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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are explanatory views of a dumbar
used for a conventional skier, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of a
speaker of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the damper, and FIG. 5
is an enlarged perspective view of the relevant part. 10 ...... field portion, 11 ... ... frame E
Interview section. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-119-real opening 49-55342 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5-120-
Detailed Description of the Invention In the present invention, the voice coil tube is properly
positioned in the magnetic gap (the voice coil tube is held, the same as the strength of the
damper is a total of 9% generation of abnormal noise and deterioration of characteristics ta As a
conventional speaker damper, a speaker cIll for stopping is formed by impregnating a rough
cloth with synthetic tree 11i, drying it, and molding it. And many of the shapes are as shown in
the figure # 1 (° Attach to the speaker frame etc. It consists of I11, a rising end 2, a corrugation,
an iI8, and a coupling s4 of the voice coil to the bobbin. 2 °, in such a configuration, if the
degree of flexibility is low, the difference “* m width of deformation and rising portion 2 is
generated as% fan 2 as shown in FIG. The voice coil 6 can not be properly positioned on the
magnetic gear, and the magnetic gap rubbing of the voice coil 6 causes an abnormal ai width,
resulting in the generation of abnormal noise and the deterioration of characteristics, etc. . The
present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. The tube will be
described below with reference to FIG. In the third section, the speaker tube according to the
present invention is shown as lA plane-1 with center pole e, t plate 7, ring magnet 8, ring
reciprocated ring top plate 98. Configured. The field la section 10 shown here may be an external
ffl type force i, an internal magnet type in which a l'i4c magne, to, a center ball tffi is inserted in
the wedge-shaped yoke. The frame 11 is received in the field 1a portion 1o, and the peripheral
portion of the gasket 12 and the tlc sliding plate 13 is fixed to the fR4 portion of the frame 11 by
an adhesive or the like. A central portion of the diaphragm 13 (a coil; a coil bobbin 16 provided
with a voice 14) is coupled, and an intermediate field of the coil bobbin 16 is connected to a
peripheral tube 7L /-arm 11 (fixed and coupled to a The voice coil 14 is configured such that the
magnetic gap ITC of the field section 10 is correctly positioned. Further, the damper 16 has four
points, an edge 6 and an edge 19 as shown in FIG. It is constituted by the joint portion 21 with
the coil bobino 16 and, further, between the peripheral edge 11118 and the rising portion 19,
one or more wedge-shaped reinforcing portions 22 are formed. The reinforcing portion 22 may
be configured to protrude in a wedge shape by the damper 16 itself at the time of press forming
of the damper 16, or a wedge-shaped 1 cf @ -formed fc solid material may be adhered with a * 1
Further, the dust cap 2a is attached to the upper center 1I11 of the diaphragm 13. By making IC
# s as above, during operation of the speaker 4- (even in the case where the damper is flexible,
the abnormal amplitude of the rising and the falling of the damper is completely blocked by The
voice coil tube can be correctly positioned on the magnetic probe. Therefore, it is possible to
prevent the generation of abnormal noise due to gearing of the voice coil and rubbing, and the
deterioration of the characteristics, and so on! A high degree of speaker reproduction sound can
be provided, which is of great practical value.
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