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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a left speaker box
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front view showing a shelf between the left and
right speaker boxes, FIG. FIG. 4 is a front view of a shelf configured by horizontally placing the
speaker box shown in FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 is a front view of a left speaker box showing another
usage example. In the figure, 10 ииииии left speaker windows winter, 30 ииииии right speaker box, 19-22
иииииии Support members for left speaker box, 33-36 иии ... Each support member of the right speaker
box, 37.38. Fig. 1-81-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 50-43729 (2) Fig. 2 Fig.
3 Fig. 3 o 1 o Fig. 4-82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker box for
audio equipment. In general, for example, the stereo sound equipment can be roughly classified
into a separate type in which a record player, a chainer, an amplifier and a speaker system are
integrated, and a component type in which a record player, a chainer, an amplifier and a speaker
system are variously combined. And the said separation)! In (1), a normal record player, a
chainer, an amplifier, etc. are placed on the rug (kACK) and positioned in the center, and left and
right speaker systems are installed on both sides. (11 Also, in the component shop, speaker
systems, players, tuners, amplifiers, etc. can be arranged according to preference. However, the
players, tuners, amplifiers are also mounted on a rack, and friends are practical. It is convenient
and easy to operate, and it looks good. That is, in any case, a dedicated rack is required. However,
currently commercially available racks are expensive, and even if they are used for flight, there is
not enough space to place them on the rack due to space limitations, such as the location of the
arrangement location. It is not always necessary in case of placing it, etc., and there is a
drawback such as being in a sterility next to each other. The present i1 scheme is constructed at
the above-mentioned point, and a plurality of T-shaped support members are attached to desired
pair of parallel plates on at least each side plate and each side plate of the pair of pair + p
speaker box , With the support member of this each box) to support the desired length, width of
the housing device as a custom-made III, and place an acoustic instrument such as amp, chena
etc. on a piece of brass in history In addition to the above, the present invention provides a
speaker box capable of holding a record ? ? between several supporting members. Hereinafter,
an embodiment of a speaker box according to the present invention will be described in detail
with reference to the drawings. In the figure, Fig. 1 011 и contains, for example, a left speaker
(not shown) for one channel that can be mounted on a 2-channel (2CH) stereo and is a left
rectangular speaker with a rectangular parallelepiped shape, and the fill sorbs the speaker A
front saran net covering the third baffle plate (not shown), u21 # i top plate, housing 3 is a main
plate, and [14 and 1 m are left and right @ plates. In addition, a back side (a back plate (not
shown) is attached). Then, the desired position K of the right side plate +140 outer box, for
example, a Z-shaped (Iill T-shaped) with a desired flat interval wider than that of at least the
tuner 118 or amplifier ?? etc. as shown in FIG. Support member +1! j-is attached.
The support member d may be screwed from the inside of the attachment box ?e or may be
attached by a strong adhesive (^, 4T on the outer surface of the ground @ @ 30 more uniformly.
A V-shaped support member c1 is attached. Furthermore, the left speaker box GoO ground plate
(13, 13) for the right side (3) ground plate (3) of the speaker box (7) for the piece C) l in FIG. Tshaped support members-(1) and -1 are attached at the same height and spacing position as the
support members ?9I and QJ (2) attached to the right side plate 114. Then, as shown in FIG. 2,
as needed, plates of an appropriate length and width for forming a weir are provided. The length
of the plate @ is equal, and both ends are formed in L-shaped O-engagement 5w1a 'and 4'-'. In
addition, box (?) paste is a right side board,-is a top board, 4 is a saran net of the front. As
described above, when the speaker box tt (1 (Ill-constitutes, for example, a shelf), left and right
speaker boxes + IJCjlj't are close to each other. And each supporting member C attached to each
plate 1 aeon of each box 1 Wayama! Both ends of the surface of the temporary body are engaged
with and placed on the groove 40 between the weir and the ground 4i 113 131. ??? The
holding members gtat 4 j ? at both ends of the supporting member 1 of the side plate 114 and
the groove portion of the supporting member (one) of the side plate are engaged with each other
and placed. Similarly, the holding parts-141 J 'at both ends are engaged with the support
member 0 and (G) to place the plate-. Then, the amplifier u7 +, the tuner, and the player group
are placed on the pavement plates (9) (tow and (2) and used as a rack. In this case, the support
members 1211QIJ and 13alc 141 play the role of the box utic (0 leg). In addition, as shown in
the collection 3 (by replacing the left and right skid capotatus a * c 11 J, by overturning at the
heel and supporting members IJl @ and cm of the base plate 113am shown in FIG. 2) supporting
the plate body WcII Can also be configured. In this case, the support members lIs and-serve as
the legs of each box q. It is also possible to hold the NCLP record IlbM between the support
member values 91 as shown in FIG. In the above practical example, the supporting members are
attached to the 1-plates of each plate of both boxes and II of the box and 9 cases are described as
an example, but 9 is not limited thereto. It may be attached to the base plate, the massive break,
both side plates, and the supporting member is not limited to 2 but any suitable number can be
broken according to the size and shape of the box.
According to the above-mentioned main body, according to Subaru-Katsuta (5), a plurality of Tshapes are provided on at least each of the electric plates and the respective side plates facing
each other among the plates constituting the pair of left and right speaker boxes. The support
member is attached, and if necessary, a plurality of plates can be placed on the support member
to form a shelf, and a sound input device or a 4F object can be placed at the same time. If
necessary, the plates constituting the shelf can be removed from the support member and the left
and right speaker boxes can be installed 4 at desired positions. ?? The speaker box can be
turned over to form a shelf, and the support member comes 8 @ of the leg and the speaker box is
separated from the installation surface) so that unnecessary bass sounds are not installed. There
is no giving. Further, the LP record board or the like can be held by the support member of the
same surface. As described above, according to the present invention, it does not require a
dedicated rack which has conventionally been required, and it has many advantages.
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