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2, inventor's address, 9-52 52, Nishinomiya-Fubuharacho, Hyogo Pref. 'Hei- Co., Ltd. 4, List of
attached documents and description of invention
High-power ultrasonic sound generator
Detailed Description of the Invention There are eight types of ultrasonic wave generation
methods. One is a method of directly converting electric vibration energy into mechanical
vibration energy using a magnetostrictive material or an electrostrictive material. The present
invention is a method according to the present invention which is a method of vibrating the
atmosphere by means of a cylindrical structure, and it is an object of the present invention to
obtain a sound generator that generates ultrasonic waves with a large output in the atmosphere.
Conventionally, Hartmann is known as a sound generator for this bridge. This is opposed to the
cylindrical fumarole and the cylindrical resonator. However, in order to increase the frequency
with this ax, it is necessary to narrow the aperture of the fumarolic turtle and resonator, or if the
aperture is narrowed, there is a mutually contradictory drawback that the acoustic output
decreases. In order to increase the sound output, it is necessary to install a large number of small
power rods, which tends to make the device large and complicated. The present invention solves
this problem and the following examples illustrate the invention. In FIG. 1 and FIG. S, I is $ P, and
l is a sound generator main body, and the upper part and the lower part are formed into horns 1a
and 1b. In the central portion of the main body 1, a folded piece 2.8 which is bent in the inward
direction of the main body forms an elongated one-step ring. The main body is bent outward at
the opposing position of the gap C, and the supporting wall 6 of the resonator described later is
formed. A long cover 6 having a U-shaped cross section is attached to the main body IK so as to
surround the gap. And the space 7 which forms the lid 6 constitutes a pressure chamber.
EndPage: 1-, sd * mWCIIf rm't) * gate 1 “1106 resonator, screwed to the support wall 6 of the
main body 1 so that the distance from the gap can be adjusted - The opening at both ends of the
main body and the lid 6 is closed by a rubber pad 11 [--a holding plate IL18 interposed. The
holding plates IL18 on both sides are fastened to one body side by the connecting rod 14 and the
nut 16. The pressure plate 181C is provided with a compressed air blowing port 16 $ for feeding
the compressed air into the pressure chamber formed by the lid 6 $. In the above apparatus,
when compressed air is blown from the blow port 16, air-air appropriately diffused and reduced
pressure in the pressure chamber 7 is spouted at high speed toward the recess of the resonator
from the blowhole age. Therefore, the distance between the resonance 11s and the ejection hole
is appropriately knitted. In the case of compression, a compressional wave is generated by the
Hartmann's principle, and it is diffused and emitted to the air by the horn portion 1 m% lbK. In
this case, according to the sound generator of the present invention, since the fumarolic sound is
emitted, the same effect J as arranging the Hartmann's beak of small output substantially in a
large number-row!
As compared with the conventional Hartmann's moth alone, it is possible to produce an acoustic
output ta, and 11 apparatus suitable for ultrasonic dust collection and the like. In the example of
the second drawing, the acoustic energy is selected in the vertical direction. However, if it is
desired to select only in one direction, the one of FIG. 1B can be used. That is, reference numeral
17 is a sound wave reflector which is variably held in the opening 11 of the main body 1 in the
amount of insertion into the main body. If the distance between the reflector and the sound
source point P is set to one wavelength of the sound wave, the sound wave is completely
reflected, so that the acoustic energy is effectively emitted only in one direction. It is needless to
say that the same effect J1 can be obtained even if the umbrella-type reflector is installed outside
the horn.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the sound generator
according to the present invention, FIG. 11 shows its component layer S, and FIG. 8 shows
another embodiment. ) Is a pressure chamber, No. is a resonator, 11 is Patkin, 18% 18 is a
pressure plate, 14 is a connecting rod, -16 is a compressed air blowing port 1, l? Is a sound wave
reflector. Patent 81 people Kiyotaka Ogura / III years old 2 years old, 30-, EndPage: 2
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