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October 6, 1972 Patent Director General Mr. Miyake Shino 1, the name of the invention
ultrasonic wave oscillator 4, agent ? 102 ? ? Japan Patent Office Japan Patent Office ? Japan
Patent Office 4g-59627 request for examination * (All 4 pages) Specification 1 Name of Invention
Ultrasonic Oscillator 1 Name of Invention Ultrasonic Oscillator
Number of permanents perpetrators (Korea or 2 persons) "
3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention is an ultrasonic oscillation
apparatus, even if there are significant fluctuations in the ultrasonic load, replacement of the
mechanical vibration system, and changes in the constants of the vibrator due to temperature
changes and aging, etc. To maintain the oscillation frequency so that the mechanical vibration
system always maintains the resonance state and forcibly maintain the amplitude by the
resonance shift. Damage to the device by applying an overvoltage to the oscillator, overloading
the oscillator, etc. An object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic oscillation
apparatus which can prevent shortening of life and always operate under the best conditions.
This will be described below with reference to the drawings. Figures 1 (?), (b) and (C) illustrate
the configuration of the mechanical vibration system in the device of the present invention. In
each figure, there are ultrasonic transducers, 2 fixed horns, 3 Tool Ho 7. The vibrator 1 is a U /
Span electrostrictive type, and the central four electrostrictive elements (for example, PZT) 8 are
tightened by the upper and lower metal blocks 9 and 10, and the lead wire 4 is When driving
voltage is applied to this, it generates force and vibrates. The total length of the vibrator l
including the metal block 9.10 is a half-wavelength longitudinal resonator. The fixed ho / 2 is
coupled to the vibrator 1 to expand the end face amplitude of the vibrator 1. The tool horn 3 is
screwed to the fixed ho / 2 so that it can be easily replaced according to the purpose of use. Tool
Ho / 3 is a shape, a material, and an amplitude expansion rate according to the purpose of use.
Reference numeral 7 denotes a support 7 runge for supporting the entire mechanical vibration
system, which is provided at the fixed hoe / 2 vibration node. Vibrator l, Fixed hole-EndPage: 1
slot 2. Since the tool horns 3 are each adjusted to the resonance wavelength, the combined
length of the vibration system is 1.5 wavelengths. Next, 5 is a vibration detector attached to a
part of the mechanical vibration system, and in each row shown in the figure, the stress strain of
the longitudinal direction is obtained by attaching the electrostrictive element to the metal block
of the vibrator 1 or the fixed horn. It is intended to detect a voltage proportional to. Reference
numeral 6 denotes a lead for taking out the voltage detected by the element 5. In FIG. 9C, two
vibrators arranged in parallel are coupled to a fixed horn, and the element 5 is attached to a part
of the fixed horn. In order to constitute a mechanical vibration system, the vibrator 1 is not
limited to one unit, and two units or more may be arranged in parallel as shown in FIG. FIG. 2
shows the results of measurement of the phase difference of the detection voltage of the element
5 with respect to the drive voltage at no load, following the vibration system similar to that
shown in FIG. 1 (?). The amplitude at the tool horn end is also shown on the same graph.
In (A) and (B) in the same figure, when a constant electric work is applied to the work vibration
and the child and the frequency is changed, the phase difference becomes ?90 ░ when the
amplitude reaches the maximum. It shows. The resonance Q is given by the following equation
when fo is a resonance frequency, fl is a low frequency at which the amplitude is half, and 6 is
high. ???????????? ???????????????? Because of the nature of the
electrostrictive vibrator, the voltage applied to the vibrator is the force generated by the
electrostrictive element, and stress strain is directly detected in the detection element. The stress
distortion with respect to the generated force, that is, the detection voltage with respect to the
applied voltage has a phase difference of -90 at resonance, and at lower frequencies, the phase is
advanced and delayed at the higher side. This is also theoretically clear and has been confirmed
by actual measurement. FIG. 3 is a block diagram showing the circuit configuration of the
apparatus of the present invention. In the figure, 11 is an oscillating section capable of changing
the frequency by signal input, 12 is a power amplifying section for supplying required power to
the vibrator 14 (corresponding to 1 in FIG. 1), and 13 is an electrostrictive type of the load. It is a
combined voltage-to-current conversion circuit that matches the characteristic of which the
impedance increases with the operation characteristic of the power amplification unit. The
voltage generated in the detector 15 (corresponding to 5 in FIG. 1) attached to the vibrator 14
and the voltage supplied to the vibrator 14 pass through the limiters 16 and 17 and enter the
'phase detector 18 respectively. The output of the phase detection unit is added to the oscillation
unit 11 so as to raise the frequency of the oscillator 110 when the detection voltage is more than
90 ░ with respect to the vibrator and supply voltage and to decrease the frequency when it is
delayed. . As for the ultrasonic generator 2) of output 600W according to the present invention
mentioned above and the vibration device, pass-type wattmeters are connected to the vibrator
input part и и и и и и и иии ? ? ░ to ensure the operation of each block The following experiment was
performed. Tool horn-length-start with 1341 L + 1 L, then 13 111 La. Next, when the resonance
frequency of the mechanical vibration system was changed by cutting off sequentially for 128
cycles and each was operated from no load to full load, the extremely steep resonance
characteristic of the mechanical resonance system, the oscillation frequency is automatically I
was in tune. In addition, when the operating temperature of the vibrator is lower than the
maximum temperature of its rating, the rated maximum output of the vibrator can be obtained,
and good results are obtained. In addition, opening and closing (starting and stopping) of
oscillation can be performed either by 0N-OFF of the power supply or by 0N-OFF of a switch
provided between the oscillation unit and the power amplification unit. It was As described
above, the ultrasonic oscillator according to the present invention has almost no adjustment at
the manufacturing stage, and particularly in practical use, the oscillator can be used completely
without adjustment.
Note that the vibration detector in the present apparatus is not limited to only the illustrated
electrostrictive element, and for example, a magnetostrictive element or an electromagnetic coil
may be used.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 illustrates the mechanical vibration system of the
device of the present invention, and FIG. 2 illustrates the characteristics of phase difference and
amplitude of drive voltage and detection voltage in the mechanical vibration system of FIG. FIG. 3
is a diagram showing a circuit configuration of the device of the present invention. 1: Vibrator 2:
Fixed horn 3: Tool horn EndPage: 24: Drive voltage supply lead 5: Shaking out lead 7: Support 7
Lange 8: Electrostrictive element 9.10: Metal block 11: Oscillator 12: Magnetic force
amplification Part 13: Sleepy FF,-Guarding current exchange circuit 14: Vibrator 15: Vibration
detection island 16.17: Limiter 18 two-phase detection part '?. -+ Qi, A,-/ (7) 1st deprivation э
EndPage: 31 514 ? Address Tokyo District Suginami ward 1 ssr table 15 incense 8 name
Odagiri Hide Rei address Saitama-based Soka-shi Benten ? 184 name Yokoyama More than
EndEndPage: ?
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