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1. Name of the Invention Pickup Cartridge ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 5060203 [Phase] Published Japanese Patent Application No. 50. (1975) 5, 24 <br> <br> Patent
Application No. 1 & theta 9f <br> <br> No. -b7t 723 specification 1, title of the invention 1, title
of the invention Big J 1 cartridge
■ Japan Patent Office
3. Detailed description of the invention 発 明-The invention picks up the vibration of the
recording groove of the record board and converts the mechanical vibration into an electrical
signal. It relates to Kur and Pu cartridge. As a cartridge for converting the vibration of the needle
tip due to the trace of the sound groove to the electric signal signal core, an electromagnetic type
cartridge, a piezoelectric type cartridge, a photoelectric type cartridge, a capacitor shop cartridge,
a semiconductor cartridge, a ribbon cartridge, etc. It is done. However, all cartridges have
advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to achieve satisfactory reproduction in a fourchannel stereo system, which has recently become widely used in the ridge. That is, in recent
years, the CD-40,000 system has been developed as a four-channel system,-FM recording bluish
groove with independent rear side,-part of the upper limit band of the conventional 45-45 stereo
sound groove EndPage: 1-de-circle appeared superimposed on the. For reproduction on this
record disc, the reaction of the needle end is extremely small, and the cartry, di is required to
have a reproduction upper limit frequency of 45 KHz or higher, and to cause no damage to the
FM sound groove composed of minute 1 IIK. However, the conventional cartridge is not
satisfactory at six points in various points. Therefore, the present invention has been made in
view of the above-mentioned points, and an object thereof is to provide a car with a novel
structure, particularly suitable for 4-channel stereo reproduction, and a cage. That is, according
to the present invention, a regeneration needle, a movable electrode which is displaced along
with the movement of the regeneration needle, and an electret which is disposed on the outer
periphery of the movable electrode and displaced integrally with the movable electrode. , Said
electret. A plurality of fixed electrodes provided on the mK side surrounding the electret with a
gap between them and a container for containing the movable electrode, the electret, the fixed
electrode, etc. The movable electrode 4 relates to a big-up cartridge which is converted into a
change in threshold voltage with the fixed one pole. More specifically, the reproduction needle
described above traces information recording grooves such as sound grooves 6 and is formed of
a wear-resistant substance such as diamond or sapphire. The movable electrode described above
is associated with the regenerating needle by a regenerating needle holding rod integrally or
separately therefrom, preferably in response to the vibration of the regenerating needle with the
holding rod between the regenerating needle and the movable electrode as a fulcrum The light
metal is formed by a light metal to form a shape corresponding to the shape of the electret and
the fixed electrode, for example, a polygon sK shadow such as an outer peripheral circle or an
outer peripheral quadrilateral.
The above-mentioned electrets are formed by permanently polarizing and percolating dielectrics
and generally by polarizing a polyfluorinated ethylene-based resin. The electret is preferably
shaped to correspond to the shape of the movable electrode and the shape of the fixed electrode.
For example, if the movable electrode and the fixed electrode are circular, they are formed in a
cylindrical shape, and if the movable electrode and the fixed electrode are square, they are
formed in a square to a cross section. The plurality of fixed electrodes described above form a
variable voltage source with the opposing movable electrodes with the electret interposed
therebetween, and are preferably formed on the inner circumferential surface of the insulating
case. A field umbrella for 45-450,000 stereo records is provided with four divided electrodes,
and a pair of fixed electrodes are arranged on the line corresponding to the left displacement axis
of the reproduction needle, and on the line corresponding to the right displacement axis of the
reproduction needle ! Place a pair of fixed electrodes of l. The above-mentioned container is for
containing the electret, the electrode and the like, and preferably comprises an insulating case
and a shield case made of metal, and is more preferably formed so as to seal the electret therein.
