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7 リ リ ノ 1 1, 名称 4 3 5 inventor 4 新宿 patent address 代理人 住所 西 18 丁 丁 1 18 9-18
Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo-Rechizen Clock Co., Ltd.-1 name (6365) valve 士 井2 part 1 (other 1
person) '6, list of attached documents ■ Japan Patent Office open patent gazette ■ Japanese
Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-749790 open date Japanese publication 49. (1974) 7, 19Japanese Patent Application No. 4-7-115, M-specification 1, name of the invention watch with a
buzzer 1 invention, name of the invention a watch with a buzzer
A clock with an electronic buzzer 2, a number of the invention described in the claims-------8
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
watch having an electronic buzzer, in particular to the improvement of the arrangement of the
acoustic diaphragm of the electronic buzzer. EndPage: 1 Conventionally, among electronic
buzzers using a battery as an energy source, there is an electrodynamic type using a coil and a
permanent magnet. This is because the device for rounding of electro-acoustic conversion is
large; b, the watch movement and the electronic buzzer device are arranged in a plane, and the
outer diameter of the watch is large, the circular arrangement I am relieved. Before, while the
permanent magnet affects the reference vibrator and other wheel trains for watches etc., while it
should be solved! The purpose of the present invention is to make the whole electronic squeezer
□ compact as well as to be suitable for a wristwatch, and also to be energy efficient based on the
islet sensitivity curve of the buzzer, as well as the frequency of the buzzer sound. It is to be
considered that tooo (/ a to 6000 (/ 8). This rounding of the present invention is based on a
wristwatch equipped with a good electronic buzzer, which comprises a piezoelectric or
electrostrictive element and uses an acoustic vibrating film as a buzzer and fixes this vibrating
film to a back cover. Since the area of the diaphragm is large because it is installed, a sound with
an appropriate frequency of 1000 to 6000 cA can be obtained, and it can be handled at the time
of assembly and disassembly together with the back cover. Become. Several embodiments of the
present invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. Figure 1 shows an
example. (1) is a watch movement, in which a buzzer drive and a clock drive rounding power
supply battery (not shown) and a buzzer drive rounding circuit are accommodated. (The illusion,
($ 3 is an elastic output terminal from the 諌 buzzer drive circuit, fixed to the movement. The
back cover (4) is provided with a small hole (4a) for sound emission and a plurality of small holes
(4C) which contact with the arm when worn, and prevent the adhesion between the small hole 4
and the arm. An acoustically vibrating membrane cage made of a circular conductive material to
which a piezoelectric or electrostrictive element (6) is bonded is bonded at its outer periphery
with a back cover (4) K at nine steps (4 kl) K. In the output terminal (2), the vibrating membrane
() and the output terminal (3) are in elastic contact with the element (S). The back cover (4) is
screwed to the case's torso (7), and a waterproof rounded pad (a turtle is inserted between the
two). (4d) is a well-known single odor groove provided on the back lid for the screw connection.
(9) The expansion frame is pressed from the back cover (4) through the Patzkin (I), and a part of
the watch movement (1) is drawn into the case C case (7) to make the movement case Stick to
The output terminal (3) ◆ The piezoelectric or electrostrictive element (6), the reflection film (6),
and the output terminal (23) constitute a part of the rounding circuit of the element (6) driving.
Water proofing and dust proofing are performed with a vibrating membrane (6), a back cover (4),
a body (7) of a Patzkin cage case, and the like. The end of the output terminal (3) is located
substantially at the rotation center of the screwing of the back cover (4), and the diaphragm (6) is
circular and made of a conductive material. And (3) and the rotational position of the back cover
(4), the M value of IMiIll; Next, the second embodiment will be described with reference to FIG.
