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2. Inventor Mi, Patent applicant address 22-22, Nagaikecho, Abeno-ku, Osaka Name (+> 04)
Representative of Sharp Corporation Asahi, Saeki 4, Representative-Address-Address 22,
Naganocho, Abeno-ku, Osaka Sharp Corporation Within (1) Specification, 1 (2) Drawing 1 (3)
Power of Attorney 1-2)! ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A-49-87325 [Phase] Published Japan,
Japan, (1974) 8, 2! ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 4 and -2277 · @ Outgoing IiB & 7 (1972)
/ 2.22 examination unclaimed request (all two pages) Description 1, title of the invention 2, claim
as a member of electret material Temperature and direct current A method of manufacturing an
electret characterized in that a high voltage is applied and a voltage of the reverse polarity of the
DC high voltage is applied during cooling to room temperature.
Electret manufacturing method
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is directed to a so-called electret
manufacturing method in which a polymer film is polarized in the thickness direction into
positive charges and negative charges. The present invention relates to a method for producing a
stable elm-cret. The electret obtained by the conventional manufacturing method is unstable
because the surface potential is accompanied by the charge transfer iK in the vicinity of the
surface and in the inside, causing attenuation. Especially in the early stage, the attenuation is
large and unstable. The conventional manufacturing method is as described below. That is, as
shown in FIG. 1, the upper mold & 2 and the lower electrode 3 are disposed in the inside and
part of the thermostatic chamber 1, and the material of the electret, for example, Then put.
Alternatively, as shown in FIG. 2, only the upper side 11 & 2 is disposed apart from the polymer
film 4 inside the thermostatic bath l. Then, the upper electrode 2 and the lower electrode 3 are
connected to the positive electrode and the negative electrode of the DC high voltage power
supply 5, respectively. The temperature inside the heating chamber and the voltage between the
electrodes 2 and 3 are added to this as shown in the temperature and voltage program diagram
shown in FIG. In the third section, the horizontal axis is time, the left vertical axis-voltage, right?
The i & axis indicates the temperature, the solid line indicates the program of blood powder for
the hot pad, and the point toughness indicates the program for the voltage. In the initial stage of
electret manufactured in this manner, the surface position decreased as described above and was
unstable. The present invention relates to manufacturing force for obtaining a thermal electret
stable in the table ifI′′t L. Also in the case of the manufacturing method of the present
invention, as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, the electret material, for example, the polymer film Fi, is
closely held between the upper mold & 2 and the lower electrode 3 Alternatively, the upper
electrode 2 is disposed slightly apart 1. The upper electrode 2 and the lower 1III electrode
3EndPage: 1 are respectively connected to the positive electrode and the negative electrode of
the high voltage power supply 5 of several KV. The temperature and voltage of the material 4 are
the program shown in 41i 11? One of the In FIG. 4, the scale of each axis, the laughing edge and
the curve of the dotted line indicate the same shade as in FIG. That is, the temperature is
maintained at 15007 from normal temperature. This is the same as the conventional example
shown in FIG. Next, it cools to normal temperature. In the course of this, the application of the DC
voltage of several XV is stopped, and the DC voltage of the reverse polarity is applied. The
applied voltage of reverse polarity is lower than the applied voltage of polarization, for example,
about several 100 V, and application is carried out for a short period of time until the cooling
temperature reaches normal temperature. The application of voltage is stopped and the
temperature is cooled to room temperature to complete the manufacture of the electret.
As described above, when electric power production of reverse polarity is completed only for an
appropriate short time in the course of cooling to room temperature by applying the W
temperature and high voltage of the present invention, only the table near the electret and stable
electric charge is obtained. The decrease and decrease of the counter potential is very small.
Thus, according to the present invention, a stable electret can be obtained.
4, Brief description of the drawings Figures 1 and 2! 28. Is a diagram showing the
arrangement of a constant temperature bath, an electrode, and a material used in the
manufacture of electrets, a third diagram is a program diagram of temperature and voltage
showing a conventional manufacturing method, and a diagram is an electret fabrication
according to the present invention. It is a program chart of the warmth and pressure of the
method 1 in 1 (-t !! Hot pine, 2 is the upper electrode, 3 is the lower electrode. 4 Fi electret
material, 5 ore @ stream high voltage power supply 0 agent patent attorney Fushi Ai Ai-Hik 6,
other than the above inventor-child-place 22 22 no. 2
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