For example, the sealing is performed by supporting an arm which is displaced along with the
vibration of the regenerative needle by an elastic support disposed so as to surround the arm. As
described above, by constructing the bizarre 1 cartridge and di, it is possible to make the inertial
mass of the vibration system extremely small, and it is possible to raise the upper limit frequency
of 1 long life. If the record # of Makoto record, it is possible to prevent the damage of the fine FM
f # l. Or friend Electre, dense EndPage: 2 、 ·, / / seal protection is a relatively harmful bird 9, it
can provide a cartridge, which operates stably for a long period of time. It is possible to provide a
cartridge with excellent straightness. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawings. First, the first embodiment of the present invention will
be described with reference to FIGS. Describe with ilK. When constructing the cartridge of the
non-embodiment, first, as shown in gim, the arc-length portion of the pipe-like stylus arm (9) is
squeezed thinly to form it, and the thickness 4 is A material fil consisting of a hexafluoroethylene
film of -25 μm is wound several times. In some cases, instead of winding and forming a film
tube, a flat material as shown in 7gl is heated and lightened to make a roll-like one attached to a
movable electrode, as disclosed in JP-A-60203 or FIG. As shown in the figure, it may be attached
to the movable electrode-which is formed by drawing out in a pipe shape. Next, prepare a metal
jig (7) having a hollow portion as shown in the second place, insert the cylindrical raw material fil
into the hollow portion of the jig (7), and adjust the temperature to an appropriate temperature,
for example 120 A direct current voltage of, for example, about 500 to 1.000 V is applied
between the movable electrode-and the jig (7) while performing atmosphere heating at 'C ~ 140
° C, and it is gradually cooled to obtain a single charge. Fix it.
That is, it is a home charge and electre. Convert In this manner, the electrets short-circuit the
electrode-and the jig (7) until immediately before using them to form a closed circuit and store
them in a fixed state. In this way, it is possible to prevent charge reduction. If an electret is
obtained as described above, it is assembled as shown in FIGS. 3 and 4am to complete the
cartridge and di. In this way, 9 cartridges are built, and (1) is made of gemstone stylus, which is
small with reproduction needle, made of aluminum alloy thin chip, and is formed on the tip of 9
style arms (9). It is being compiled. − Is a movable electrode, formed on the extension of the
above-mentioned stylus arm (9), and connected to the ground terminal! i!! It is continued.
That is, one ring of the piano wire O @ is coupled to the ring a vague point of the supporting
point 99 of the stylus arm ill, and the other end is coupled to the ground terminal 011. In
addition to the function of grounding the movable m-pole, the piano wire inclination has a
function to prevent the stylus arm (9) from being shaken by the tensile force due to the frictional
force between the needle tip and the sound groove generated during reproduction. doing. The
above-mentioned arm (9) and movable pole-are elastic supports made of rubber bonded to the
opening 01 of the left side of the cylindrical insulating case (11) in FIG. It is supported by The
support by the elastic support Os is such that the arm (il), that is, the ring 0 リ ン グ is
completely surrounded by the elastic support +11. Accordingly, the opening attta elastic support
of the insulating case (11) and the arm (11) are completely closed. (1a) is a cylindrical electret
charged in the manner as shown in FIG. 2, and 6 # (24T3 J (41 (61 is a fixed electrode, , The
insulation case (11) is disposed by inserting by injection. The fixed electrode (2) + 31 + 41 (5) is
provided so as to surround the electret (1 m) with a gap Q 4 necessary for the skin on which the
movable electrode side and the electret (1 m) are displaced. ing. And to the terminal-provided on
the electrode (2) 絶 縁 insulating cover (I8), to the 几 □ electrode + 4) ld terminal @ 、! #! VC
is shown and connected to the terminals of 3 pages, 1 m 1 lit 4 each, and each pipe-shaped
terminal is sealed with a caulking wire 14 'or the like, and between [Q4i ing. The cartridge main
body configured in this way is covered with a shield case (2) made of aluminum, and this shield
case is connected to the ground electron α-.
