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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a basic block diagram of a 4-channel
demodulator, FIG. 2 is a sound field diagram of a 4-channel reproduction system, and FIG. 3 is a
block diagram of an embodiment of the circuit of the present invention. FIGS. 4A to 4D and 5 are
a plan view and a front view of a volume used for separation adjustment of the circuit of the
present invention, respectively. 1 .. - ... equalizer, 2 ...... Se halation adjustment volume, 3 ..., ...
matrix circuit, 4 ...... subchannel circuits, 5b Chi, Hung c Kubomen. Figure 723--i-Actual opening
49-48401 (2) (A) Zo 5 Figure 1 2 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a separation
adjustment circuit of a multi-channel disc reproducing apparatus, wherein a volume and a switch
for separation adjustment are connected in series, and the above-mentioned switch is used to
ground the signal of the front panel at the time of adjustment. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a circuit (1) in which separation adjustment can be easily performed by
outputting only the signal of the previous channel after cutting. A conventional seven-lane
adjustment method will be described with reference to FIG. 1 and FIG. Fig. 117 shows a block
system diagram of a demodulator system of a part of the discrete channel (CD- #) system, for
example, corresponding to the channel c'4 = C11 l corresponding to the left speaker and the left
rear speaker Of the sum signal with the signal 4 of the corresponding channel (CM 1 12) passes
through the equalizer 2 and then through the volume for 7 parallels 1 through the complex
circuit (the matrix circuit 13 is printed The difference signal of the above-mentioned λ two
channels (C1i knee CE23 角 坂 坂 坂 は は 厘 厘 rs rs rs rs rs rs rs 含 む 上 記 上 記 上 記 Vrs to
the matrix 7 circuit 76 (Inverted, where the channel 2LQ channel of channel gs 011r1. H2K
return. Even for the right front and right rear speakers, C. ir. V. V. C5, and aH 4 wc, which
correspond internally to each speaker, the 1- of the 7th coffin and the same tank are d at all. And
each channel% v signal CM1 to am of L L et al., As indicated by x2fAK, (2) volume resistance VR
work to VR respectively through left front, left back, right front and right back speakers Supplied.
な? In the figure, t is a player, 6 is a demodulation system circuit including two systems shown
in FIG. 2, vL is a resistance for separation adjustment of the left channel, and vR is a volume
resistance for separation adjustment for the right channel. is there. Therefore, when separation
adjustment is performed in the demodulation circuit as described above, it is usual to use an
adjustment record containing a signal in the front channel so that the signal component leaking
to the rear channel is minimized. Separege 冒 ー 整 ボ ボ 抵抗 v L and v RYri 1 section. At this
time, it is difficult to judge the volume of the leak if the q channel sound is output at the same
time, so adjust the volume resistance VR □ and VRs for the volume W4 section of the front
channel and adjust the rear channel sound easily. . However, the operation of reducing the
volume of only the front channel is a record player!
It is necessary every time you replace the No-Hickup cartridge, and it has a very troublesome
disadvantage. (3) The present invention is intended to rule out the above-mentioned drawbacks,
and 11 in FIG. An example is shown. -The figure shows a block diagram of the demodulation
system of the left 11 'or right 1 channel in Fig. 1, and the same components as in Fig. 7! The yt is
attached with the category 1. In the present invention, as is apparent from FIG. 3, the seberene ll
is a mistake as it is a failure to connect the volume coer for Seberaneon II and the switch 7 for
grounding only the signal of the previous ilO gyannel. , When operating the adjustment
boriwamu (, with this and the switch 7 which is delayed with this, it is taken out around the
complex conglomeration J, and the operation of squeezing the volume of the Yuzen IIO channel
to zero is performed, so the adjustment operation To make it very easy. FIG. 3 is an explanatory
view of the case where the above-mentioned volume-is used as a unit with a Bonne et al. In other
words, between this Rie / and earth of WJIl Nayan car ^ ICHl of 7 torinox balan J in this volume
λ ■ axis! ! ! 綬 ス ス ス ス イ ン チ 連結 連結 〆 つ ま み つ ま み つ ま み 押 し プ プ プ プ プ プ
プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ プ 1 % (Bl) # switch 7 is
intercepted to close. Then, if the surface 9 and the surface 1 are arranged as shown in Figure (C),
it is difficult to turn the knob 1 against the surface 9 @, and it is difficult to rotate the surface 1 @
(Because it is easy to do (D) at the D mouth, it is likely that one will hit the knob l and turn it in
the next state, so it's fast, it's the first flight "). Therefore, when using this Wl volume)), turn the
switch l to close the switch 7f and use the front channel signal r to ground so that no sound is
output from the front channel, and then use the knob j It is good to operate so as to find the best
point of the sound of the rear channel ttI-turn. In order to prevent the text and volume
adjustment for matera and seberonino adjustment, install the lock button 10 on the panel surface
as shown in Fig. S, and use this button / Q, the above-mentioned option 1 and 2 Good for n. In
the case of 00, pressing the nick button IQ will lock 7) the lanyard adjustment Boliau A λ, and
switch 1 or 1 at 1 o'clock! 1 To lose L1 reversely unlock L1 reverse and 7 channels (51 lanes III
for thurilium 1 can not get 1 state K, switch 7): IP5 M to ground the front channel signal Let's
release KIR.
Besides, it is needless to say that various IkC volumes are constructed using the principle of the
present invention. As described above, the 7 volley John 11i circuit, which is $ IIC in front of the
vehicle, is provided with an open water switch interlocked with the IIJI volume or its lock
methane, and the composite circuit C output -1 is generated by the swing 5-. (11) Because it is 5
to take, it is not necessary to operate the volume for the capital WaS channel AC) volume -115 at
Seberon Yong-seung, so it is possible to do the adjustment of seven valleys extremely to WP & ,
The locking mechanism etc. has an O feature such as preventing trial production by integrating
it. 1e in the reference drawing is also fatF = 41 nayan oni ru 倶-呑 Oj circular block thread soft
figure, Fig. 2 is a sound S diagram of the channel remaster system, Fig. 3 is a car front plan road
C Bronck Itochi Chichi Figure / Figure · Figure 1 ~ 1 · · and Figure 3 respectively east of the car (6
· Road separation adjustment 乙 τ is a plan view and a front view of the thurium used . ... · · ·
Equalizer, volume 110 adjustment m, 30 · matrix circuit, G @ · lap channel system circuit, j · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 7 · e switch, t ■・ Hmmmm · 9 · dispute · panel surface / 0 11 @ @ lock
button button utility model-to applicant Victor Japan KK agent patent attorney I J [Hamihiko (7)
sfz figure 1 figure net 23 LR 1 day 0 0 '才 9-, 7 巳 141 141J 42 (A) (lyi 4 th ?, 7.79 x blade ε-ff
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