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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing a cotton-like stainless
fiber, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a method of producing a cone, FIG. In FIG. 3,
reference numeral 3 is a cross-sectional view of a cone. In the reference numerals used in the
drawings, 1 is a stainless fiber, 12 is a cone, 13 is a top, and 14 is a peripheral portion. Fig. 1-93Japanese Utility Model Application No. 50-58740 (2) Fig. 3-94-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
diaphragm made mainly of pulp. The cone diaphragm in the speaker generally uses paper pulp
extracted from the wood of softwood as a main raw material, to which a small amount of manila
hemp, groove, wool, collagen, etc. is mixed as an additional warm mix, and this is beaten. ) A fiber
aggregate is obtained by sagging, and this is made into an as solution with suspended sand
water, formed into a cone shape by papermaking, and then formed by pressing as necessary. .
The so-formed nine cone diaphragm mounted at its top transmits the imaging motion of the nine
voice coil to the bottom or periphery to produce an acoustic output. By the way, near the top of
the cone diaphragm, the excitation force of the voice coil must be transmitted to the peripheral
part of the cone with low distortion, and for this purpose, synthetic resin is mixed or applied near
the top of the cone. This may increase the stiffness near one part. In this way, the purpose of
increasing the rigidity is achieved at one time, but on the other hand, the internal loss becomes
noticeable and insufficient, causing harmful split imaging, increasing the content of harmonic
distortion components and degrading the transient characteristics, or The lA may cause
disturbance of the i-echo radiation frequency response and may adversely affect the sound
quality (2). The present invention has been made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks,
and an object of the present invention is to provide a cone diaphragm having appropriate rigidity
and appropriate internal loss. That is, the present invention relates to a cone vibration plate in
which metal fibers are mixed at least in the vicinity of the top of the cone while being placed on a
speaker cone imaging plate mainly made of pulp. More specifically, preferably a metal that is
resistant to rusting and has a high specific gravity, such as stainless steel, brass, nickel white, etc.,
is made into a fiber with a thickness of 20 μm or less, preferably 10 μm or less, and mixed into
the main raw material pulp etc. A structure in which at least metal fibers are mixed in the vicinity
of the top portion to which a voice coil is attached, and is more preferably (3) is a method for
producing pulp at the time of paper making using the difference in specific gravity between raw
materials such as pulp and metal fibers. The mixing ratio of metal fibers is high near the top of
the cone and gradually decreases toward the periphery. As an example of the distribution of the
mixing ratio of f # metal fiber, 5 to 20-preferably 10 to 12 at the top of the cone, 6 to 7 strident
preferably at the point proceeding from the top of the cone to the 1st peripheral part 5s,
preferably 0.5 to 2 between the cone top and the periphery, and preferably about 1 to 0.2 at the
cone periphery.
As described above, if metal fibers are mixed at least in the vicinity of the cone IJiI portion, the
strength and wrinkles in the vicinity of the j-n crest increase, and the sword near the crest is
reduced relative to the strong coil of the voice coil. The ability to accurately transfer kinetic
energy to the entire cone. Since it is a fiber in spite of being (4) metal, it is possible to obtain an
appropriate absorption loss or internal loss, and it is possible to absorb excess imaging kinetic
energy. Therefore, harmful divided vibration can be suppressed, transient characteristics can be
improved, and a speaker that can obtain reproduced sound with high fidelity can be provided.
Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings.
In producing a cone-type moving plate based on the present invention, nine vines made of
stainless steel containing mass, nickel 12 to 159 g, cobalt 16 to 19 degrees are prepared. This
objectionable stainless fiber is called "Naslon" under the trade name and manufactured and sold
by Nippon Metallurgy Co., Ltd. 0 Next, this stainless fiber is cut into an appropriate length to
form a sliver, which is then subjected to a webing process Open it to make it cotton-like. That is,
as shown in FIG. 1, (6) -r's form of stainless steel fiber 11tll. 10,000. The pulp and the additive
mixture are beaten to the required fineness using a beating machine. Next K, mix it into the
beaten pulp with a stainless steel * mts product ratio to a degree of ial, continue beating
thoroughly with IK, and fully combine stainless fiber with pulp fiber. Next, a conical cone paper
net t31t-419 is attached to 5 (tank (2)) made by a paper machine as shown in FIG. 2, sand water
(4) is injected until the paper net (3) is flooded, and papermaking In the sand water at the top of
the net, warm mixed fiber material of pulp fiber and stainless fiber is floated and a proper
amount of solution is charged, and pulsator, that is, stirring blade (6) is loosely rotated by motor
te + While stirring gently, open the pulp (7) f and gently transfer sand water (4) with the bon y
(8) 6) to the tank (9) on the right. At this time, the entangled large specific gravity fibers of the
stainless steel fiber (1) have weak dispersibility and fast settling speed, so they gather at the
center of the vortex and gather at the central top (101 of the paper network) (3) On the other
hand, relatively light-weight natural fibers composed mainly of pulp gather in the outer radius
portion (Ill) of the papermaking net (3) and both remain on the mesh surface. Then make paper
with fiber residue! After removing 11 + 31 from the tank (2) and dewatering with a centrifugal
separator, remove the cone remaining on the paper screen 13), and complete by heat molding
with a mold precisely made in a cone shape .
The figure 3 shows the cone α! 6 indicates l. In the case of this D-cone α [), a large number of
stainless fibers 11+ gather near the top of the cone at the time of sheet making, so the cone top
1! liO3 Ksp · · (Rup to (1) Sten V s fiber m mixing ratio is the highest and is approximately 10 to
12 years, the mixing ratio gradually becomes smaller as it goes to the corn peripheral S α rumor,
the peripheral part α 41 is 1 It is made of pulp fiber. Therefore, although the overall weight is
slightly increased, the rigidity in the vicinity of the top portion 01 is significantly increased, and
the moving plate is a cone-shaped moving plate which holds the internal loss properly. Therefore,
the above-mentioned cone imaging plate transfers stress energy in the entire cone accurately
with less stress deformation in the vicinity of the top with respect to the strong excitation force
of the voice coil based on the increase in rigidity in the vicinity of the top. . The father, despite
being rigid, has a proper internal loss because it is fibrous, and absorbs excess energy. Therefore,
harmful split dilation is suppressed, transient characteristics are also good, and reproduced
sound with high fidelity can be obtained (8). Also, the cone of the present embodiment is a metal
fiber 7. Since Chires fiber is used, it is highly resistant to corrosion, chemically stable, has no fear
of deterioration, and has excellent durability. In addition, the apparent specific gravity of
stainless steel is 5 "/ cm'gage of sail, and there is almost no difference in weight from that of
paper pulp at a mixing amount of 10 饅 sR, and the radiation conversion efficiency of the speaker
is the same as that of the conventional product. There is almost no difference. Although the
embodiments of the present invention have been described above, further modifications are
possible. For example, although the example is a press-type cone, the present invention is also
applicable to a non-yre-less, semi-press-type cone. The cones of the nineteenth embodiment are
curved cones or paracarburized cones, but can also be applied to right conical cones or flat cones
and reverse curved (9) cones. Moreover, it is applicable also to corn which provides corrugation
and n.
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