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-Plus hand, Kutzilm Electre,) Name: Sugaya '% f3 # H' F 'lB * A' "" Address, Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma Address 1006 (582 ') Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative Shoji Matsushita 4 agent 〒 571 ° address-Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda
Kadama 1006, list of 5 attached documents (1) Specification, 1 10 Japan Patent Office published
patent bulletin Number-Description-1. ta @ r) @ Name, plus hand, tafilm electret, to *, * range of
request "lv labor dispute wrench, phthalate film is characterized by elect · left-turned, and plastic
film, cufilm elect Les. Detailed description of 5al- * 5sitty plastic film electret k or IWK, both
excellent mechanical properties and electret, to v # property. It is an attempt to provide an
unprecedented new plus, a Tafilm electret, a gauze material. Electret 紘, currently, “V iclophone,
ビ ′ 力 力 カ ー ト リ ッ ジ カ ー ト リ ッ ジ カ ー ト リ ッ ジ カ ー ト リ ッ ジ tl tl tl tl tl tl tl PJ
PJ PJ 5Pj) e Furthermore, application to ny yj, air filter, mesh etc. is also considered ing.
Conventionally, polyethylene tele 7 # rate film has been known as an etaletlet material from old
k, and many studies 4 have been conducted. It has excellent mechanical properties such as
strength and rigidity, and is suitable for vibration llIM4 of acoustic equipment. しかしながら。
The characteristics of Etretat, as G, (with long-term storage. * @ @ Q ヱ Lectore, 4 using
polyethylene ether as a de-material], @ 7 mechanical properties, and 7 lath hand excellent in
electret characteristics, or to obtain a film electret is there. As a method of electretization, a
conventionally known method, that is, a thermal electret method or an electro electret method), a
radio electret method &, any method 411! Although it can be used, the method using * -F 綜 is
most suitable. Below, that -1! An example will be described. Then, use a true “2” vapor
deposition of aluminum on one N of a polyethylene naphthalate film with a thickness of 26 μm
to form an electrode, and open the non-MN * Krsλ · V energy beam of the above film in a
vacuum container. Table wIl Packing EndPage: 1T-Make an Ectret of Turtle 0X10-Ri 璽 / ass'.
eF)エレタトレ、トは6Ilf? Even after the 酎 -test between O'C and 24011, even if it was
k, the table 6 held the initial load of 70114.
Comparative rounding-loss of the initial table ■ charge f572-by the heat resistance test of the
sheet sheeretarate film electret vhu ** which has been rounded to the same as 秦% "tMI, and
decreased to Sa @ 19. -Also, on t! As shown in Fig. 1 in which the attrition at flow of the two
types of electrets was measured! An F fruit was obtained. In the case of IIK, 11 is a case of / 17
ethylene naphthalate film Etacilage, in the case of ト, and the line 2 is a case of polyethylene
elephthalate film Elec 1 '· ·, in the case of 示 し. -As you will see from now on, polyethylene
natthalate Eirum Ereta), polyethylene foam film Elexire y) Kjt petition @ tm is the largest warmth
is warm and high, from now on Well, I know that it is excellent for rsm * retention. Among them,
one # 1 leg of the depolarization current was in line 1 by contactless intuition. As described
above, the polyethylene na 7 tartarete film, e), c), and the conventional polyphenylene
terephthalate film, the tetrete, do not have any inferiority to the mechanical properties of the
tote, but they are significantly inferior to them. Improves WK load, and can hold it more stably. 4,
a brief of the meat surface-figure by * tih * <7 ras battle, Kufilm Electrole, To and Go-1 rust of
Tashiro Electret, to compare the depolarization llR of To 'I'll be a line letter. Name of Agent
Toshio Nakao and others 1-and l #-Report 6 Inventors and agents other than the above (2) Agent
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