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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are actual wiring diagrams of
respective embodiments according to the present invention and FIG. 2 is a wiring diagram. 1 иииииииии
Stereo input plug, 3 ииииииии Stereo jack, 4 иии Stereo common terminal, 5 ииииииии Left input terminal, 6 иии
... the right side input terminal, 7 ...... switch, 11 ...... monaural for people Kapuragu, 13 ...... mono
jack, 14 ...... monaural input terminal, 15 и и и и и и и и и Common terminal monaural, 34, 35 и и и и и и и и
electrical sound converter. -193-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-61086 (2)
Z-th 3N 1'3 '' '' ''-i one-one-one ''-194- Japanese Utility Model Application 4.9-61086 (3) ???
[Detailed description of the invention]-+1-chain t consideration 04 name stereo G monaural dual
plug cost / word erasure 18 N model registration request category ? signal input layer pla f and
stereo in prada seven-fold notte for stereo compensation odd input woe place meeting right and
left electricity, paste l! Make the signal of fL ya come in after-K. In the case of the peak note body
@ strange, the stereo monote Jk one more Prada with the switch which changes the electric and
strenuous change-Kll remarks as human beings @ on both sides. & Previous plan esm * si ? This
device is an audio signal signal processing unit and 1 case ? headphone which is connected to
the electricity and soda ring to hold a prada. In the past, in order to capture stereo W * and mono
2 signal, in the case of stereo blue-green beard, it is a system that has been used as a stereo input
layer bladder, for 419 in the case of mono ? chiru chi chi chi chie Equipped with odd input poda
1) It was inconvenient "e" to have h # listening in the system. We will provide a stereo / mono
dual-purpose plug so that it can be connected to both the stereo-jack and the monaural-shirt 7
without the inconvenience sheet of the invention. The purpose is Below I! + 1k refers to itself and
explains stereo @ monaural-implementation of rigid prada according to this invention-, Ning 1
flash, @ 1 m theory of an example of a stereo ? monaural plug, and a stereo input For the plug 1
# i stereo for body 2 + switch 7 and the snare jack and the jack, the switch 7 is the stereo instep
body zc11 loaded. The stereo body 2 has a switch 7 at the center of the cylindrical rod and is an
internal F1 cavity. Stereo shutter 3 Fi Stereo body 2 m to @, stereo common terminal 4, ? rim
10. The individual input terminal 5, the rim temperature ░ C, right i input terminal 6 like + iII +
power, the outer shell cylindrical shape 1-before the complete detonation 1 Also, mono for Prada
11 Fi monaural body ?, sonoral for jack 1 ink tendon umbrella, monaural early body 12 &! It is
hollow with 21 cylinders. The monaural jack 13 is like a monaural podailly, a llK monaural
common terminal 15, an brass body 10, a monaural input terminal 14 (structured, and it is
constricted in a writhing shape in front of the tip with an external #i solar cane The tip is
spherically '1'. This is done by the connection car 13 of the monaural prada and the stereo pufug,
and it is connected to an electric and cost converter such as a headhoe 7 by an output-wire 21).
The connection relationship of this stereo / monaural armor pair Prada is shown at @ 2-, and the
left input terminal 5 of the shutter 5 for the stereo is a terminal of the left electric pleasure
111111% 4 via the left-line terminal! 11K, right input terminal 6 ? right-line! ?? Through the
terminal uK of the right electric release и blue converter s5. Left / right electric / acoustic
conversions-Sa, S are connected via fL to terminals 32 of the stereo common-end end common apath 26. The notch input terminal 14 of the monaural shutter 13 is connected to the left-line via
the right-hand 27 and the switch 7, and the monaural co-ilIl Sinko ISa common-line uK and fLIII
are connected. u ? The above IE? Explain the operation of the stereo / monaural dual purpose
plug 1 lag which has-When the stereo remarks are input to the stereo ? jack 3 of the wiring
diagram shown in Fig. 2, the switch 7 should be a stereo 4I! If connected to the contact point 11,
the left-line and right-line are opened, and the electro-acoustic exchanger becomes familiar, each
stereo No. 1 enters in a and no crosstalk occurs, and a monaural signal is produced in a monaural
jack If the input is fLm, the switch 7 continues to the contact on the side of the noral, and the left
turn 112! S and the right warm n are closed, and the electric and reverberation 11 converter is
said to be flowing a monaural signal. w3 @ shows an embodiment of W2, switch 7 is the body of
plug 1! The switch 7 is attached in the middle of the outgoing line moth, showing an example of
the attachment NaNaNa dl1M attached via the FIltf. In these II cases K if connection III false
shows to lI2- and Oka Im! Therefore, according to the embodiment of the operation 11 and as
described in detail over 64 ░, according to the stereo / monochrome plug according to the
present invention, the @ conversion of stereo and monaural can be made to # 1. Tori Jm or for
work. 4Il's simple 'tk explanation 1 011. 41st! Eleven companies, the player side of each II
example related to this invention! {Circle over (4)} Wiring-but also a 41-- 1--1 telescopic input
plaid, 5 ----- stereo light jack, 4 ----- 1 tele common terminal, 5 --- room side Input terminal, 4----Single right input terminal, ?--switch, 11---Input plug for mono monaural. 1 jack for jack-nonoral, 14-- monaural input terminal, 1 g ---- no-noral common terminal, 34.5 ----- electric and
caustic honey 411B. ? ? ? ? ? ? ???? l l l ? ? ? ? (?)-) 17 ░ @) ? (Mimi,) ?-\ to
?-m-N (N22?; 2 ? ? ? ? ? 86 86 ??? ??? 86 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,
J J J a a a a 14 (II J z 3 11: 6 и и и - Li / 11: 11j / 4: L7z71 ? "-1 and summer 1 -------- 111L-?
Bunny ? 1'k3'iJ56 и, ии applicants 11 Chinzo 4 equation company Q quill \ (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
/ Applicant: Seiko Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. U? Necropsy A & -1 +-All in (? Mi
Consortium 1)-Hitori (?, <? Toru Tei Seimitsu Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., q) Agent Shin
Hokuto ? 2, 14 previous Wa outside OSS watching and agents 111 blue bulk lightning ?
wtKV% 'l' X @ 'J1eaes 51 f I 111 f share toilet t W name W' tyv ? place ? ? 42 Ti! ! ! kja) Agent
11111r large 11? lff1lk 44 Kamiyamacho 44 caince plum ? sin ? Vk ? S 50 Den Ito & (jl 1
(Mr. 1137 Mr. 4 patent attorney (7947) Akiyama Gei,-1 и и
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