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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an example of a
conventional mixing circuit, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are embodiments of the mixing circuit of the
present invention. A, B и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ... Variable resistors, VRrn 1, VRm 2 ..... ?MW variable resistors, VRn
1 s VRn 2... N-type variable resistors, 1, 3... Fixed terminals, 2. и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Output terminal, R1,
R2 ... resistance. ??? 133-133 ? ? 49-92751 (2) One "one ="-=-II---M--one? ?ll и 7 иии. , 5B11
1-1. 134-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION A mixing-path configured to provide good signal
conduit output from a plurality of signal sources using a resistive-path network has been widely
known in the art. IK1 Figure 2 shows an example configuration of 2 011 odd source system, 1 to
O ? ? t mixing 9 conventional configuration 1 ilc O electronic pumping 2 circuit ? In the
figure, ? is one signal source, B ?Another ten thousand signal sources, U butterfly use-Path Mix
mixing. In the first circuit shown in the above, the slide circuit of the variable resistor in the
mixing circuit is slide-adjusted to adjust the utilization circuit UK to the mixing circuit that
becomes A according to the position of the variable resistor vRO slider. In order to be able to
supply a signal from a signal source, it is necessary that in the mixing circuit w1x according to
the circuit arrangement shown in FIG. There is a disadvantage that i can transmit only the signal
from the signal source, or only the signal from the signal source B, for use-path UK. That is, in the
first path arrangement 11 shown in FIG. R1) Zero resistance value is equal, 9 is a resistance
between the variable resistor vrto slider 2 and the terminal 1 IRO 1 The resistance between the
slider 2 and the terminal 3 is ?, the slider 2 is variable When located at the center of the
variable resistance range of the resistor ? [Thinking 3 above, the above-mentioned O resistances
1a Nkl are represented as Ph === pond and Raw blood, so in the above case, the mixing signal
button K is a signal source It is a mixed signal n at a signal ?? of a signal source, a signal
source B ? signal [present], and a port 4?bot1: 1 OX. In the case where 1 variable resistor
TR10 slider 2 is moved to terminal 3, for example, it is necessary that the mixing signal ec which
is applied to this O pigeon K is originally only signal ? without including signal ebb at all. 1 [0
KSZ during Sing signal-in 15a (Rh + Ra) eb-ha @-(1) x * eb% mixed as shown in the above
equation (1) is mixed. The slider 2 of the variable resistor 2 is moved to the variable resistor @
VRO-10,000 fixed terminal, for example, the terminal SK so that the mixing signal 6c consists
almost of only the signal from the signal source in the round field. It is necessary to make the
resistance NLI very large or the resistance very small under conditions of J J, 4 4 and Ram R b 0
which are excellent in the above equation (1). is there. Therefore, Il! 1) By the adjustment of the
slider of the variable resistor @ VX in the circuit arrangement shown in the figure), the signal
source 0, the signal source 10, the signal source 10, the signal eby and the mixing ratio ls' 8a:
e11? 1: O to-: 6b == 0: lfi Continuously variable between ? 9 K as in the above O1 ? ? ? ?
? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? O O O O O O O use small If you want to use a very high h4o1
resistance value as a 1N 9 company variable resistor ? 7 is required.
