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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view with a cover removed showing an
example of a display according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
thereof. Memory E · · · cover 22 · · · · · display means. Graduation 1 防-67-49 49-41 230 (2)-68
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is applied to the volume
control of, for example, 2 channel stereo, 4 channel 1 g, "h" Yanel stereo sound equipment, and 7
suitable multi-axis simultaneous adjustment equipment of a flexible resistor 7 Related to the
display used. A conventional variable resistor multi-axis simultaneous adjustment device, as
shown in Japanese Utility Model Publication No. 6 ° + 1) -2196, is one in which a plurality of
variable resistors are simultaneously adjusted by turning a leveling lever, and it is always
necessary to It was prominent. The adjustment position was determined by looking at the
rotation angle position of the lever. For this reason, it was not possible to know the exact
proportion of adjusted stretching. Therefore, when it returns to the state set once, it was difficult
to return correctly to the position. The object of this invention is to make it possible to easily
judge the adjustment condition visually without the adjustment lever projecting, and it is possible
to simultaneously adjust the variable resistance multi-axial adjustment device. To provide an
indicator. Below, an example of the indicator by this invention is referred to a drawing! +2 Light
7 In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a substrate on which two racks 2 and 3 are disposed
so as to be slidable in the direction of extension of the two in a state of being substantially
orthogonal to each other. Each central part of the rack 2.3 is cut off from one side so that the
thickness is half of both ends, and the rack 2 is not cut off + 4 i faces the substrate l side 1, the
rack 3 is cut off surface Is the surface 12 on the substrate 1 side. "Also, teeth 2a + 2b, 3a, 3b are
formed on opposite sides of each end of each of the racks 2I 2 ° 2149-41230-033. The teeth 2a
+ 3a and the teeth 2b, 3b are also made to face each other. A pinion 4a * 4b * 5a, 5b meshed
with each tooth 2a * 2b * 3a + 3b of the rack 2.3 is provided. The variable resistors 1) an 6 b, 7 a,
7 b are respectively mounted on the substrate 1 such that the pinions are respectively mounted
on the adjusting shaft. That is, the books of the variable resistors 6a, 5b, 7a, 7b. On the side
opposite to the racks 2 and 3 respectively, the substrates IVc E9. These variable resistors 56a,
6b, 7a, 7b are projected on the rack side of the adjustment shafts 8a, 8b, 9a + 9bU substrate 1 of
the respective adjustment shafts. These projecting shafts 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b-), pinion 4a14 ,. b Police
5a and 5b are fixed respectively. Each shaft 8.9 Vi pinion further protrudes than the 4.5 [, its
protruding end is limited plate 1 o 襠-t 1 W 、, this limiting plate 10 only rack 2, 3 'l: respectively
perpendicular to this from the substrate l # @ L in the negative direction, so there is no limit f
Guide pieces 11 in contact with the side faces of the racks 2 and 3 on the opposite sides to the
nine binions 4a + 4b, 5a, 5b respectively stand on the substrate l, and the racks 2.3 are moved by
the extension ridges 1c # of the respective frames You will be guided. Slots 12 and 13 are
respectively cut from the middle points of the racks 2 and j (one Ii + '1 face. A central hole 14 is
formed relatively large at the center of the substrate l with respect to the mounting positions of
the housing openings 6a, 5b-7a, 7b. The groove holes 12 and 13 and the center hole 14V 'and
the lever 15 are loosely inserted. A ball 16 is attached to the variable resistor side bar of the
lever 15 so as to penetrate therethrough, and the through end of the lever is vertically suspended
from the fixed portion 17. The base plate 1 is spherically supported by the spherical body 16. For
this reason, three or more, five or more arms 18 are erected on the variable resistor @ of the
substrate 1 with the center hole 14 at the center, the ends of these arms I8 are bent inward, and
the upper half of the sphere 16 is A bowl-shaped portion 20 is provided which is a bearing
portion and receives the lower half of the ball 16 at a bending position gt, and is held by the ball
16 as the substrate 1 pivots through the arm 18 I can go up. A cover 21 is attached to the
substrate l to cover the busy prevention substrate l, the racks 2 and 3, the love resistors 5a, 5b
and 7aI 7b. Attach the indicator lamp 22 to the tip of the lever 15 that protrudes to the rack side
inside the cover 21. けられる。 The cover 21t: is made transparent so that the lamp 220 is
visible from the outside at least in the pivoting range of the substrate 1 and the lever 15. Or it is
translucent. When the cover 21 is moved together, close to the indicator lamp 22 in the part
opposite to the lamp. Let the town be a cedar-like and eggplant that moves. In the above
configuration, (+ 't is a variable resistor (the left front signal of ia + 7a, the left front signal of the
left channel, the right front signal with respect to the right front signal, l, OJ resistor 6b, 7b,
respectively) In the figure, the volume is 11 ° and the volume is small (f “M, variable resistors
5a and 5b are clockwise and the volume is 10 °. 1c ^ · 'ay continued to become. Now, let's take
an example (If you turn it to the left @, the rack 2, 2 ° AQ-1 ')' ln-nA is relatively to the right.