The arrangement of the porcelain, the movable electrode and the fixed electrode telfal (4) flI + is
as shown in FIG. That is, the movable electrode (11 m is positioned at the center of the fixed
electrode (2) Illf 41 fit arranged in a cylindrical shape, rotates 45 ′ counterclockwise with
respect to the record surface, and passes through the next point on the first line A The fixed
electrodes (2) and (4) are disposed opposite to each other, and the fixed electrodes (3) and (6)
are rotated on a second line-which rotates 45 m clockwise with respect to the nine record surface
and passes through the next point. Are arranged opposite to each other. The fixed electrode (R)
(4) is conveniently used for stereo reproduction of the left channel, and the fixed electrodes [it +
31 and iI] are used for stereo reproduction of the right channel. Movable electrode (101 and
fixed electrode +! The lill + 41 zone is connected to the impedance conversion-il @ provided in
the socket (so far into which the terminal 211 and the like are inserted). That is, as shown in the
circuit diagram of FIG. 6, a variable voltage source (good) formed between the first fixed
electrode (2) and the common movable electrode is an example of a field effect transistor
(hereinafter referred to as FBT). Connected to the gate of. ま7t1! A variable voltage sourceformed between the second fixed electrode (4) for the fixed electrode (2) of c1 and the common
movable electrode-is connected to the gate of the FET-. Further, a variable voltage source @ 間 に
formed between the fixed electrode (3) and the common movable electrode-of I5 is connected to
the gate of the FET (至), and the fourth fixed electrode (6) and the common movable electrode- Is
connected to the gate of FET @ 41. In the same FET circuit, a resistor-@ @ (first) and a diode-1i
41 Uf 44 are connected respectively, and their drain electrodes are connected in common and
connected to a positive bias line. That is, the power supply terminal, the transformer, and the
rectifying diode It) M door 4 for the fi in the box provided in the player main body via the wiring
along the tone arm-f) the resistor 141 F 4 and the h y t y ytf [H 5 ' And 2) connected to a DC bias
power supply circuit. The output line of the FET ()) for Yomo channel derived from the
connection point between the resistance-and--is connected to the speed conversion equalizer 介
through the resistance-and the capacitor, and finally the output for the left channel Terminal, led
to @. On the other hand, the 0 FET for the right channel (32-output line is connected via a
resistor 6 と and a capacitor), which is derived from the connection midpoint between the
resistors (b) and (d), is followed by a capacitor MKil and finally the right channel It is led to the
output terminal-.
The equalizer for converting the 11I speed (I14 is used when compatibility is required because a
conventional general cartridge is a speedier, but an uninvented one is essentially a displacement
鳳. Next, it will be described in connection with the reproduction operation of the 45-450,000format stereo record by the friend cartoli and di which are configured as described above. As
shown in FIG. 5, when the playback needle or stylus tip (8) is placed on the sound pickup rod
formed by the recording disc MK with an included angle 90 @, and the record disc is rotated for
reproduction, the left displacement axis 鴫And the right displacement axis (the reproduction
needle is excited corresponding to the sound groove in the direction of @, corresponding to this
excitation EndPage: 4 and the movable electrode − is displaced. That is, the angles of the left
displacement axis v. FIG. 5 and the first line of wi 4 with respect to the record surface are equal,
and the angles of the right displacement axis − and w.sub.2 line with respect to the record
surface are equal. If the stylus arm (8) is displaced in the direction of the left displacement axis-,
the movable electrode-is displaced in the direction of the first line-, and if the stylus tip (8) is
displaced in the direction of the right displacement axis-movable The electrode @ is displaced in
the direction of the second line-. Then, the potential between the movable electrode − and each
fixed electrode +2) 131 f ++ fil changes in response to the displacement of the movable electrode
−. That is, the stylus (7) is now displaced in the direction of the left displacement axis −, the
movable electrode (lα is also displaced in the direction of the first line □□□), and between the
movable electrode head and the fixed electrode (2) If the first-order difference is increased, the
potential change is such that the potential difference between the movable electrode − and the
fixed electrode (4) decreases. Therefore, in response to the vibration of the stylus tip (8), the
specific voltage is set to the movable electrode side / ground electrode and the respective fixed
electrodes + 2) i! 11 + 41 (6) and can be taken out. The voltage thus obtained from each
electrode is applied to the gate electrode of FEτ @ fljjZ−, the FET is controlled by the variable
voltage source @@ X− shown isometrically in FIG. The potential difference is converted to a low
impedance by an FET with an impedance of several hundreds of hundred ohms or more and an
output impedance on the source side of about 1 OKΩ, and a signal for output electrons-to left
channel and a signal for output electrons-to right channel can be obtained. . There are the
following effects on the cartri and di constructed as described above. First, since the inductor
included in the vibration system, that is, the movable electrode (1 o 1 is formed of a thin pipe
made of an aluminum alloy to a light mass), the inertial mass of the vibration system can be
extremely reduced. That is, it is possible to eliminate the effective mass by about-compared to the
conventional movable magnetic core 11 mm 1 or 1 movable coil 鳳 so-called MC 鳳.
