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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of an embodiment of the multitouch simultaneous regulator according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a bottom view of the
same, and FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 .. housing | casing 2 ... operation shaft, 3 ...
spherical part, 4 ... operation shaft tip, 5 thru | or 8 rotary type variable resistor, 9R and 10 ...
interlocking plate, 11 -J6 and 12 ... Opening groove, 11a (12a) g and 1 lb (12b)----Folded and
bent portion. Fig. 1 to 3 Fig. 1-50-46 102 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3-41
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is to be used for 4-channel stereo sound
wise balance # adjustment device etc. 5 resistances of pluralization at the same time are adjusted
11 yl to the desired value by the work M + ζ Can be multi-axis 1 剌 振 振 − −. A typical multiaxis hour-button adjuster consists of a noodle body, an operating shaft with a spherical part
freely held in a unitary curve, a variable resistor fixed to a ring, and an operating shaft The
opening vortex is biased by the tip of the switch to drive the variable resistor, and the
interlocking plate is provided. However, in this type of conventional multi-axis temporary
adjuster, since the opening groove tI @ surface of the interlocking plate is punched and only nine,
sliding with the tip of the operating shaft is not smoothly performed, and therefore Accordingly,
the object of the present invention is to provide a multi-axis simultaneous regulator with
excellent operation feeling. A side view and a bottom IiI view of one embodiment of the multi-axis
simultaneous regulator of this invention are shown in FIGS. 1 and 42, respectively. In the figure,
the spherical portion 8 of the operation shaft 2 is rotatably held at the center of the upper
surface of the housing l, and the tip 4 of the operation shaft 2 protrudes inside the cylinder l so
that the outer surface of the ring l The rotary variable resistors 5, 6.7 and 8 are fixed to the 111J
surface, and arcuate interlocking plates 9 and 10 are fixed to their rotation axes. The arcuate
interlocking plates 9 and 10 are formed with longitudinally extending open grooves 11 and 12 at
the central portion, and the tip 4 of the operating shaft 2 penetrates at the intersection of the
open grooves 11 and 12 Then, when the tip 4 of the operating shaft 2 moves up and down in the
state fl of FIG. 2 (2), the interlocking plate 10 moves up and down, and the resistance value of the
variable resistors 7 and 8 Change. Further, when the tip end portion 4 moves in the left-right
direction, the interlocking plate 9 moves in the left-right direction, and the resistance value of the
variable resistors 5 and 6 changes. The crossing bend of the arcuate interlocking plates 9 and 10,
which is the essential point of this invention, is illustrated in FIG. 8 in the opening groove 11 (12)
of 0, ie interlocking plate 9flO), and is folded back into fils 11a (12a) and 1 lb (12b) is formed. As
a result of this configuration, the mechanical strength of the interlocking plate 9 (10) is
increased, and the opening groove 11 (12) is not deformed even when receiving a strong force
by the tip s4 of the operating shaft 2, Unlike the case of punching, the end face of 12) is curved
and is smooth, so that sliding with the tip 4 of the operating shaft 2 is performed smoothly. As a
result, the manipulation feel of the manipulation shaft 2 is much better than that of the
conventional simply punched open groove.
As described above, according to this invention, it is possible to realize an excellent nine-axis
simultaneous III adjustment device with an excellent operation feeling. (8)
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