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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block circuit diagram of a magnetic
recording and reproducing apparatus showing an embodiment of the present invention. 1 иии First
amplifier, 9 ииии Second amplifier, 7 ииииии Balance adjuster, 8 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии The third
amplifier. 1 39 1
?Detailed description of the invention? ░ * * The device is a magnetic "?" for the purpose of
reviewing the playback device, and its purpose is to synthesize stereo signal monaural signal at
the time of playback and recording of mineral. Simple Kaitai t2-7-to offer. For example, when
playing back a stereo-recorded mu-jaku-chi-p, explain the 9 musics, combine the music and sing
the whole song and so on, and play the music tape with the stereo 1; In many cases, songs are
performed in monaural mode, and in this case monaural signals such as commentary and
chopsticks are amplified by the amplifiers of each Eyannel, and it is easy to listen to the volume
of each speaker after the same size. Since the present invention is a book that provides a series T
# of synthesizing a stereo signal and a monaural signal like the 1st century, the following
description will be made of a stereo signal in order to make the drawing and the turtle clear. The
amplifier 1 for amplifying the signal of one of the channels / channels of the channel 1 is a
foremost snow snow '53. 11. The amplification 49 of the second signal is amplified by the
resistor 4 or the power amplifier 6 to amplify the signal of the other signal among the stereo
signals. Since the resistor 612 is connected to the power amplifier 1a, one fixed terminal made of
balance network @Td is connected to the connecting point of the resistor 4 and the power 1
width 6p W, and the other fixed insulator is connected to the resistor 12 The force is connected
to the connection point of the amplifier 13 and the force is 3 h. The changeover switch 8 has a
common terminal connected to the movable terminal TIc of one of the balance adjusters 7 and
the other terminal (the other terminal (the output terminal of the third amplifier whose phantom
represents the monaural signal #). It is connected. It is to be noted that Il + is a 15i microphone
and the third amplifier 16 is a series b, and terminals 2 and 6 are input and output terminals of
the input terminal 1 of the display 1 of the display 1, respectively. Terminals 10 and 14 are the
input terminals of the second multiplier 2 and the output terminal thereof. Next, the #II of this at
will be described. ^ 1, cut switch 8 is the terminal (Iij to the ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ?? ?? ??) It is amplified by the # 1 width unit 9 of the second unit # 1. Because the
output terminal vc of the third booster 16 is switched, the cut beauty sway hand 8 is switched to
one child (# switch JL & the balance terminal 4 I 47 9 output terminal), the output impedance
impedance 1 resistance 14 of the amplifier 16 Resistor 12TP and balance grip 'Fisture a'
resistance resistance a ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 ?4 ?4 l l. Under this condition, the
stereo signal at the time of recording is reproduced by the amplifier 1 of the tal and the amplifier
9 of the wX 2 respectively.
и On the other hand, the monaural signal from the microphone 16 is amplified by the third
amplifier 16 and added to the movable terminal of the balance adjuster T, and then led to the
power amplifiers 6 and 13 through the balance adjuster T, Upper tube stereo signal is busy
synthesized. ?????? It is rumored that amplifier 1 in @ 1 and amplifier 9 in @ 2
simultaneously amplify the stereo signal r of each channel and the monaural signal 41 from 11th
gain 16 at 16 at the same time, thus em & Is able to synthesize commentary and song for playing
music and IC lighting. Balance adjustment I! The adjustment of 7 (more, it is an ovum to take the
balance t for each power amplifier 6 or 13 of the monaural signal and for the balance between
each beef yell of the stereo signal). As a result, stereo bias is heard separately from the channel's
speaker (not shown). 6 ',' Monaural signal for listening from the center of each channel speaker.
As described above, the magnet of lC wood device (in the case of the recording / reproducing
apparatus, the first amplifier and the amplifier of @ 2 are connected to the house of @@, and the
balun adjustment 4 of @@ 2 m ? monaural signal is added and hX? 701 et al., The combination
of stereo and monaural signals is very easy (easy! Can I do lK, commentary and songs for music?
It can be mixed. In addition, monaural signal systems such as commentary and songs and stereo
signals are more likely to be heard as sounds, etc. due to the balance tube and the balance
between the amplifier of 1st amplifier and the amplifier of 1IE2 in the adjustment of the balance
adjuster. It has young fruits immediately after
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