult to move the speaker
1) There are also many cases, and in these respects it is regarded as an undesirable one. The
present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. That is, as shown in
FIG. 3, the speaker device of the present invention is #CIIIIt. The details will be described below.
First, the present invention arranges the vibration III @ 496 concentrically, provides separate
voice coils 6.71i for each of the moving plates 4 and 6c, and supplies this with the field unit 8 to
constitute the nine speakers Using 9 (There are 411 signs. Moreover, the original signal Votdirectly applied from the terminal 10 cdP diode 11 of the voice coil 6 of this one vibration 1111
[4], and the original signal Vot phase inverter 12 is applied to the terminal 16 of the voice coil 7
of the other diaphragm 6. Attenuation EndPage: A signal of -vo obtained through attenuation 613
consisting of a rate a is applied. Moreover, the attenuation factor α of the reducer 1a is
configured as shown in FIG. 4 (adjusted) with the triangular wave obtained by the triangular
wave oscillator 14. By adopting such a configuration, t-toet 2 + “... (Wherein the sound emission
shown in FIG. 6 (the sound emission is θ−0 as shown) Direction [radiated, triangular wave
transmission output increases to next o (the direction of the radiated sound deviates from the
central axis of the speaker, and in the point of t = tl, tA, tl. (The sound will be emitted. Therefore,
the triangular wave which repeated this? By using it, it is only possible to sweep and emit a range
of electrical angles <20 at all (adjustment of the speed of the sweep is very easy by adjusting the
peak value of this triangle and synchronization) #C, can be done reliably.
As such (the invention is of great industrial value.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing the sound emission of
a conventional speaker. FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the same speaker apparatus of the prior
art. FIG. 3 is a schematic explanatory view showing one embodiment of the speaker device
according to the present invention, FIG. 4 is a waveform diagram showing triangular wave
transmission output and attenuation 2g in the same device, and FIG. FIG. 4.6 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · voice coil. 8 ...... field portion, 9 ..... speaker, 12 ...... phase inverter, 13 ...... attenuator, 14 ......
triangular wave oscillator . Name of Agent Attorney Nakao 1 person Figure 1 m2 Figure 6 Agent
name other than the above Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Kanno 41EndPage: 2
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