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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention, in which S5 and S6 are 2-channel source selectors and S7 is a 4-channel
mode switch. −117−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the use of a 4channel stereo amplifier. 04 amplifier amplifiers and power amplifiers are required to drive four
speakers when playing a 4-channel stereo system! Oh, these are housed in one case is called 4
channel 1 yannel stereo amplifier 01 This 櫨 channel stereo amplifier is used effectively in all
channels when playing 4 channels stereo. At present, there are very few signal sources
(broadcasting, recording board 1, etc.) compared to the signal sources provided for 鵞 channel
performance. Therefore, it is considered that the frequency of what was manufactured as a fourchannel amplifier provided for two-channel stereo performance is high. In this case, the 02
channel other than the 2 channel provided for performance O is not used effectively and is
wasted. At the time of this 3 channel performance, as a means to utilize the remaining 2 channel
amplifier which is not used and to increase the value, 4 power amplifiers of 4 channel stereo
amplifier are combined and connected in parallel and equivalently output power per channel
Method of constructing a large-scale 鵞 channel stereo amplifier (parallel connection method), or
BTL (BALANOBD-IIIBλN8FORMIn-LH8B) connecting two power amplifiers similarly combined,
and so on. There is a method of configuring a large two-channel stereo amplifier (BTL connection
method) (鵞) 婁. This device can be used as a completely independent two-channel stereo
amplifier if the unused two-channel amplifier can be used as a method of more effectively
utilizing the unused two-channel amplifier of the four-channel stereo amplifier in two-channel
stereo performance. ◎ 1: The 4-channel stereo amplifier is originally used for: the intended 4channel stereo performance □ 1 except when providing the 4-channel stereo amplifier with the
changeover switch. It is possible to construct an independent 2-channel stereo amplifier system
13 · · ·: Figure 0 illustrates this invention according to the illustrated embodiment is a block
diagram of an example of a 4-channel stereo amplifier: "" "" c ', B,' '1' a '' 1 'u' CX 4 y f 88 ab K 1
'AP MON "T0" OFF) S7 is 4-channel mode when to (3 In 0 views assumed) when defeat Lh, 87 in
the position shown Hata wins, speaker output terminal T7.
At T8, a 4-channel output voltage corresponding to the input of DI803ITIi input terminal T3 is
obtained. In the figure, 2 channels (matrix 4 channels 8Q or RM) signals selected by 87 and CK
are selected and decoded by the 8Q circuit FA-2X or the company RM + 8Q circuit PA-90. Matrix
4 channel signal F) l Speaker terminal T7. At T8, a 4-channel output voltage corresponding to
this 4-channel matrix signal is obtained. In the figure, when 8 points are turned down to the
position of d, T-f, T8 Ktl) each 3 channel source selector '# number. And the output of 2 channels
1t @ of an independent insult system corresponding to a 9 ← -------- large signal selected by お よ
び and 6 6 ◎-些 where I is bK aK 86, tuner 2-mode If the switch 84 is flipped by bK, the output
of the record connected to the input terminal TIK is obtained at T7, and the output of the FM
broadcast tuned by the chenna is obtained at T (4) 8. When two switches for selecting a 2channel signal source and a switch for selecting a 4-channel signal source are arranged as in the
case of 86.86.87 like this, a 4-channel stereo amplifier becomes an original 4-channel stereo
amplifier from K. It is possible to provide for use as an independent two-channel 3-channel stereo
amplifier other than providing for
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