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ち。 1. Name of the invention Pick-up carri- tity anok Co., Ltd. (Name) 賭 i i, li Name (7215)
Principle I 野 Takano Nori, 5, List of attached documents (1) Specification 1 copy ■ Japan Patent
Office publication Patent Gazette ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 5Q-602020
Japanese Patent Publication No. 50. (1975) 5.24 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. Shogeki /
Rei 33 internal reference number 乙 76723 specification 1 title of the invention 1 title of the
4, agent 〒
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is to pick up the vibration of the
brass groove of the record board and to convert the mechanical vibration into an electrical signal.
It is about Kur, Pekatri, and Di. As a cartridge that converts the vibration of the needle tip by the
trace of the groove into an electrical signal, already, an electromagnetic layer cartridge, a
piezoelectric cartridge, a rechargeable cartridge, a cable,? II cartridges, dies, semiconductor
cartridges, ribbon cartridges, etc. are known. However, all cartridges have merits and demerits,
and it is impossible to achieve satisfactory reproduction particularly in the recently widely used
four-channel stereo system, and it is considered '6 risky', that is, CD-40,000 as a four-channel
system recently. Was developed to make the rear channel independent, and the next FM
recording bluish groove, and a record disc superimposed on a part of the upper limit band of the
conventional 45-45 stereo sound groove appeared. This record disc has an upper limit frequency
of 45 KHz or more, and a front end of the track has an extremely small reaction at the end of the
needle so that there is no damage to the FM front sound groove which is 11KII. Although
required, conventional cartridges have been unsatisfactory in various respects. Accordingly, the
present invention can be made in view of the above-mentioned points, and an object of the
present invention is to provide a cartridge having a novel configuration, in particular, suitable for
4-channel stereo reproduction. That is, according to the present invention, there is provided an
electret having a regenerating needle, a movable electrode displaced with the vibration of the
regenerating needle, and the movable electrode KIM III and disposed so as to surround the
movable electrode, and the electret A plurality of fixed electrodes provided on the outer
periphery of the container, the movable electrode, the electret, the container for containing the
fixed electrode, etc., and the vibration of the regeneration needle is the voltage of the voltage
between the movable electrode and the fixed electrode. It is related to Bi, Ku, Gukarti, and Di that
are converted into changes. More specifically, the above-described reproducing needle traces
information recording grooves such as sound grooves, and is formed of a wear-resistant
substance such as diamond or sapphire. The movable electrode described above is associated
with the regenerative needle by a regenerative needle holding rod integrally or separately
therefrom, preferably corresponding to the vibration of the regenerative needle with the holding
rod between the regenerative needle and the movable electrode as a fulcrum It is formed so as to
make a seesaw-like displacement, and is preferably formed into a shape corresponding to the
shape of the electret and the fixed electrode, for example, a polygon such as an outer peripheral
circle or an outer peripheral square by a light metal tube.
It is a dielectric that is permanently polarized as described above, and is formed of a bifurcated
kernel made of a polyethylene fluoride-based resin. The electret preferably corresponds to the
shape of the movable electrode and the shape of the fixed electrode and is formed in a good
shape. 0 For example, if the movable electrode and the fixed electrode are circular, it may be
circular fII- Is square, cross section square! ! Form. The plurality of fixed electrodes described
above form one variable voltage source between the opposed movable electrodes with an electret
interposed therebetween, and the straight Ii! It is KT of 7t% so as to form or remarkably form a
mineral insulation case etc. and press it against the periphery of the electret O. The pigeons for
the 45-450,000 stereo records are provided with four split electrodes on the outer periphery of
the toe, and a pair of fixed electrodes are arranged on a line corresponding to the left
displacement axis of the playback needle. The remaining p fixed electrodes are arranged on the
line corresponding to the left displacement axis. The above-mentioned container is for
accommodating the electret and the electrode, and preferably comprises an insulating case and a
shield case of the metal part, and J [K preferably is formed to seal the electret therein. For
example, the sealing is such that an arm that is displaced along with the vibration of the
regenerating needle is disposed so as to surround it and supported by an affinity support. As
described above, if the pickup cart and di are configured, the inertial mass of the am system can
be made extremely small, and the reproduction upper limit frequency can be raised. The
recording groove of the broken record, for example, the loss of a minute FMii @ EndPage: 2 can
be prevented. Sealing and holding of the electret is relatively harmful, and can provide a
cartridge, which operates stably for a long time. In addition, it is possible to provide a cartridge
with an excellent linearity. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. First, a first embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to FIGS. 1 to 6. In order to construct the cartridge and the di of the present
embodiment, first, a cylindrical electret material 111 as shown in JllII # A, for example, a
polytetrafluoroethylene resin such as hexafluoroethylene resin is prepared. Depending on the
case, a cylindrical material (1) O DK, the flat material shown in FIG. 7 may be heat-layered to
form a roll, or the film shown in FIG. 8 may be wound using a core. It is a thing i. Next, as shown
in FIG. 2, four fixed electric wires 1i (ll + 33 (4 + (81 are formed by printing of conductive paint,
vapor deposition of metal thin film, in-mesh, etc.) on the outer peripheral surface of this material
(1) , Insert hollow jig (7) made of metal K (7), and heat the atmosphere at a suitable temperature,
for example 120 ° C to 140 ° C. A direct current voltage of, for example, 500 to 1,0 OOV @
degree is applied between the jig (7), and tt slow cooling is performed to fix a single charge.