Slide on. よって。 The variable resistor 6a turns to the right and the volume is small, and the
variable resistor 6b rubs to the left and the volume increases. At this time, the lever 15 is cut
relative to the lcc along the groove in the groove f1.13, and the hook 3 is in the state of sliding
and stopping.
The cover 21 is towed (only when it is rotated in the front direction VL, the rack 3 or the
substrate 1 is slid 7 against the variable resistor 5a 15b)) n ブ adjustment. When the cover 21 is
turned in an appropriate direction, it slides to the racks 2 and 318 according to the component
force of the racks 2 and 3 in that direction, and the variable resistors 6a, 6b + 7a, 7bjE
respectively according to the slide. [+1] 1 @ will be done. As described above, according to the
invention display unit of V, the lever is fixed and the substrate l is rotated. Therefore, it is easier
to turn than when turning a small lever. By adjusting the rotation angle extensibility of the base 1
°, it is possible to adjust the adjustment state by seeing through which the display lamp 22 at
the tip of the lever 15 corresponds to the position of the cover 21 through the cover 21. I can
know. A state in which the substrate 1 and the lever 15 are vertical, that is, the respective
variable resistors 6a and 6b. A plurality of concentric circles are formed at equal intervals on the
cover 21 centering on the position of the cover 21 opposite to the display lamp 22 in the
condition that the + 6149-1230-07711.7b becomes exactly the same resistance ffr value, and the
rank 2 3. Form lines on the cover 21 exactly opposite each other to .3. The adjustment status can
be immediately known accurately by reading the scale opposite to the display lamp 22. In
addition, if the adjustment position is stored by the scale, it is also possible to accurately return
to the original adjustment state. 1) In the above, the adjustment shaft of the variable resistor is
pivoted by the rank and the pinion. However, as shown in the above-mentioned Japanese Utility
Model Publication No. 41-2196, the substrate is bent and the variable resistor is mounted on the
opposite surface. Attach each end of the arc-shaped continuous cutting plate between the v14 '@
axes and install the continuous plate (in the longitudinal direction: 5 ° K in the fistula along the
horizontal axis, (12) identify one end of the lever, and attach it to the substrate with six sides and
'-' r so that the substrate has the same weight, Attach the tip of the lever in the cover 0% +, -W to
tie in the pump also. An apparatus 1tK for simultaneously adjusting a variable resistor of the
present invention is also applicable to the present invention ij. Instead of the indicator lamp 22, a
simple coloring may be used 1-1 or it may be visible from the outside of the cover 21. カバー
21! In addition to the display means 22 such as 1 lamp, the inside can be made to be semitransparent as if it is missing or not. One of the variable resistors 6a and 6b and one of 7a and 7b
are also omitted.
4, a brief description of the surface 11> '1 display anti-ff>-an example according to the present
invention-a plan view with an example of 0 par, Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view thereof. :
Substrate, 5a, 6b, 7a-7b: Variable resistance 4.15 nyreber, 16: Ball τ person, 21: Cover, 22 ·
Display means 5 Utility model registration Outsourcing Star Electric Appliances Manufacturing
Co., Ltd. Atsushi Kusano 8149-1230- 0931 /-· · · v Staff 11 ° / 8 No. 2 "1", ~ "佼 1 1") 2 (L,-, 2 if
8 mountains, 151, / 1 / vulcanization 1 / c L '/' '' Td 9 ., ¥ ′ ′50 L ≠ 2 FIG. 22) 1 ° “/ − ′
′ ′ ?,... 1d-11, I: 1 :: 1: 6α 7 W 硅 074 D D jep = t.
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