{Circle over (1)} In the watch movement, the output terminal (d) corresponding to the
embodiment (3) is fixed. The back cover @ is provided with a plurality of small holes for sound
emission and a plurality of grooves for sound emission when the arm is in communication with
the small holes. The acoustic vibrating film having a piezoelectric or electrostrictive element
bonded thereto is bonded to a step portion C4) provided on the back cover at the outer periphery
thereof. Further, an inner plate 2 made of a non-conductive material in the form of a disk is
adhered to the back lid by a flat film such as adhesion or pressing so as to confine the vibrating
membrane in the back lid. . A thin plate terminal plate (d) made of a conductive material is
adhered to the cough inner plate @ in opposition to the output terminal O, and the terminal plate
(d) is small on the inner plate by lead wires (d). It is connected to one electrode of the element j
through the hole GIQ. -Is the case 1-1 (2) is a middle frame, 1 is a flat patch. (S) is a round back
cover retaining ring for fixing the back cover to the barrel of the case, which is screwed onto the
barrel 0 and a plurality of hooks of tools rotating the retaining ring are engaged EndPage: There
are 2 grooves (e). In this embodiment, it is possible to fix the back cover (with the back cover
retaining ring) to the case @ of the case without rotating the back cover. このため。 It is easy to
align the thin plate terminal plate and the terminal (2). Of course, if the thin plate terminal plates
are provided circumferentially, it is possible to feed the back pig to the barrel of the case as in
the first embodiment. The output terminal (d) piezoelectric or electrostrictive element (d), the
diaphragm (2), the middle frame (d), and the movement (2) constitute part of a circuit for driving
the element (d). In the present embodiment, since the diaphragm (s) is wound between the back
cover and the inner plate, there is no possibility that the diaphragm (s) is damaged during
assembly, etc., Furthermore, if the inner plate is provided in close proximity to the vibrating
membrane (or), permanent deformation of the vibrating membrane due to strong water pressure
or the like can be prevented. Next 3rd! The jl example will be described with reference to FIG.
The acoustic vibrating membrane is made of a conductive material) and is adhered to the back
cover at the outer periphery ゐ The insulating membrane 6 is provided on a part of the vibrating
membrane, and the conductive lead terminal 6 D is formed thereon Are formed by known means
such as printing. The lead terminal east is connected by one electrode of a piezoelectric or
electrostrictive element II. The output terminal-from the watch movement is in contact with the
diaphragm-and the terminal-with the terminal 6p. Furthermore, FIG. 4 shows the case where the
vibrating diaphragm for sound is made of a non-conductive material, and this and the flared lead
terminals (7) and 17El have a Kl [I! The piezoelectric or electrostrictive element (f) is bonded to
the vibrating membrane − while partially overlapping with the O lead terminal 172, and the
other lead terminal q]) Fi lead k (73 It is connected with the electrode of. The book! ! In W14, the
vibrating membrane is not circular, and the battery can be made into a semi-circular shape, and
the battery cover can be opened to facilitate the insertion and removal of the battery. The same
can be applied to the case where the back cover is integrally formed with the barrel of the case.
As described above, according to the present invention, since the acoustic vibration film is
provided as a buzzer including a piezoelectric or electrostrictive element, the electronic buzzer
device can be thin and can be configured, and the vibration film is disposed on the back side.
Since the area of the vibrating membrane can be taken large, a sound of appropriate frequency
with high sensitivity for the user can be obtained, and since it can be treated as a joint with the
back cover at the time of assembly and disassembly, it is easy to handle and vibrate. Damage to
the membrane can also be prevented.
4 Brief Description of the Drawings The drawings illustrate embodiments of the present
invention. Fig. 1 is a sectional view of an essential part of a state in which the timepiece
movement of the embodiment of the present invention is incorporated in a case. Fig. 2 is a
sectional view similar to Fig. 1 of the second embodiment. Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a
portion of the acoustic diaphragm and the back cover of the third embodiment. ′:! FIG. 14 is
a cross-sectional view of an essential part of a diaphragm for sound of the 1'F4 embodiment. +11
... watch movement, (1), (S) ... output terminal, (4 "... the back cover, (b) ... sound hole, (clause ...
Piezoelectric or electrostrictive element, (6)... Acoustic vibration film. EndPage: 36 Attorneys
other than the above 1 9-18, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Name
(7423) Patent Attorney 1) Side Ryonori EndPage: 4
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