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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a bolt
tightened Langevin type vibrator according to the present invention. 1 ...... electrostrictive
element, la ...... inner surface, 2a, 2bE metal block of the first 謔 Q, 5 & ...... blind threaded holes, 6
...... Clamping E: Body part 7: Clamping bolt t · · · An insulating layer of hard synthetic resin
integrally formed on the body part. −177−
[Detailed description of the invention] A bolted annular Langevin type vibrator is formed by
laminating a broken lead piezoelectric zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramic plate mechanically
in series and electrically in parallel via a terminal plate. Depending on the required or required
output of a pair of electro-electrostrictive elements, the laminated body is made into two or more
groups, a pair of metal blocks are in contact with their upper and lower surfaces, and the inner
surface of the electrostrictive element group is tightened. Although they are integrally fastened
by bolts (1), there is a problem in the insulation between the fastening bolts and the
electrostrictive element group. That is, since the above-mentioned fastening is performed by a
single fastening bolt inserted through the inner diameter surface of the electrostrictive element
group, the outer peripheral surface of the joining block of the double-head surface having a
smaller rigidity than the central electrostrictive element group It is designed to be as large as
possible because it is difficult to apply a uniform pressure to the entire surface of the
electrostrictive element group because distortion tends to occur in the direction away from the
contact eye element and thus it is conventionally between the clamping bolt and the
electrostrictive element In the insulation of the above, an insulating pipe made of an elastic
synthetic resin, rubber or the like was covered on the opposite surface of the electrostrictive
element of the tightening bolt. Since the strain element group exhibits strong ultrasonic vibration
during operation, the electrostrictive element often deviates in the direction perpendicular to the
axis, and a thin metal terminal plate is formed on the surface of the tightening bolt. If there is a
risk of cutting into an insulation layer of the elastic material which has been cut and cutting the
insulation and causing serious cuts, there is a risk of cutting and shorting. The clamping bolt of
this type of electrostrictive vibrator is a cylinder facing the inner diameter surface of the
electrostrictive element group If the outer diameter of the screw is equal to or slightly smaller
than the diameter of the bottom of the screw (A, the concentrated load near the end of the screw
is eliminated by K to increase mechanical strength and reduce mass. Means to suppress harmful
secondary resonance is particularly effective, but in this case, the bolt body requiring insulation
must be smaller in diameter than the screw on the end face and the insulation of synthetic resin,
rubber, etc. Especially heat-shrinkable synthetic resin is inserted because it is difficult to insert
the pipe In this case, not only is it difficult to form an insulating layer of a desired thickness in
this case, but also the insulating layer itself is soft as well as before. The risk of damage due to
the biting of the thin metal terminal plate due to strong ultrasonic vibration during operation was
inevitable. The present invention solves the above-mentioned drawbacks, and a concave
embodiment will be described below. In FIG. 1, l represents an electrostrictive element made of
lead zirconate titanate-based porcelain, and mechanically polarized a pair of annular piezoelectric
porcelains a, 2b in series, electrically (3) pneumatically in parallel , And − are stacked
concentrically on the positive polarity side via the annular metal terminal plate 3 similarly, η is
the first metal block to be in contact with one negative side of the electrostrictive element l, j A
second metal block in contact with the other end face of the strain element /, 6 is formed in the
contact surface of the electrostrictive element / inward with the electrostrictive element l of the
11th second metal block. i shows a clamping screw comprising princess screws aa, + b screwed
with screw holes 4Za, ja and an electrostrictive element l clamped by an 11th first metal blocker,
j, in this case electrostrictive element l The outer diameter of the body 6C located at the inner
diameter 1 flla is made equal to the valley diameter of the male screws 4a and 4b at the inner
end. And from it a slightly smaller diameter, fastened at the male thread 4h.
The concentrated stress at the end of 6b is relieved and strong fastening is possible, and the
amount of electric power is reduced to suppress harmful secondary resonance, but the springloaded element is large or it has a particularly strong fastening force. If necessary, the outer
diameters of the body portions t and c may be equal to the peak diameter of the male screws 4a
and 4b. (G) Next, 7 is an insulating member between the inner diameter surface of the
electrostrictive element 1 and the body 6C of the tightening bolt, and in the present invention, a
hard thermoplastic or thermosetting resin is formed by a known injection molding or hot
pressing method. The synthetic resin used in this case is hard, heat resistant, and water
absorbent, and it is integrally molded in an annular contact on the body 6c of the tightening bolt
so that the outer diameter is loosely fitted to the inner diameter surface of the electrostrictive
element l. Nylon resins and epoxy resins containing glass fibers, which are suitably selected from
those having a low rate and excellent electrical insulation, but are particularly called reinforced
plastics, are preferable. A screw hole SC provided at the upper end of the second metal block j in
the drawing is for screwing with an ultrasonic wave irradiation horn (not shown). As described
above, the bolt-clamped Langevin type vibrator according to the present invention is integrally
inserted with hard plastic on the body of the tightening bolt located on the inner diameter
surface of the electrostrictive element to form an insulating layer, and is inserted into the
electrostrictive element during operation. Even if the terminal plate is displaced and its inner
diameter surface abuts on the insulating layer, the insulating layer is not damaged as in the prior
art, and conversely, the insulating layer constitutes an electrostrictive element. There is an
excellent effect of concentrically holding the piezoelectric ceramic and the terminal plate. In the
above embodiment, the insulating layer for the body is the most preferable embodiment in the
bolt-clamped Langevin type imaging element, that is, even in the case where the body of the
tightening bolt has a diameter equal to that of the external thread valley of both ends. Although it
may be shown that hard synthetic resin can be integrally attached without being restricted by the
radially protruding threads at the upper and lower ends, the body portion of the tightening bolt
is especially equal to the external thread valley diameter and the danger is There is nothing
wrong with it.
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