Therefore, the reproduction upper limit frequency of 45 KHz or more can be easily obtained. In
addition, the reaction seen from the needle end is greatly reduced, and damage to the recording
sound groove, in particular, the fine FM sound groove is prevented. 伺 Conventionally, the large
cartridge with only a mass that only improved the curvature radius of the needle end plays back
a 4-channel record of CD-40,000, so FMf @ is easily damaged, and scratch noise is often
generated. Nine, therefore, the development of the CD-40,000 four-channel record has been
hampered. In addition, in this cartri and di, not only is it covered by the insulating case (11) and
the insulating lid H, but also because the movable part of the stylus arm is supported in a state of
writing by the elastic support Q1, The electret (1a) is protected in a sealed state & 9, the entry of
harmful substances that reduce the charge such as ion charged particles and moisture in the
atmosphere is prevented. Therefore, it operates stably over a long period of time. Further, in the
cartridge of the present embodiment, the non-linearity is eliminated and the occurrence of
waveform distortion is reduced because of the symmetrical push-pull type. The conventional MM
type and MC type cartridges have poor linearity between the amount of change in the magnetic
condition and the electromotive force, and harmonic distortion components are easily produced.
Compared with this, the characteristics are significantly improved. Also, since the cartridge of
this embodiment is combined with the IC, it is extremely hut. EndPage: 5 Next, a second
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. However, the same
reference numerals are given to the parts common to the first embodiment and the description
thereof is omitted. In this embodiment, the fixed electrodes + 21 + 31 + 41fit are arranged in a
truncated square. At this time, the fixed electrode t ′ ′ t41 is disposed on the first line −
corresponding to the left displacement axis so as to extend in a direction perpendicular thereto,
and the fixed electrode 131Fi + On a second line corresponding to and extending in a direction
perpendicular thereto. Further, the fixed electrodes (2) and (4) are disposed to face each other,
and the fixed electrodes (3) and (6) are disposed to face each other. Furthermore (in this
embodiment, it is arranged in a rectangular shape, and in accordance with the nine fixed
electrodes, the electret y (1a) and the movable electrode) are also formed in a rectangular shape.
The cartridge as constructed above has exactly the same effect as the cartridge of the first
preferred embodiment described above. Although the embodiments of the present invention have
been described above, the present invention can be further modified without being limited to
these embodiments. If it is inverted, the stylus arm (e) and the movable electrode may be formed
separately and then joined together.
Further, the stylus arm (9) and the movable electrode may be detachably coupled, or the
reproducing needle portion and the movable electrode portion may be separable. There may be
some clearance between the movable electrode and K to support the t-stylus arm (9) in an
airtight state, the support is a rigid support and has an opening adjacent to the rigid support An
elastic sheet such as silicone rubber may be disposed, and the arm (9) may be inserted in close
contact with the opening. 4, l ilo Brief Description Figures 1II to 6 show a first embodiment of the
present invention; Fig. s1 is a perspective view showing the material of the electret, Fig. 312 is a
perspective view showing a method of electretizing, Fig. S is a sectional view showing a pickup
cartridge, Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken along w-wtsttc in Fig. 3; 511 is an enlarged sectional
view showing the relationship between the record disc and the reproducing needle, and FIG. 6 is
a circuit diagram of the pickup. FIGS. 7 and 8 show a modification of the material of the electret,
which is a single diagonal 41 gI. FIGS. 9 and 10 show a second embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 9 is a sectional view showing the pickup cartridge in an assembled state, and
FIG. It is sectional drawing of -1 line. In addition, reference numeral KsP used in the drawings,
(1a) H processing L / R) L 'I', (41 (41 (ilrj fixed electrode, (81 rj,! Tie 2 stitch, 1--movable
electrode, (Ill is an insulating case, (ll [elastic support, Q @ Habi 7 / wire, MH 翰 NfiFET. Noguchi
Takano EndPage: 6 in Figure 1 S Figure 6 in Figure 2-4-EndPage: 7
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