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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 illustrate an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 1 is a central longitudinal sectional view, and FIG. 2 is a state during
production of a diaphragm of the present invention. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing the main part of the conventional example. E · Bobbin member 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · Dose member, 6 謨 t screw E rotation E · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Dose
member, 6 ド ー t screw E rotation E · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Fig. 1-101-Fig. 3-102 of Fig. 50-6640
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of the diaphragm in the drive of the loudspeaker. The diaphragm of the conventional loudspeaker
is F6, as shown in FIG. 3, configured by bonding three separate members of a dome member a1
and a single member b1 and a bobbin member C with an adhesive d. However, in this bonding, is
the angle θ between the damper and the bobbin member C exactly? The voice coil C provided on
the bobbin member C needs to be at 0 °, and the voice coil C is inserted straight into the
magnetic gap (that is, the gap between the yoke member f and the nonter ball member g). It is
necessary to consider that the voice coil C does not contact the magnetic circuit component
member such as the member f or the center pole member g to cause a disconnection accident,
but the conventional diaphragm is formed by bonding three separate members. Therefore, it is
very difficult to produce the product satisfying the above requirements, and it has also been the
cause of many defective loudspeakers. Moreover, even if the requirements of the structural angle
and relative position as described above are satisfied, the dome member, the damper member,
and the bobbin member constituting the diaphragm are formed of thin plates, Disadvantages
often occur that each member itself is prone to distortions, so that it does not generally meet the
requirements of the angle and relative position as a whole, especially the bobbin members that
are not fixed to any of the loudspeaker drives. There is. Also, conventionally, there is one in
which the dome member and the one damper member are integrally molded, but the dome
member is required to be relatively rigid (2) and the one damper member is required to be
elastic. Molding has an undesirable disadvantage of L from the viewpoint of improving the
acoustic quality and the like. The present invention has been made in view of such a point, and
the structural angle requirement and the positional relationship requirement can be sufficiently
satisfied by integrally molding the bobbin member and the damper-one member which do not
require material limitation. (1) By making cuts in the bobbin member in both cases, j distortion in
the process can be corrected in the insertion process of the voice coil, and the requirements of
angle and relative position can be satisfied as a whole of the diaphragm to improve acoustic
quality It is an object of the present invention to provide a diaphragm of a loudspeaker capable
of In the following, the configuration of the present invention will be described based on the
drawings with reference to the drawings. 1 is a diaphragm by the electrodynamic action of
magnetic circuit components such as a magnet, a yoke member, and a center ball member in a
loudspeaker drive unit. (3) A damper 1 member 2 and a cylinder continuously connected to the
inner peripheral edge of the damper 1 member downward at a right angle, as shown in FIG. And
a dome-shaped dome member 5 which is joined by an adhesive 4 with its peripheral edge placed
on the connection portion of the two members 2 and 3.
The damper member 2 and the bobbin member 3 are integrally molded of a flexible thin plate
such as a synthetic resin film such as polyester amide. In addition, the dome member 5 is formed
of a light alloy thin plate such as duralumin and the like. A plurality of notches 6 in the vertical
direction are separately provided in the lower portion of the bobbin member 3. A voice coil 7 is
wound around and attached to the outer peripheral surface of the bobbin member 3 and is
interposed so as to be positioned in the center and upright in the gap between the yoke member
and the center ball member (not shown). Reference numeral 8 denotes a mounting screw hole for
fixing the damper 1 member 2 in the loudspeaker drive unit. In addition, when the damper
member 2 and the bobbin member 3 are integrally molded, if the bobbin member 3 is deformed
into a different shape such as an elliptical cross section due to heat or distortion due to shrinkage
after molding, it is shown in the first drawing. Thus, when the voice coil 7 is wound and attached
to the port (4) pin member, the integral member of the damper 1 member 2 and the bobbin
member 3 is inserted into the jig 9 and the jig is used as a rotating shaft of the winding machine
10 When the voice coil 7 is wound and dried by connecting an adhesive to the voice coil 7 by
connecting to the voice coil 7, distortion of a state in which the irregular shape is corrected by
the notch 6 provided on the bobbin member 3 There is nothing ready. In FIG. 2, reference
numeral 12 denotes a pulley fixed to the rotary shaft 11 of the winding machine 10, and 16
denotes a belt hung on the pulley, and the other is connected to the rotary shaft of the motor. 14
is a bearing. Further, as shown in FIG. 7, by providing a folded back portion 15 in which the
peripheral edge of the dome member 5 is bent upward, the diameter of the bobbin member 3 (or
the inner diameter of the damper 1 member 2) Absorb the variation 12, and touch the gap
between the turn-back part 15 and the damper 1 member ['1 "(flL,! It is possible to increase the
degree of * 'L "0" to <-' 5. Since the present invention has the above-described structure, the
damper member and the bobbin portion are integrally molded with a flexible thin plate such as
synthetic resin] (5) film with right-angle dust, as in the conventional case. There is no deviation of
squareness and relative position due to defects. That is, the damper member and the bobbin
member form a right angle, and the voice coil attached to the bobbin member can be held
directly in the center of the gap between the yoke member and the center ball portion. By
providing, it is possible to easily correct the processing profile of the bobbin member in the voice
coil attachment process and the like, and it is a matter of course that the heat generated by the
Boyei red plug is from the outer surface of the 1-character voice coil. In addition, since the heat
can also be dissipated from the inner surface of the voice coil through the vertical cuts, the
durability of the bobbin member can be increased. Also, as compared with the prior art in which
the three members of the damper, the bobbin member and the dome member are bonded
together at one time, the dome member is joined to the integrally molded one of the damper
member and the bobbin member, The bonding operation can be performed extremely easily,
accurately and easily.
In addition, since the damper-one member is made of a flexible thin plate such as a polymer
synthetic resin film (6) □ such as polyesteramide, it has high elasticity and flexibility, and the
dome member is made of a light alloy thin plate such as duralmin Therefore, it is lightweight and
rigid, and can fully satisfy the acoustic requirements for the respective materials. Therefore,
according to the present invention, it is possible to provide a diaphragm having excellent
durability and extremely excellent dimensional accuracy and sufficiently satisfying the
requirements of the above-mentioned angle and relative position necessary for the diaphragm of
the loudspeaker. It is possible to improve the properties of the tatami mat, and to achieve the
effect that the structure is simple and the manufacture can be easily performed.
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