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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional views of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 3 and FIGS. 3a and 3b are explanatory diagrams showing the operating state of the
same speaker, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker
according to the present invention, FIG. 6 is a top view of a diaphragm used for the speaker, and
FIG. 7 is a characteristic comparison diagram of the conventional speaker and the speaker
according to the present invention. is there. 23 ... diaphragm, 26 ... notch, 21 ... damping material,
30 ... voice coil, 35.36 ... damper, 39 ... magnetic circuit. -57-real opening 49-88725 (2) Fig. 3 Cα
la (b) Fig. 23-58-actual opening 49-88725 (3) Fig. 7 circumference 5 skin east-59-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
using dome-shaped vibration @ltP, wherein the provision of 41 is to prevent the occurrence of
weight resonance, and the provision of the 11th and 2nd NK conventional loudspeakers. Show
pipe. The first one is a speaker in which the JII moving plate has a cone shape, and it is bonded to
the plate 1JP and the pole attached play) 2 and is composed of nine madanes and three to form
an image air air -4 in the field am- Damper 6 sP, work. It is suspended and held by a cone 8
having a slip 1. ・ Magnetic field i of the field section which is composed of plate 11 and plate
12 with pole and magnet 13 in the example of 7 frames, 1 o dust blue routine, 2nd cabinet
speaker with dome shape 2) ! The voice coil 16 is held by the dampers 16 and 17 in 114, and a
sound shape 18 having a dome shape is joined to the bobbin 19 of the voice coil 16. A 20 Fi
baffle plate 21 is a cover for vibration aI plate maintenance. Now, when a signal is applied and
the Pois Sile 6, 18 KW # flows, the voice coil δ, 16 is driven, and the driving force is transmitted
through the voice fill bobbin tube to the work plate 8.18. The situation is shown at 85g (a, bK. By
the way, in the case of the cone-shaped II 鋤 1 shown by the 11th VK, the driving force spreads
from the setting machine of the cone 8 to the next fang, or in the case of the dome-shaped cara
118 shown in FIG. The dome center IBK is transmitted from the periphery of the dome to the
next issue, and in order to make the sound reproduction tube excellent, the dome swing rod 1aFi
high Young's modulus is often made of a material that generally has a high Young's modulus
Therefore, the mechanical force is small or many 1 / 1-3. Therefore, the driving force is
concentrated near the center of the dome, so if it is high f-number in this part, split resonance
occurs and high-order high e # There is a disadvantage that I distortion is likely to occur. In order
to prevent this split resonance, as shown in the fourth island, in the case of a loudspeaker having
a dome-shaped vibration rod 18, a large mechanical loss near the top of the dome-shaped
vibration 1i 118 is a damping material 22 such as urethane foam. Although the yj method is
adopted to reduce the occurrence of high pressure loss, it is necessary to use a large amount or 1
m of material to prevent the occurrence of tubes completely resonating. However, it is difficult
for the split resonance to occur more effectively because the vibration system mass is increased
and there is a disadvantage such as pressure buildup or lower. The present invention eliminates
the above-mentioned extravagant defects in the invention.
One example of a leather device is shown in FIG. 6 # 4, and its upper surface 114 is shown in
FIG. The dome 1 base plate 23 is bonded to the voice coil bobbin 26 at WkI 郁 24 in its spine. A
portion near the 41 portion of the dome portion of the vibration 818251 is cut out, and a
damping material 27 made of a urethane foam material having a large mechanical loss is bonded
and sealed in the cut portion 26. このため、ドーム! Between the front surface 28 and the back
surface 29 of the moving plate 23, there is nothing to do with the notch 2e. In the speaker
having the choreograph 23 of such a structure, when the ha force is transmitted to the vibrator
23 by the voice coil 30, the beak to the center in the next issue from the driving force 11,.
Hmmm, even if the force is concentrated ★ even in the central part, it is anodized with the large
material of the mechanical force, so the dome vibration m 23 constant division in the central part
due to the concentration of 1 swelling force J # can or ← Since the occurrence of high-dispersion
due to this n is extremely small and 1 this method has a smaller 1111 dynamic effect with a
smaller amount of damping material than the case of the fourth method without a notch.
Therefore, the sound wave characteristics of the speaker of Q by the speaker shown by 本 ス ピ
カ ス ピ ー カ 大 き な 大 き な 大 き な 大 き な 大 き な 大 き な 大 き な 大 き なAnd show the
dreadful character of misery. Note that the speaker end 6 in FIG. 6 and FIG. 6 is suspended by the
dampers 36 and 36 in the sgN space 1ij 34 of the magnetic port # + 39 formed of the plate 31
and the plate 32 ° with a ball 32 °. t voice coil 30 is held-37 バ baffle, 3 · ド ー ム is a dome
cover of the diaphragm. As described above, since the speaker of the present proposal is
configured, it is possible to reduce the all @ vibration with a simple configuration, stabilize the
characteristics (2 is measured, high fidelity reproduction or IJ 馳 and so on Negative in what
makes it excellent, Il! It is a great book of practical value. 4. Brief description of the drawingsSection 1 、, Section 2 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional speaker, 3 鍼 a, b show the
operation of the same speaker 1ainv, Fig. 4 shows a cross-section of another conventional
speaker -, The sixth section is -1 of the speaker of the present 1 plan! Example tube Crosssectional view of tube, Fang 6 Figure is a top view of diaphragm used for the same speaker, and
図 is a characteristic ratio of the conventional speaker and the speaker of the present invention
628 , Notch, 27. 6 0. Damping material, 3 o, ..., voice coil, 3! S、861911. Damper,
89. ,,, magnetic circuit.
Name of the protagonist 4P Toshio Nakao and 1 other person □ □ '' 111179 °! 824 l 2 W J
'82 ° / 9 tr /', ..., Mr. ~ 'G □-72 s 14 also Mr. local Toshio Nakao, aa 725 /, and other 11' 3
Figure n ·) r α) (b) 笛, ム7/22 口 1, ""-5 Figure 382 □ Figure 6 昭-f 舷 393 393 θ 舛 7 and the
name of the agent 瑠 Toshio Nakao V: 3, + C, 7 /, other 1 @ Figure 7 Sound III liquid Toho 4! Sex
voice 泉 間; 皮 迫 生 ′ − 拐-拐 ± 瓢 瑞 agent name lawyer 敏 中 8 8, 8, B '? Other than 25 years
other citrus 61ii + other traders and agents (1) contractor 11 j · [Osaka + f chomonshin city
human letter gate 1006 address 公 a 器 器 器 器 器 industrial equipment company in-house
power Da Asahi 11 t Oka 1) Makoto (2) Agent 1 · r Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City University '?
Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (61;) 2) Patent attorney Shigeno Shigeno Y
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