That is, it is homo-charged to be electretized. The electretized in this way is the electrode 11-(set
1!) Which uses it. 1T141111 and 1 difference (7) are short-circuited and stored in a state where
a closed circuit is formed. This makes it possible to prevent charge decay. Once the electret is
obtained as described above, it is assembled as shown in lN 31 m and FIG. 4, and the cartridge is
completed. Cartridge KJiP configured in 04m1 (1) is a gemstone stylus, a reproduction needle,
and is attached to the tip of a stylus arm (9) formed of an aluminum alloy thin chip There is. The
+ m is an inductor or movable electrode 6 and is formed on the extension of the stylus arm (9) by
drawing a thin tapered tube. Therefore, this part is also cylindrical. The arm (9) and the movable
electrode-are supported displaceably with a rubber elastic support G field having an opening
asKa layer at the left end of Fig. 3 of the cylindrical insulating case (ll) as a fulcrum The support
by means of this elastic support is such that the arm (9) is completely surrounded by the elastic
support system. Therefore, the opening rim of the 1 @ edge case (11) is completely blocked by
the elastic supports CIs and the arm (9). (1m) is a cylindrical electret charged by the method as
shown in FIG. 2, which is mounted on the inside of the insulating case (11), and the movable
electrode-is displaced in relation to the movable 1LlK clearance. It is arranged so as to surround
the movable electrode, with as many units as necessary for. (I @ is a piano wire, and a cylindrical
metal piece Cl11 is coupled to one end thereof, and the hollow portion 97 of the movable
electrode-) K is inserted by inserting the support near the supporting point (K [11 attached There
is. The fixation is made using the taper of the hollow portion aa of the movable electrode.
However, if necessary, the movable electrode-and the metal piece Cl1l may be fixed by caulking.
Other than the piano wire Q @, the end is fixed to a pipe-like ground terminal-provided on the
insulating fi-, and it has a function 611 of grounding the piano wire o @ rz movable □ electrode
(d) , At the time of reproduction EndPage: 3 has a function to prevent the stylus arm (11) from
being shaken by the tensile force due to the frictional force of the needle tip to t * and the needle
tip to t. An electrode (2) is connected to an electrode terminal-provided at 11 舖, and an electrode
(4) is connected to a terminal body, and each electrode is also connected to a terminal for
electrode + 31 fil although not shown. The pipe-like terminals are sealed with caulking or solder,
etc., and the airtightness of the seal win is maintained.
The cartridge body and di-body thus constructed are covered with a shield case (b) made of
aluminum, and this shield case is connected to the ground terminal-. The arrangement of the
movable electrode and the fixed electrode f21fil ++ 41161 is as in the case of the 411K water.
