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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of the
present invention when used in a double-dunk bar slider, the second tooth is a longitudinal crosssectional view of the present invention when used in a threadcage speaker, Fig. 3 is a
longitudinal sectional view showing an example of a conventional skiker, Fig. 4 is an enlarged
sectional view of an essential part of the embodiment shown in Figs. 1 and 2, and Fig. 5 is a
second drawing of the skica according to the present invention. FIG. 6 is an enlarged sectional
view of an essential part of a third embodiment of the same speaker, and FIG. 7 is an enlarged
sectional view of an essential part of the fourth embodiment of the same speaker. In the figure,
reference numeral 1 is a diaphragm, 3 is a voice coil, 4at 4b is a damper, 6 is a diaphragm
peripheral portion, 7 is an edge, 8a is a yoke, 9as 9bt 9c is an inserter, 10t10a, 10b is a gap, 11
is a gap. Threads 15 respectively indicate columns. (I) 81-actual opening 49-g 3235 (2) hanging
c 3 foil 7M-82-
[Detailed description of the invention] * The speaker * is a speaker, in particular, the edge around
the diaphragm skins the improved speaker. The edge around the diaphragm of the speaker
always holds the diaphragm on the center ring of the speaker, and when the vibration #i slides,
the baffle action of -1 reduces the sound wave of antiphase after the moving plate @ J Therefore,
this edge has the role of a large power of 1E: goodness or badness of the speaker, such as 7
(“1” characteristic, low 廿 characteristic, etc. It has a drawback that it is simmering by an anticorruption wave from a plate tube side supporting part, etc., and it is easy to produce IL + and
valleys in the midrange region in the midrange region. (1) In addition, the support of the edge
becomes -Jln and the bass co-shooting cycle number becomes high, and the electrodynamic of
the bass reproduction is commanded. Therefore, in order to reduce bad habits due to reflected
waves, the concept of the free end of the shooting board is increased as a so-called free edge in
the v19 speaker. As the material of the edge, cloth 1-Mart Brenpe sponge rubber, soft skin, etc.,
which are large in size → large in size and large in internal loss, are used to support the vibration
system of the speaker as softly as possible to reduce stiffness. I have to polish. However, if the
vibration system is made too soft, the shape retention property will be deformed and it will cause
side digging and it will be distorted and the diaphragm will come out of the correct position and
the abnormal sound will be emitted while the moon is passing through. There is a drawback to
doing. As it is very confusing to make these problems by the edge of the structure shown in the
conventional FIG. Other methods, such as a so-called two-ring damper method, a threading lever,
etc. have been devised. According to such a method, the edge can only make a powerful action on
the car, and the inertia can be increased, and the shadow j due to the father, the reflected wave,
etc. can be compared (2) less. However, it is the present situation that even in the various
systems of these conventional axes, the result which should be added to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks can not be obtained. The present invention has been made to overcome
the above-mentioned disadvantages. Therefore, the purpose of the present invention is to make
the mobile version so-called free edge, and to make one side of this edge not be one-by-one. By
having it in mind, good hearing in medium and low tones is to provide a loudspeaker. The
invention will now be described according to the embodiment shown in the attached drawings.
Figures 1 and 2 show a practical example of the invention according to a 2t damper type speaker
and a threadcage type speaker by 1a; + 1 pair in total 7f, and the figure shows 1) A gift and a
voice coil (3) attached to the center (12) after the center (12) Consisting of two straight lines by
L1 dampers (4a) and (4b) It is inserted in).
-@ Inter-plate side part 6) (G, made of cloth, etc., I-shaped [·] edge (7) through the yoke part of the
front part light 1 of the support + HH through the edge (7) It is to be noted here that it is
embedded in the gap (t) formed between the two interleavers (9g) and (9h) provided in (8α) + 71. As clearly shown in the enlarged view of the main part in f'i FIG. 4, the diaphragm peripheral
portion (6) is not fixed but held with a slight margin in the intermittent bite. It is a point that is
nine. Interposition (9 tL), (9 h) cloth. It is a good idea that it is made of a complementary material
such as felt, sponge, rubber, and coffee. In the threading method at the 2nd t-line, a Nakasutogashi body is fixed at the tip of the anchorage fixed at the center of the 1st ring (ii). A plurality
of springs (2) respectively connected to a plurality of yarns a1 whose one end is fixed to an end
portion (6) of the intermediate body d1 at a d edge of the S plate peripheral portion (6) There is.
The other same reference numerals indicate the same members as in FIG. 1, and so on. 5 to 7I
are enlarged sectional views of an essential part showing one example of the right of the speaker
according to the present invention. In the case of FIGS. 5 and 7 south, an intermediate insert (9c)
is provided between the inner insert (9cL) and the outer insert (9h). Two coughs (IQtL), (106)
and (4) are formed. Therefore, it is as shown in the figure that the tip of the diaphragm
peripheral portion (6) held in the gap is divided in two. And 6th and 7e! In the case of l, a
practical example is shown in which the flat end is made. The present invention is configured as
described above, and according to the present J '#, the tip of the edge (7) of the side of the
diaphragm is not fixed to the yoke (88). There is an advantage that the size is extremely large
and the stiffness is ideally reduced. Also, when it is determined that the interpersonal gap aQ or
(1051) (10 mm is a few millimeters 4 F #), the air in this period exhibits the nature of the socalled fluid 1- It is possible to use the viscosity resistance of the diaphragm so that the individual
parts around the diaphragm are uniformly mixed (Iili without reason) and the cedar cedar 1 +such as the opposite wave in the middle range is extremely small and the good medium sound
characteristics You are here. Furthermore, since the 父, ll N N N N N N N N N N N N 音 4 4 4 4 4
ル バ ッ フ ル バ ッ フ ル バ ッ フ ル バ ッ フ ル バ ッ フ ルRu. 4, 11g detailed description of the
drawings Fig. 1 is a speaker of the present invention with a 2-in-1 damper system, a longitudinal
sectional view in the case of using (5), Fig. 2 shows a speaker lc # of this system !
3 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an example of the conventional speaker, FIG. 4 is a
view of @ 1 · · · 1 and Fig. 2 (4 parts enlarged sectional view of the actual N example, 5 + 11i !
Figure 4 is an enlarged view of an essential part of the embodiment of IE2 of the speaker
according to the present invention, Figure 6 is the third 4 of the speaker! FIG. 7 is a crosssectional view of the embodiment of the present invention. FIG. In the figure, the staff number (1)
is the diaphragm, (3) voice coil, (4a), (46) damper, (6) peripheral part of the imaging tank; 7) is
the edge, (8a) ) Is the yoke, (") = (")-(9C) + 1 j insert, i3. (10h, (40h) shows an intermittent, al
shows a thread, and (d) shows a support, respectively. Utility model registration founder 噸 實 外
噸 實 ・ 未 ・ 弁 Shoji Oikawa (6) foil 1m foil 2 Fig. 3aa, 77'7 /, "/ 1I 51 φ · 316 feather 74" b 8
° "mowing 8.1 ° ,. 3b 桔 3 Figure 73 / 2'g 3235 8 8 @ button 椿 4 Figure 5 hanging, &. 771vI6
Figure pile 7M089 ""-IQ et al. / 7/7! One-bi month 1-M * tor * tflK concentration 7 l in l tato miso
(埋 ヘ キ r r · 1 ・ 2 ′ ′,-
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