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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a push pnore
capacitor acoustic transducer, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are plan views showing a conventional
diaphragm, and FIG. It is a top view which shows an example. 1 ...... vibrating membrane, 10 ... ...
frame, 1e ииииии treble for the vibration film, 1f ииииии in the bass vibrating membrane. 3fy 2) ? -49real opening 49-66424 (2) 3 3 l ? f 7 ? 1-50-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a vibration IlK for
headphones using a Condenosa electroacoustic transducer. In the speaker 7 stem, it is often
practiced that the low volume and medium sound speakers and the generic sound speaker can be
printed on each cutting. However, it is difficult to provide II-number of electroacoustic
transducers because the headphones 215 need to be compact as a whole. Although a condenser
type is used as an electro-acoustic transducer of headphones and the one with mourning has
good frequency characteristics, there is a demand to further extend the high-pitched voice. (1) As
shown in Fig. 1, the electroacoustic transducer of the capacitor ? is a metal film or a synthetic
resin film with metal attached to both sides of the vibrating film 1/1 and the both sides of the
diaphragm 1 / respectively. A fixed electrode 8I9 formed by forming a metal layer 6.7 on the
polarized dielectric or film 5415 is disposed, as required, through the ring-shaped insulating
spacer 2.3. A signal is given to the push-pull between the vibration M 1 and the fixed electrodes
8 and 9 to drive the vibrating membrane 1. Conventional vibration film 1 As shown in FIG. 2, a
single vibration jl I! It is usual that 1 is pasted and it is constituted and six nine. There is an Ilc # i
limit for stretching the FiH sound by this diaphragm, while in the case of the headphone 411, it is
structurally difficult to separately provide an ili sound acoustic transducer. From this point, as
shown in FIG. 3 from this point, a circular small frame 11 concentric with this is provided at the
center of the frame 0, and this small frame 11 and the frame 10 are connected at equal angular
intervals by three connecting portions 12 The portion 1m inside the small frame 11 in the
vibrating membrane stretched in the frame 10 is for high-pitched sound. (2) It is proposed to
operate as the other main part] b + 1c + ld for middle bass. In this case, although the high-pitched
characteristics become certain, the low-pitched characteristics deteriorate, and in particular the
low-pitched sound has a large amplitude in many cases, but its vibrating film is divided into 1b +
1c + 1d and 5 minutes, so the area is small and large respectively. I can not get the width of the
bowl. This invention is intended to obtain a diaphragm for a contrast headphone with improved
high-pitched sound characteristics without losing bass with one acoustic transducer. (10) In this
invention, a diaphragm for holding a diaphragm is placed in a person, and an imaging film for
noise reduction with a small area is provided eccentrically with respect to this. For example, as
shown in FIG. 4, in the circular frame 10, a small frame 13 having a substantially straight radius
is integrally formed with the frame 10 in a plane common to one another in the 11-15 plane.
The frame IOK diaphragm] is stretched, and the diaphragm 1 in the small frame 3 acts as a cover
for sound, and the diaphragm 1 f of the portion excluding the inside of the small frame 13 in the
frame 0). Acts for middle bass. . (3) ? According to this configuration, the high-pitched
diaphragm 1eK has a high-pitched characteristic: 11 and the mid-low-pitched diaphragm 1f is
configured as one region without being separated. The low frequency resonance frequency is
low, good bass writing is performed, and vibration is not suppressed5, a large amplitude is
obtained, and the sensitivity is improved. Therefore, small headphones and good frequency
characteristics can be obtained. It should be noted that the corner portion 15116, which is close
to the connection portion between the frame 10 and the small frame 13, approaches without a
sharp edge 10, and also shines a sufficiently large roundness as shown in the figure, causing
unnecessary distortion. Can hold back In addition, the vibration for sound 11 [1e is attached to
the small frame 13 separate from the frame 10, and this and the diaphragm 1f for mid-low
frequency of the frame 10 are arranged in the same shape 11 as shown in FIG. You may use it. In
this case, it is possible to use 4 of thickness 9 materials suitable for the respective characteristics,
respectively, for the treble vibration Pa1e and the diaphragm for medium bass vibration f. At 20.
(4) Although applied to the nibble capacitor acoustic transducer, it can be applied for 4s to the
type of externally supplying 1 polarized voltage. Also, it is not necessary to use a push-pull
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