That is, the first line passing through the point at which the cylindrical movable electrode (P) is
located at the center of the cylindrical electret) (1a) and which is rotated 4s ′ ′ + ′ in the
counterclockwise direction with respect to the record surface The fixed electrodes (2) and (4) are
arranged opposite to each other, and the fixed electrode [31 ', g2 on the m (2) passing through
the point rotated 45 ° FMi in one direction with reference to the record surface: + Lit is
arranged opposite to each other. The fixed electrodes (2) and (4) are used for stereo reproduction
of the left channel, and the fixed electrodes (3) and (6) are used for stereo reproduction of the
right channel. Movable electrodes (bound and fixed electrodes (Il (81 (41 (Il, terminal--eB etc. are
connected in impedance (so)) are connected in impedance conversion * HK connected. That is, as
shown in the circuit diagram of FIG. 6, a variable voltage pair formed between the first fixed
electrode (2) and the common movable electrode is connected to the gate of the field effect
transistor (hereinafter referred to as FET). ing. In addition, a second fixed electrode (a variable
voltage source formed between the fixed electrode (2) K and a common movable electrode (lo +)
facing jll is connected to the gate of the FET (81). A variable voltage source formed between the
third fixed electrode (3) and the common movable electrode-! A variable voltage source −
connected to the gate of the 11 FET CI 86 O and formed between the fourth fixed electrode (6)
and the common movable electrode − is connected to the gate of the FET H. In the circuit of
each FET, each resistor is connected with a resistor μ and a diode μ, and each drain electrode is
connected in common and connected to a positive) bias line . That is, a DC bias consisting of a
power supply terminal, a transformer, a rectifying diode 4 鵠, a filter resistance 1491 r 4 and a
capacitor fill in a box provided on the player main body along the tone arm. It is connected to the
power supply @ path. The output line of the left channel FET @-derived from the connection
point between the resistors-and-is connected to the speed conversion equalizer 2 through the
resistor-and the capacitor, and finally the output terminal for the left channel It is led to-. On the
other hand, the output line of the FET @@ for the right channel derived from the connection
midpoint between the resistors-and-is connected via a resistor 6 抵抗 and a capacitor to an
equalizer: (d), and finally for the right channel The 11f # speed conversion equalizer cabinet led
to the output terminal-is compatible with the conventional general cartridge and di car as it is a
speed type, since the present invention is essentially a displacement type ★ When you insert it.
Next, it will be described with reference to the reproduction operation of the 45-450,000 stereo
record by the cartri and di constructed as described above. As shown in FIG. 5, the sound groove
181 formed with the included angle EndPage: 490 ′ ′ ′ on the record disc is loaded with the
K reproduction needle portion or stylus tip F 81, and the record disc is rotated to perform
reproduction. The reproducing needle is excited corresponding to the sound groove in the
directions of the left displacement axis-and the right displacement axis-, and the movable
electrode-is displaced in response to the excitation. That is, the angle between the left
displacement axis − and the first line (the origin) of the factor 11IA with respect to the record
surface is equal, and the angle between the right displacement axis − and the line (2) with iI2 is
equal with respect to the record surface Therefore, if the sty 2 stump (8) is displaced in the
direction of the left displacement axis country, the movable electrode-is displaced in the direction
of the first line ridge, and the stylus tip (8) in the direction of the right displacement axis- When
displaced, the movable electrode-is displaced in the direction of the second line-. Then, the
potential between the movable electrode − and each of the fixed electrodes (21 + 31 + 41 + 61)
changes corresponding to the displacement of the movable electrode −. That is, the stylus tip (1)
is now displaced in the left displacement axis-軸 direction, the movable electrode 3 is also
displaced in the direction of the first line-, and the potential difference between the movable
electrode-and the fixed electrode (2) is increased. For example, the potential change between the
movable electrode and the fixed electrode (4) is reduced. Therefore, the voltage corresponding to
the vibration of the stylus tip (8) can be taken out from the movable electrode (1 [i.e., the ground
electrode and each fixed electrode + 21i3 ++ 41 (5). In this way, the next voltage obtained from
each electrode is applied to the gate electrode of FETI (31t32 (good)), and the FET is controlled
by the variable voltage source (good) @ rule shown isometrically in FIG. The potential difference
is converted to a low impedance by the controlled NET with the input energy / beadance of
several thousand μm0 or more and the output side of the source side being Ω1 to 10, the
potential difference is converted to a low impedance, A signal for the right channel is obtained.
The danger cartridge constructed as described above has the following effects. First, since an
inductor, i.e., a movable electrode, is made of a thin material made of an aluminum alloy so as to
have a light mass, the inertial mass of the vibration system can be extremely reduced. That is, the
conventional movable magnetic core place {circle around (1)} MMfi or movable coil type socalled M comes into contact. According to this, it is possible to easily obtain a reproduction upper
limit frequency of 45 KHz or more. From the end of the friend needle, the reaction of the friend is
greatly reduced, and damage to the record sound groove, particularly the fine No. FM front
sound groove is prevented.
