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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the
present invention, and FIG. 20 ииииии Field field, 23 иииииии Voice coil, 24 ииииииииии Fig. 1-45-Japanese
Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-66422 (2) Fig. 3 1F-7F-1 rasp skin j 11;
[Detailed description of the invention] Not considered is a speaker equipped with a dome-shaped
shock plate 'sp, a damper 5 holding the external station S of the voice coil bobbin, and the back
of the dome-shaped diaphragm ? ? ? ? By holding this dome-shaped vibration plate, it
prevents the piling phenomenon of the vibrating thread parts, generates high input to the low
frequency range, and prevents the generation of the split iron of the diaphragm in the high
frequency range. To make the characteristics flatter. 2 'Conventional dome-shaped speaker using
moving plate \-? 2t и was configured as shown in the mud 1 figure. That is, the plate 2 provided
with the center ball 1, the ring-shaped magnet 3, and the ring-shaped upper plate 4 constitute
the field portion 6, and the baffle plate 6 is coupled to the field portion 6 by the screw 7. The
voice gear 10 wound on the coil bobbin 79 is disposed on the magnetic gear 8 of the field m 6,
and the coil bobbin 9 is supported by the $ 1 damper 11 and the second / dam 12. The damper
12 is configured to be supported by the molded body 13, and further, a dome-shaped diaphragm
14 is coupled to the upper portion of the coil bobbin 9, and a dome cover 15 is provided on the
upper portion of the diaphragm 14. Is combined with and configured. As described above, the
two-way damper is supported at one point only by the s1 damper 11, so it is mourning including
the voice coil 1Q and the diaphragm 14 in the low range near fo, so-called vibration system parts
are up and down In addition to the piston movement, a rolling phenomenon that causes rolling
occurs, and the voice coil 10 is now at 3. ?This is to prevent the generation of a true normal
sound caused by the contact of the air gap 8 with the air gap 8. In such a configuration, although
the above-mentioned rolling phenomenon can be prevented, the diaphragm 14 is dome-shaped,
and since the force pivoted by the voice coil 10 is concentrated at the central portion of the
dome of 7 ? ? In the high frequency range, split resonance occurs in the vicinity of the top of
the diaphragm 14, and in the sound pressure-frequency characteristics shown in FIG. 3, many
peaks occur in the high frequency range as shown by the @ line. It has become a very unstable
book. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings of an
embodiment. 16 is a plate in which a center ball 17 is integrally formed at the center of the
upper surface, and a flange-like magnet 18 is softened on the plate 16 and this magnet. A ringshaped upper plate 19 is mounted on the grate 18, and they are coupled by an adhesive or the
like to form a field section 20.
'And the upper plate 19 of the field 81 2 o is connected to the upper plate 19 by the screw 22
while supporting the voice coil 23 and supporting the middle portion of the mourning coil
bobbin 24. The damper 25 is coupled. A dome-shaped diaphragm 26 is coupled to the upper end
of the torque coil bobbin 24/24, and a dome cover 27 formed on the dome W3 is coupled to the
baffle plate 21 on the diaphragm 26. . Further, on the back surface of the diaphragm 26, a
porous soft foam * nh or the like formed in a dome shape so that the upper surface is along the
diaphragm 26 is used as a material. It is arranged by adhering to the upper surface of the end.
The above-mentioned diaphragm damper 28 is made of a material such as soft urethane foam or
maltoprene, which is extremely flexible and has a large internal loss that can be easily deformed
by pressure or force. As described above, the speaker acid of the present invention, a coil bobbin
provided with a voice coil, and the back of a dome-shaped diaphragm coupled to the coil bobbin
are rounded to form a support, and the supporting area of vibration system parts 6. The large
size of the knee, the prevention of the roll is completely measured, and the diaphragm damper
with large internal loss against the split resonance of the high range that tends to occur near the
top of the diaphragm. The sound pressure-frequency characteristic can be made extremely flat as
shown by the broken line in FIG.
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