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Patent application (22) 1 title of the invention, ..., 2H Yo-J% 9 Murata (other 1 person) 3 Patent
applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma H: address 106 (582) Matsushita
Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. representative Shoji Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 571 Address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma Address 1006 '[Faace] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A 5067635 [Fa] Application date Japan acid? , (197, 3) / 77 77 Office serial number 6 番号 5S
specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the invention diaphragm for speaker
2 Inventor
3 、 Detailed description of the invention · The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a
speaker, a carbon fiber with a monomer in IL such as styrene, methyl methacrylate, methyl
acetate, vinyl acetate, acrylonitrile, butadiene; A purpose is to obtain a diaphragm t for a
loudspeaker having a good one-frequency characteristic by folding and molding a graft mixed
carbon fiber mixed in / Q loop. In the conventional 2 ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ medium-usually cut the fiber
for 1 h and mix it for 1 h, there is an example of electrodynamic as a diaphragm, but according to
this method, it is 1 to 30 wt% as the eating capacity of carbon fiber Its specific modulus (elastic
modulus / densification) increases, as compared to the content IIk. (This specific elastic modulus
is closely related to the reproduction of the speaker's high slope, and when it is large, the high
sound resonance frequency becomes high and the high 1 niF 斌 can be reproduced. When it is
mixed more while it is being mixed, the specific elastic modulus is conversely reduced. Therefore,
the carbon fiber content is only up to about 510 wt% (can be incorporated into the filter, and
therefore no further improvement in specific modulus can be expected. The present invention
has the above-mentioned disadvantages t-1. A mixture of carbon fibers with the above-mentioned
various types of seven-column graft-polymerized is mixed in the pulp, and even if the carbon
fiber content is at least aO wt%, the specific modulus does not decrease but increases. As a result,
it has the feature that good speaker characteristics can be obtained. The seeding method can be
used as the graft polymer 04-forming method as follows. Method for chain transfer II to
Tobolima 1-Method using a redox system--formation of an oriented tube and thermal
decomposition thereof] Method for producing a radica EndPage: 1-4-CjsBr etc. f Insert stem
polymer KIII. , The method of generating radicals from its extraction K 6 · Method by ultraviolet
irradiation · · Method by irradiation with energy radiation Surface. Graph) polymerization is
performed by the above method etc., but carbon fiber is 餡 1! It is believed that IIK has a
structure like that shown in FIG. In order to make it start, a method is conceivable in which a
hydrogen atom bonded to a carbon atom is drawn out to form a radical, or a conjugated double
bond in a cyclic structure or t-use. Next, the embodiment of the present invention will be
described. Polymerization by radiation was used as a graft polymerization method. There is also a
method of @ * in radiation graft polymerization, but Doo de co-injection method YtF @ is 0, 11 or
= 1 mixed carbon fiber f 5 m [9 J cut into toluene shame f, into which 7 nomase Then, styrene
Vt1op was introduced and ff-Pal was irradiated with γ-ray as a 60-ray source.
Irradiated dark, 10 mix sll amount 6: 6 × 1 ′ ′ R / hr, warm temperature: irradiated at room
temperature, as a result, the grafting rate (the weight increased by grafting after irradiation by
the weight of the first carbon fiber) The percentage divided) is 1.1s. This carbon fiber was mixed
with refined kraft norp 20P (dry weight) offshore, and a mouth * aoffi 1 weight 7P (dry weight) O
speaker diaphragm was prepared by a heat press method. Varying the content in the inside and
at the same time in thickness 2 @ fla, si101'lllslti! A 180- "IcI specimen was made. これ! The
specific modulus of elasticity tm is determined by the vibration lead method. The results are
shown in the m1 l-k,-the line a is a carbon fiber at which is not grafted, and the '1' curve 1 is a
case where a carbon 711 is mixed with a carbon tube, and the black line is black. In the case
there is a peak at the sowt 昏, but in the case of the bo it is ★ fat (as it equates to the north
elastic 亭 is larger. よよ。 Button. 7. Λ λ 二 ヶ え え え え ゐ ゐ ゐ 弾 性 ゐ 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性
弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 弾 性 As the carbon fiber content increases, the specific elasticity. 1 run to
increase the rate, the treble of the treble I I! ! The local wave Wk has an advantage of having a
good force acoustic regain, which is τ.
4, · Brief description of the drawings 111 111 # is the structural formula of carbon fiber, 餉 2 is a
leg showing H 俳 5 of 9 containing fIi (w * s) and specific bullet ratio in carbon fiber pulp To. The
name of the lay prisoner-Ms. Nakao Michio and 1 other person Ie III @ 211 fA-Neko Hitomi (wt
ya) EndPage: 26 Inventors and agents other than the above-(2) Agent = 7 Showa Patent App. No.
117 No. 2 No. 2 invention No. 2 No. of invention No. IP No. No. 3 sleeve remark No. (582)
Representative Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Matsu, Shoji Shimoshita '4 agent 〒 571
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