淘 Conventionally, the curvature radius of acupuncture needle is modified, and the following is
only a large mass of carti. In the case of vhxo, the reproduction of the CD-40,000 type 04
channel record by the di, the FM front groove was damaged and the island, and the scratch noise
was frequently generated. -Therefore, the development of the CD-40,000 four-channel record has
been hindered. In addition, the cartridge is not only covered with the mineral case, the insulating
case (11) and the insulating lid, but the movable portion of the stylus arm is airtightly supported
by the elastic support a. 1a) is protected in a sealed state, and the entry of harmful substances
that attenuate the charge such as ion charged particles and moisture in the atmosphere is
prevented. Therefore, it operates stably over a long period of time. Further, in the car of the
present embodiment, because of the symmetrical gus, si, and pulls, non-linearity is eliminated
and occurrence of waveform distortion is small. The conventional MM type and MC type
cartridge type has no change in the amount of change in the magnetic field and the direction of
electromotive force EndPage: The 5-wire property is not stormy, and the harmonic distortion
component was out of the island. I am improved. Also, since the cartridge of this embodiment is
combined with the IC, it is extremely hut. Next, 82 embodiments of the present invention will be
described with reference to FIGS. 10, 11 and 11 ffiK. However, the same reference numerals as in
the first embodiment denote the same parts as in the first embodiment, and a description thereof
will be omitted. In this embodiment, the electrode is not attached to the outer periphery of the
electret, (1 m), and as shown in FIG. 9, a fixed electrode 1111 ml + 41 (1) is provided in advance
on the inner surface of the first case. By inserting an electret (1 m) into this, a cartridge as shown
in FIG. 10 gm and FIG. In this way, without attaching the electret (1M) K fixed electrode, the
insulating case (the fixed electrode is provided in advance in the river, the conductive layer is
formed on the surface of the electret such as ethylene tetrafluoride resin). I'm going to open up
because it involves separation. In this embodiment, the electret is formed to have a square cross
section K, and the fixed electrodes 12) f 3) f 4) are in contact with the outer peripheral sides. At
this time, the fixed electrode +21 +41 is disposed on the h first line (2) corresponding to the left
displacement axis and extends in the direction perpendicular thereto, and the fixed electrode [31
(5) is And a second line corresponding to the right displacement axis and extending in a direction
perpendicular to the second line. Further, the fixed electrode (M) and (4) are disposed to face
each other, and the fixed electrode 131 and (6) are disposed to face each other.
Further, in this embodiment, the movable electrode (%)% is formed in a quadrangle in accordance
with the square electret (1a). The cartridge constructed as described above has exactly the same
effect as the cartridge of the above-mentioned first embodiment, and furthermore, it is easy to
manufacture since it is not necessary to directly deposit an electrode on the electret y (1 m). It
has the features. Although the embodiments of the present invention have been described above,
the embodiments of the present invention are not limited to this. For example, the stylus arm (9)
and the movable electrode-may be formed separately and connected to each other. Furthermore,
the stylus arm 111) and the movable electrode-may be detachably coupled. The movable
electrode portion may be separable from the movable electrode portion, and in some cases the
electret (1 heat J and the fixed electrode Arm (-in order to support -j in airtight form 11, the
support portion is a rigid support, and an elastic sheet such as silico-7F / (-etc. having an opening
adjacent to this rigid support portion is disposed, this opening The arm (9) may be inserted in
close contact therewith.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIGS. 1 to 6 show an embodiment of the crucible 1 of the
present invention. FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a material of electret, and FIG. 3 is a
sectional view showing the pickup cartridge, #I 4 is a sectional view taken along line ff-4 of FIG.
3, and 5 vIA is an enlarged sectional view showing the relationship between the record disc and
the reproducing needle, FIG. 6 is a circuit diagram of the pickup. 1l ET and 8 are electrets. FIG. 7
is a perspective view showing the material and modified examples of g. FIGS. 9 to 811 show a
second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 9 shows a cross section EndPage: 6-1 @
lowarx showing an insulation case before assembly, and FIG. Sectional view, 11th garden is a
sectional view of summer -1 in FIG. In the code used for one side, (1 m) is an electret, (! 11B ++
41fit is a fixed electrode, (8) is a stylus tip,-is a movable electrode, (ill is an insulating case, I! I is
an elastic support, (+51 is a piano wire, 4- (company)-is an FET). As per agent Deputy Takano 3
Figure 9 Figure 10 End Page: 7
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