However, in general consumer aS, etc., the signal source to be subjected to squirting O has an
output impedance of one 8i! Since the O value is not unified to 0410, mixing-use of the channel
Mix) to satisfy the above conditions, K is each signal source. The other 5 xingoo road, and 11 and
9 are suitable impedance transformations between the sing circuit and the utilization circuit
during t! It is necessary to set up the I, and it has the disadvantage that the cost is expensive, and
it is twisted when using% between the signal sources having different belief source impedance
tubes, Variable resistance + 1i Iv RO 1 U 6 ? I I [[[[@ @ @ @ @ @ @ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. The present invention makes the slider O all 1 alli
angle [a half of 0 corresponds to a portion with very low resistance and resistance change
characteristic blind ^, and the remaining O half corresponds to the rotation angle of the slider. So
as to exhibit predetermined resistance change characteristics, so-called Mall, Mgt D ** resistors
ti-resistors t-xing gou and by 7), as mentioned above 9 o ? The contents will be described with
reference to the attached drawing m, which is a round one provided by Jushi. ?????? 11
and FIG. 5 are schematic diagrams showing the different embodiments of the prior plan O! In II,
B is a signal source, Ra and D are output numbers in each saving source, 1 is an output
impedance in ?, ? is a mean path, ? is a use path, f 9, 1 is a gold-turn angle go The fixed
terminal 1ullO half is made a variable resistor, i is a variable resistor MIIO variable amount, the
gold is 1111 rotation angle O circle, Ijil fixed terminal s @) e half is made a variable resistor, a
circle, so-called Mgt) It is a variable resistor. In the embodiment shown in FIG. 6 @ 2 and FIG. 6
shown in FIG. 6, the M-type O variable resistor 11 VIhoj is designed so that the output signal
from the O compensation source can be given to the O measurement terminal easily. , The fixed
terminal 1 of the sled is grounded and the variable resistor of the summer type is made K so that
the output signal from the other signal source 1 is given to the constant terminal l of the
terminal, and the fixed terminal 6 is It is grounded. In the second illustrated embodiment-in the
road-MiilO1! IJ variable resistor ? ml or slider 2 ore 4f anti-RI via the output end +4, also Nfi
variable resistance @ V! InlO slider 2 is a resistance ml through one terminal l :! II has been
followed. First, in the third illustrated O embodiment in the orchid road, the wing-shaped O
variable resistance S 2 mlO slider 2 is a fixed contact aK contact of Li Yin O variable resistor ?-,
so variable resistance @ (1) The mlO slider 2 is connected to the output end +4 via the abovedescribed O variable squeeze O variable resistor (2).
Likewise, M @ IQ variable resistance S10 slider 2 butterfly, Mll usable resistor 11 or 01ll
constant contact IK connected, variable resistor V! The In1O slider 2 has an output of 1 Km
terminal 4 Km via the aforementioned variable resistor ?rh20 slider 2t ? of M] S11. It is
continued and vh ?. The mixing circuit Km- of the above-mentioned nine inventions, and each
possible lK! Since all the resistors ? ml, ? ml, ? -9 ? lie, etc. are configured to be interlocked,
the sliders 2 of each variable resistor ? ml, ? ml are now just within the full rotation angle. In
the central case, the KJ mixing-path MiX () output signal ?C is such that the signal ? of the
signal source and the signal source NO number ab have a l: uo matching ratio. Also, if each
variable resistor ? m 1-h 10 slider 2 is moved to each variable resistor ? ml,-ICI III constant
ladder S and 9 if there is a conflict, ? mxval force ?-is from the signal source O Output signalonly, 1 each variable resistor 9111J1ml-10 slider 2 is moved each fixed resistor Ik of variable
resistor ? m1, ? ml rounding, mixing ? path MixO output signal is "signal" Source 3 to 0
output compensation и 10 only. Possible resistance l1lO Slider 2o position is as described above
lIO middle middle 0 o place o place-, depending on the position of the slide 2, the o output signal
from the B signal source, eto ringing ratio It is not 8 to say. M-type and N-type variable resistors
used in Xingu road Mix # P ? ? m1--1 resistance change characteristics of the variable ring
1i11K with respect to one rotation angle, so-called logarithmic change characteristics such as socalled M-type In the case where the value 40 is 40, the resistance element R1, which is fixed
between the slider 2 of each variable resistor -1 and -1 and the output end +4, as in the second
illustrated O% f% path. Although R2 may be provided, the change characteristic of resistance
value against the rotation angle fK in the resistance variable ring 8 of M type, l type variable
resistor ? ml, VRIII has a linear change characteristic like so-called 1131 M. As shown in the
figure, the variation characteristic tube giving a variation characteristic amount of the amount of
life to match the characteristics of human O sense is the same as the embodiment shown in FIG.
3 with the slider 2 of each variable resistor VRml, 'fmys 1 Each variable resistor between the
output terminal +4. vRn2t ? ? provided, and all the above 9 WJ variable resistors ?. 'Rk2. ?
Make j and l work together. It should be noted that if variable resistors 1 ml, V ks 1 and eggs 1 1
n 2 are set as shown in Fig. S, it is possible to reduce the amount of change in impedance seen by
the other tube from 10 thousand to 9 in each channel. The profit is also obtained.
As described above in detail, it is clear that the mixing of the present invention-Mll as a variable
resistor to be used in the mixing (b) path, as will be apparent from the following. Summer ilO
variable resistor t1 @ w), various problems O which can be said to occur in the mixing-path of the
conventional example described above O mixing-path kl'lK can be obtained 9 is also O, this book
According to the invention, it is possible to provide the mixing circuit with excellent
characteristics at a low cost, which is very effective for industrial and practical use.
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