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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention K. In the drawing, 1 is an operating shaft, 2 is a transfer seat, 3 is a
spherical portion, 4 is a sliding shaft, 5 (inner bore of the moving shaft 1, 8 is a tip of the sliding
shaft 4, 9 is a It shows the receiving surface which is recessed in the shape of the switch
terminal. 70=1−
[Detailed description of the invention] The invention of the invention relates to the invention of a
channel balancer, such as a home or car stereo, which properly adjusts the volume and the like of
the volume, etc. It is made to bow properly to do '). 1) in the vehicle or vehicle i <1 for the vehicle
1 <e. -Although it has been customary to use a channel balancer to adjust the volume and so on,
the conventional channel balancer of this type has a balance adjustment operation unit movably
mounted like a control box on the grave In the case where a control box is provided separately
from the stereo main body so as to be capable of remote control (1), an operation unit as a
balancer is provided in the control box.吟, this is operated to adjust the volume and so on. In this
kind of mechanism, it is provisionally as mentioned above or in the remote control format, but it
is a matter of course that it also requires program switching and other switch mechanisms, and
the operation part related to these switches is the balancer and Since separate and independent
ones are juxtaposed in the control box etc., they become large in space, and it is not easy to
handle them because they have to be operated by selecting the operation unit. It has
disadvantages and disadvantages. In order to eliminate the disadvantages and drawbacks of the
large-sized invention (-+ the above-mentioned conventional ones, it is devised 4 to 2) → which is
an actual 7-'i embodiment. In the control box a1, a spherical portion (3) formed on the tip of the
operation shaft (1) is supported by a ring (2) provided on the control box a1. Therefore, it is a
conventional balancer of this kind that the sound tX adjustment of each channel is made 1, j by
shifting the operation axis (1) about the spherical part (a + center). In the case of the present
invention, the inner hole (5) is provided in the operating shaft (1) as described above and
considered to be hollow, the inner hole (5). The sliding shaft () and attach the spreader (2) to the
tip of the sliding shaft (4) and its tail end A push button (7) is inserted into the spring to form a
push button-like operation portion (6), and the tip end portion (8) of the sliding shaft (4) is
concaved as a metal switch operation portion. Positioned towards the switch terminal forming
the inward love pressure surface (9), this switch terminal is attached to the bottom of the box by
means of the round hole [Il.] So that the free end α force can be floated accordingly It has
In the case of the illustrated device, a flange Q4 is formed near the upper end of the operation
shaft (1) as described above, so that the operation can be facilitated. In the case of this
illustration (3) When the above-mentioned tip (8) contacts the pressure receiving surface (9), the
pressure receiving surface (9) slides from the sliding shaft (4) to the operating shaft (1) 'y3. And
the switch function can be obtained through the box QO, but in this configuration, a separate
fixed terminal may be provided under the pressure receiving surface (9) in some cases. By
pressing with the tip end portion (8), [1] contact between the pressure receiving surface (9)
portion and the fixed terminal may be obtained so that a pneumatic switch operation can be
obtained. According to the present invention as described above, since the slide shaft (4) is
incorporated with the operation shaft (1) serving as the channel baranoser so that the switch
operation can also be obtained. It is strange that it is possible to obtain the switching action as
well as the balancer action in the shaft part, so that it is more space-efficient than the
conventional ones arranged on each side, so that the control box etc. If it is good, the multiple
operations can be done easily and properly (C: can be performed at a single operation part, and
remote control (4) <'-production can be performed in various ways. It can be applied to cases
where the merits of the seven can be largely obtained, and this is a device with a large effect in
practical use.
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