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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the principle of
a piezoelectric sounding device, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional piezoelectric
sounding device, and FIGS. FIG. 1A is a cross-sectional view and an external view showing an
embodiment of a piezoelectric acoustic device. FIG. 4 is a diagram showing the relationship
between the reflector area and the volume. 1 · · · Piezoelectric element, 2 · · · · · · Diaphragm, 3, 3 ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · electrical circuit, 5E · front of the case 6, Openings 7, 9... 1 Figure 2-157Japanese Utility Model Application No. 49-67565 (2) [Figure 2] [Figure 2] [Figure 3] [Figure 4]
IPOS-15 g-Japanese Utility Model Application No. 49-67565 (3) 5 Figure (0) (b)-159-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
acoustic device used for an alarm buzzer such as a fire alarm, an antitheft device, a gas detector
or the like, an interphone or a general bell of a clock fool, a buzzer. This piezoelectric acoustic
device is the one using a piezoelectric sounding device, and in general, the piezoelectric sounding
device has a piezoelectric element (1) and a diaphragm (2) as shown in FIGS. Bonding (integrate
with a furnace to form a composite, and this composite / character IJ rich is supported by the
projecting portion (8) in the case 5 and housed in the case (6) or the case (6 A) The piezoelectric
element 蘂 of the composite (5) and the diaphragm (2) are connected to the electric circuit 1path (4) provided outside by a lead wire (3) (3) ' Sound waves are generated by bending and
moving the body (5). FIG. 2 shows a conventional apparatus, and FIG. 3 shows an improvement
according to the present invention. In FIG. 2, openings (6) and (6) 'are respectively provided in
the front and back surfaces of the case (6) for housing the complexities of this piezoelectric
sound producing device, and the case ( A reflector (7) is provided on the rear surface of 6), and
by adjusting each distance l, the sound generated from the rear surface is reflected and resonated
by the reflector and overlapped with the sound emitted from the front surface. k) A large volume
can be obtained in the direction of help. However, the area S of the m reflecting plate (7) and the
volume P of one of the front nine characters have a relation as shown in FIG. 4. The volume is
small unless the area S is increased, and the distance l between the case and the reflecting plate
is It tends to grow. Experimentally, in order to exert the effect of the reflecting plate by 1oo4, S
has to be made about 6 times or more of the area of the complex, and the entire apparatus
becomes very large, which is a term. This invention ameliorates the problems as described in the
single note, and provides a small 2-sized and high-volume piezoelectric acoustic device. , * ′ ′ *
A °° “b ′ ′ ′ **-tx * ab′g ° 1 ° ′. (1) The outer periphery of the reflection plate (9)
was shaped so as to be spread forward. In principle, l is the same as the conventional one, but the
point is that the shape after reflection is devised. j3 As a specific shape, a flat plate such as one
that is folded at both ends like 51st al, a frustum like fbl, etc. are used, but the direction towards
(a) is slightly The effect will also be described by comparing the conventional device of FIG. 3
with the conventional device of FIG. 3 and the device of FIG. 3 using the reflector of FIG. When
using a composite of a piezoelectric element with a diameter of 35 fi and a thickness of 0.5 fi and
a diaphragm made of a phosphor bronze plate with a diameter of 50 and a thickness of 9.51111,
the volume is both 1 m1 ahead But the volume is as small as 1 of about 4 minutes i.
As described above, according to the invention of wood, by making the shape of the reflecting
plate into an on-shape which is expanded toward the front surface 1, a small-sized 1-3-volume
device can be manufactured.
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