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2, inventor's address D, If # patent application applicant 4, agent 〒 105 ■ Japanese Patent
Application Laid-Open No. 50-34501 Internal reference number 73 + 623 specification
Headphones 3, detailed description of the invention The present invention is one ordinary
Yuchane) A co-channel stereo headphone generally known in the interior of the headphone is an
amplifier having a predetermined width for adjusting the amplification factor in advance, in
addition to operating the restereo headphone simply by the amplifier output signal. The
amplification signal generated in advance by the amplifier is directly converted to the vibration
of the cone of the headphone to listen to the sound, and Q: no means for amplifying the signal is
taken in the meantime □ . That is, the present invention focuses on the external output signal of
the amplifier, and the above-mentioned headphone fan / figure is a block diagram showing an
outline of the present invention, and 1.2 is a left channel and a right channel respectively. The
output signals of the external amplifiers, which are signal input terminals and are added to each
of these terminals, switch −EndPage: 1F3a and F1a, respectively, and one of the seven channels
in the above-mentioned channel via the switch Bi-F3: a The amplifier power side is connected,
and at this time, a small signal applied to the upper input terminals 1 and 2 without the external
amplifier B is one amplifier S /, S: 1. The respective switches E3i, a: 1,... So that one part of the
headphones is interlocked with F3, 3 and one of the headphones is disconnected from the
external amplifier B. , E33t-when switched, it is a circuit diagram showing the upper side, and
one amplifier A is formed by a monolithic IC (integrated circuit) element and has a function of a
preamplifier and a power amplifier having a predetermined voltage gain. . Further,-is a
resistance, and resistance is a variable resistance for adjusting the input channel of the left
channel, Rx and Ry are variable resistances for sound pressure level adjustment of the left and
right speakers pl /, p, 2 . O / to C are capacitors. The shaded area SR indicates the shield range of
the input lead. Next, the function of the above circuit will be described. First of all, when the
movable contacts α of the switches are switched to contact the fixed contacts, one of the left and
right co-channel input signals (which, of course, is equivalent to the external amplifier output
signal) is. The variable resistor 翫 and R7f: through one winding L1 of the headphone. Add to Lx
to ring the cone of one of the above headphones. This is 1 normal headphone usage. When this
headphone is used for practice such as an electric guitar or an organ with a damping device, the
respective contacts -3- to the respective switches S1 to S4 are connected to the fixed contact C
Then, the relationship with the above-mentioned circuit is cut off, and the signal path of the
above-mentioned right channel is cut off, and the input-signal of the electric guitar which entered
the above-mentioned 1 channel on the left. A is already in operation by supplying the power
source voltage by closing the switch, and the input signal is appropriately amplified, and the
amplification signal is input via the switches E3s and F33. The winding I of the above-mentioned
headphone is supplied to /. The signals supplied to the both windings are the signals of the left
channel, and are monaural reproduction. As described above, in the present invention, the
present invention is directed to a headphone in which the co-channel signal applied to 1.2 input
terminals is to be reproduced, and in the above-mentioned / channel, the fang / and stalk shunt
switch is Each channel is provided with a shunt switch for fangs 3 and the switches are
interlocked, and when the shunt switches are switched, the amplifiers are connected to the
channel shunts of 4-ki-above / above. Is supplied to the headphones of the respective channels
via the shunt switch of the above-mentioned one and the fan 3, so that not only the amplified
signal of the external amplifier is reproduced but also it is added to one headphone input
terminal. It is suitable for practice of electric guitars and the like because it is possible to listen to
even a minute signal which is generated by the built-in amplifier of the headphone to a
predetermined reproduction level. Also as described above-variable resistance R /-applied-R? Are
provided before and after the signal amplification circuit, so that the reproduction level can be
adjusted arbitrarily.
FIG. 12 is a block diagram showing the outline of the present invention. FIG. 12 is a circuit
diagram showing the details of the above block diagram. -1, 2 ... Left and right two input
terminals of headphones. Sl · · · / Shunt switch, Sx · · · Shunt switch, S · · · 3 shunt switch, A · · ·
(Amps built in headphones) EndPage: 2
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