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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a bonding
portion between an edge and a diaphragm in a conventional speaker, and FIG. 2 is a central
longitudinal cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the
present invention. is there. 9 is a diaphragm, 9a is a vibration generating portion, and 10 is a
vibration preventing plate. f1-91-
【Detailed description of the invention】 @-Name of the tatami mat 一 Real name Speaker 2
Utility model 錆 II 0 IIA In the vibration system to grow the diaphragm that emits the ambient
sound, the minute m vibration that occurs on the above diaphragm A speaker with q # ス ピ ー
カ that it is stuck to the part where vibration prevention Itakura part @ vibration occurs and is
suppressed. 4 consideration 1 ioeuiat * Akemoto device I! It is something I admire in the
improved speaker. As for the vibrating thread in the relatively large speaker of 0 樋, the place
near the edge 1J of vibration @ 111 of the vibrating system, that is, the diaphragm section lo!
Part 0 &) close to part R 二 1 at 2 point chain-0 like-1 part (1 m) near the mouth at the time of
reproduction of high region よ amplitude is larger and division II jk! 11 I make a Peter on the
output sound pressure characteristics. The directional characteristics are worse because it is
ring-shaped as seen from the vibrational part of the father. This is caused by the balance of the
shape, strength, and weight with other parts of the diaphragm row. Therefore, in the
conventional speaker, the portion close to the opening (1 m), in other words, the vibration
portion is strongly lit at the same time to increase the pressure so as to be impregnated with the
lacquer, or to have a dump effect or dump agent. It had been applied. However, in the above 1
method, it is possible to apply time and effort to the application, and it is possible to make the
coating and the coating uneven, and to make it possible to impregnate or average the volume
evenly, l1ikLllLlf & note, especially in the ^ area There is a drawback that the wave number
characteristic is rapid, and the U @ characteristic is stupid. In the present invention, it is made in
view of the O point, and for the purpose of 7, there is no peak in the high frequency band vkK of
the output sound pressure frequency and the directivity in the high frequency band. A
characteristic t * is to provide a speaker t- that can obtain a flat frequency response. Next-Il! The
embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings. (2) is a magnetic-name, 1 (turn) #
i7 frame, (51 is a damper, (6) is a cap, 1 is) batki 7 (al # 'i edge, (匈 is a diaphragm. In the above
embodiment, although the edge (2) and the diaphragm (9) are 14 hO composed of separate
members, it is composed of a single member and it is 4 jL. The ring is a diaphragm (The vibration
prevention plate is attached to the part where the split absurdity of the bill (S &) occurs, the
diaphragm (9) and the l13 member, and the bill is made of urethane pond urethane etc. There is.
And this vibration prevention plate uO heat, thickness and length are selected overpassing. Next,
based on the configuration described above, attach the% interlocking plate (the part (.a) where
the divided lifting of the 91 occurs (.a) to the vibration preventing plate set different from the
edge (8). Together with the thickness and length of the peristalsis-preventing weir II- (by
selecting the balance, ie the vibration generating part (*), the LD quality lid recoil O Result
Generation of divided vibration can be prevented.
Further, by using a foamed wallet as the anti-retrovising temporary member 111, even if a small
divided vibration occurs, the vibration preventing wedge can prevent the generation of the
vibration more effectively than the number of the vibrating reeds. The present consideration is
that the mass and thickness of the vibration generating portion become a dog by the prevention
of wrinkles 11 it-sticking to the vibration generating portion 1 of the diaphragm as described
above, and the output sound pressure level characteristic is high In the region, there is no Obeam and the link is in the form of a link (the vibration does not occur, so that the directional
characteristics are improved, and the reproduction wave number characteristics can be dulled as
a whole).
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