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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a stereo reproduction apparatus using the
wireless stereo record player of the present invention. FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing a signal
transfer path built in the wireless stereo record player of the present invention. 2 ииииии Cartridge, 9
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииии FM multiplex conversion circuit, 11 иииииии FM oscillation circuit. ???
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a wireless stereo
record player capable of transmitting signals extracted from a cartridge in the form of FMIEll. In
conventionally known stereo record players, the signal taken from the cartridge V is connected to
the input terminal KJI of the stereo amplifier by V-Ledouet et al. Therefore, the distance between
the amplifier and the record player is limited by the length of the connection cord, and f.sub.9
has the disadvantage of generating noise if the connection cord is unnecessarily long. In order to
solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, the present invention can separate the MM receiver and
the amplifier from the code 1) to the whole by providing the serial wireless transmission circuit
in the stereo record player. It is possible. It is a fourth object of the present invention to provide a
wireless stereo record player free of the trouble of drawing connection cords from a record
player. The leather design will be described with respect to the one-ply embodiment shown in the
drawings below. FIG. 1 shows a nine stereo reproduction apparatus using a leather invented
wireless stereo reproduction player l, and nine stereo signals taken out by the cartridge 9d 21C
are frequency corrected in the wireless stereo record player l, 7M11! It is adjusted and sent out
from the antenna 6 into the air. Nine ? M radio waves transmitted from the antenna 6 are
received by the 1 M receiver 118) via the antenna 7, detected by ? ? receiver 8, and i)! In the
stereo amplifier 4, it is reproduced as sound from the increase e sale x beka S. (3) ? flS is a
prosita diamond 19 five showing a mem ? ? ? ? II IIO signal transmission meridian which is
stored in the present invention t) v V V ? ? ? ? stereo reko-F player), 9 ? ff 9 images
1m11??e, Kura-) lv di 2 The place taken out from the V code! The electric signal having the O
stuttering characteristic is converted into a correction electric signal KW having an equal output
bone property with a constant horseshoe dragon S (for example, ONwt-4 и klLw). It is 10
companies ?? lid multiplex conversion ?. ???????? The correction electric signal
obtained from the static can be obtained one by one for each of the two signals on the left and
right of the record KIIgE? ?) Therefore, 2 correction electric signal should be mixed up into 1,
7M multiplex transformation witIIh и ? O signal in the post-stage O rounding to ? 0! ':)
correction electric signal into one 0IllI electric signal rfb No. 1.11 ? (4) M M oscillation circuit),
1M electric signal which is the output signal of yM multiplex conversion circuit 10 is modulated
And transmit from the antenna 6 as ? power.
12 is the power), each time lI! Supply power to Next, the operation of the above-described IEK as
a fillerless record player will be described. The two electric signals included in the record are sent
to the equalizer N ? 9 and subjected to independent 1 cM wave number correction. Equalizer
circuit 1B9 corrects the two corrected electrical signals, M line to line conversion-Buolc, thereby
converting one composite electrical signal KW. Furthermore, this D11 combined electric signal is
by ? oscillation @ I dairy 11) IPMI! The antenna 6 is also sent out in the air as an FMIE antenna.
As described above, in 4 to 11, the stereo (s) record player and j? The connection with the Leo
amplifier is 7M wireless via ? * signal. The time and effort of connecting the WItj-de can be
omitted, and the FM love signal, stereo amplifier, Spy * b, etc. can be used to play the record at
the point t'L ? location, and the WK connection can be made There is an excellent effect #F that
no noise is generated. In the present invention, as a calligraphy method? Since it uses a student,
it has an excellent effect that it is taken out of the cart Ilv and there is no loss in the sound
quality including the frequency characteristic of the mourning signal.
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