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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing a part of an
audio device according to the present invention. 1a is an input terminal for a main signal such as
a front left signal, 1b is an input terminal for a secondary signal such as a rear left signal, 2at 2b
is a tone control circuit, 3a and 3b are amplifiers, 6a and 6b are level adjusting means, and 4a is
a main speaker , 4b is a secondary Sbieka, 5 is another Sbieka, and 7a to 7e are changeover
switches interlocked with each other. (1-
【Detailed description of the invention】 Production's Ministry applies to 4 channels 2 costumes
and is a pregnant one, 4 channel loudspeakers for example in the living room l, and this (2
separate speakers in another room 〆 If 1? You can adjust the sound and electric power of the
speakers in the living room and the speakers in room 51j up and down so that the two speakers
in one living room and the two O speakers in another room operate simultaneously. It is
something to lend to each other. An example of Fig. 11 Ililil will be used to explain an example of
this 茶 本 茶, but this Fig. 1 is an example of L of the sound and electricity of the 4-channel stereo
set, for example, only 1 miserch between the front left and the back left. Occasionally, the
connection relationship is omitted since the front cloth back and the right back signal are
configured in the same way as in this figure. In the figure, (la) is the main signal input terminal,
(lb) is the sub-signal input ladder, and in a 4-channel stereo device, one child (1 m) is the
previous left i.x., three child (lb) Is the one corresponding to the human power of the rear left
signal. (A) and CB) are amplification yarns for the main signal (Sm) + subsignal (8b), respectively.
(2) (2a) and (2b) are tone control circuits, (3a) and (3b) are main and auxiliary amplifiers, and
(4a) is a main speaker. (4b) is a sub-speaker and these are distributed, for example, in the living
room. Also, (5) is a separate speaker, and the living room is injected into a part room of the
mosquito 11. Each level is equipped with level adjusting means, ie, volumes (6a) and (6b). In the
figure, the volumes (6a) and (6b) are respectively inserted into the input fills of the tone control
circuits (2a) and (2b). Of course, it may be provided in the amplifiers (3a) and (3b). (7a) to (7f) 7
are respectively switching switches interlocking with each other, so that a rotary screw inch can
generally be used. According to the cause, one with 5 contacts is used. In order to make the
explanation convenient, the five contact points resist 'Ef's a, b, c, d and e from the top. When one
set of audio equipment W shown in the drawings is used for so-called two channels, one speaker
(4a) can be operated as a main and stiff amplifier (3m) (3b) '. In order to use Svc, it is necessary
to use an amplifier having a phase such as 180 ° in phase with the input phase (3) as each
amplifier, and the output of amplification i (3a) is increased. Voltages are divided and supplied
simultaneously to the human body of the cover (3b) with the relays (8a) and (8b).
Congratulate on the action of history. (Sa) (Sb) (Curve 10,000 right and Back Manaishi are not
supplied with light 8 if they are supplied 1c) Then, switches (73) to (7f) (referred to simply as
switch (7) below bl) are switched to the potential of a point (a). Sinter is fine bone ("a) vi volume
(6a)-)-control circuit (2a)-amplifier (3a)-switch (7a) contact (Jl)-speaker (4a)-switch (7b) )
Through the contacts (a), and make the speaker (4a) t-action. -Contact point (a) of the switch 111
(%) L (Sb) u-X ys (7c)-Control point (2) of the volume (6b)-)-Control (2b)-Switch (7d)-Contact (a)Amplifier (3b)-through the contacts (a) of the switch (7e) to operate the secondary speaker (4b)
π supply ζ n, this. Therefore, in this case, the ink can be operated as a 4-channel stereo. (4)
When switching the switch (71) to the contact (b) K, each contact (b) is a play, and in this case,
neither speaker will make one coin. When switch (7) is switched to contact point (C), the output
of amplification 5 (3a) (contact point (c) of one switch (7a)-contact point (C) of switch (7f) to
another speaker (51) 5 On the other hand, it does not operate at all for the widening yarn (B).
Therefore, only another speaker (5) is operated in this state, and the volume is adjusted with the
volume (6a). Next, when the switch (7) is switched to the contact (d) K, the output 7X1 of the
amplifier (3a) is connected to the contact (d) of the switch (7a)-the speaker (4a)-the contact (d) of
the switch (7b) It is connected to the output side of the amplifier (3b) through the contact (d) of
the switch (7e). In this case, the input @ π of the amplifier (3b) is supplied with the output-side
signal of the amplifier (3a) through the contact point (d) of the switch (7d), and thus the output
waveform of the amplifier (3b) Is 180 ° out of phase with that of the amplifier (31), so that the
amplifier (3a) (3b) eventually supplies the so-called push-pull output to the speaker (4a). Work
on a large output and drive (5) (speaking). Next, when the switch (7) is switched to the contact
point (e), the human power-child (la) is ED caro; the signal% (Sa) 'fLi' W width system (A) is added
to the speaker (4) Supplied. In this case, the signal (Sa) for marking the mark I for the input and
forceps (1g) is the contact (e) of the switch (7c)-volume (6b)-tone control o-/ I / tOJm (2b) Saddle point (e) of the switch (7d)-Amplitude 5 (3b)-Contact point (e) of the switch (7f) All
speakers and another speaker!
51 K supplied-operate this 9-. That is, the speaker (4a) is placed on the amplification # (A),
amplification system CB) V = and another speaker (51! i? Each production ≦ 、, and in this
combination sound of each pickling system 1h, it is possible to work on the threatened volumes
(6a) and (6b) and set # 4 regardless of the other amplification yarn lcI writing It can. The above
explanation will be made about Alf of the transmission system of the magazine previous issue left
and back left communication, but it is possible to configure @ universal communication and rear
right transmission system as well as this figure, and each switch L left channel and right Since
the channels can be interlocked with each other, the description thereof is omitted. As described
above, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, a speaker having a
separate speaker (5) is provided in a separate room in addition to the conventional 4-channel
stereo mounting system (6). The feature is that it has an Al1 tongue with no gap in the volume of
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