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November 73, Showa General Secretary of the Patent Office 5: Agent 8160, · ζ Ipa Address
Tokyo, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Nishi-shinjuku 1-chome, 8-1 (Shinjuku Building) (4) Japanese Patent
Office 0 JP 50-79301-0 published Japanese Patent 50. (1975) 6.27. Japanese Patent Application
No. 4g-/ 2'1455 [phase] Application date E19r, (1973) /// / 11134623 specification name of the
invention separation display device (1) with a predetermined period Means for encoding and
sending out the input signal which is alternately gated and the t signal delivered by the delivery
means to the receiver under test to decode and decode the ratio signal on the vertical and
horizontal axes of the oscilloscope A separation 'Yon display charging feature characterized by
drawing a figure and adjusting the separation of liquid reservoir 1 fixed receiver stereo
reception. 2) Add the input signal to the transmitter under test having the encoding alternately
with a predetermined period, and receive the output of the transmitter under test in a receiver
including a decoder A separation display device that applies a power to the vertical and
horizontal axes of an oscilloscope to draw a figure, and to adjust the separation of the
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a
display device useful for the adjustment of separation between each channel of a receiver such as
2 channels or 4 channels. Conventionally, when adjusting the separation between the left and
right channels in a stereo communication device or stereo set, etc., the signal is first input to the
left channel of the receiver to be measured-and crosstalk to the right channel is reduced little To
make the adjustment and to make the crosstalk into the left channel smooth by inputting the sign
in the right channel, and to adjust the separation by making the adjustment as described above. If
the number of platforms increases, it has a deficiency that increases the man-hours S. 'The
present invention eliminates the above-mentioned deficiencies and relates to the t channel
separation 4 ya' display indication, the apparent input to each channel is input at the same time,
and the leak to each channel is simultaneously measured by one oscilloscope. I'm going to make
a 4 'separation adjustment. Details of the invention will be described below with reference to Fig.
1 to Fig. 9? , 'IFIA +; E ,. ヤ)1つ。 □。 □。 オオ、。 EndPage: 1 (IL) (IB) input terminal
connected to coughing input terminal to switching circuit (2L) (2R), timing to other input
terminal of cough switching circuit (2L) (2R), The output terminals (10L) and (10B) of the
switching to J substantially (2L) (2R) light the encoder circuit (4) to transmit Q (51) so that the
pulse from the pulse generation circuit r31 is input threatened η 1 Connected Reception desk
C1 of the cough transmission reception 1i '51 The reception desk (6) is connected to the
reception desk (6), and the reception side of the reception machine passes through the decoder
(7) and the amplification 8 (8L> (8F) <,), The output law of the amplifier r8L) (8B,) is connected
to the vertical @ (V) and the horizontal axis () () of the oscilloscope + 91. る。 In addition, it refers
to a signal encoded and decoded by the above-mentioned transmission / reception W1 such as
Cr) -4, Regilla matrix method or the like. ′。 In describing the operation in the circuit
configuration as described above, for example, a sine wave input signal 01+ as shown in FIG. 2A
is added to the input terminal (L L) (TR), and the cycle is generated from the timing pulse
generation circuit f 31-. A sine wave input signal applied from an input terminal rlL (IR,) by
adding an Loki switching pulse 021 shown in FIG. 8 (8) having (T ′) to the switching circuit (2L)
(2R) a21 is gated by the timing pulse OT described above, and the output terminals (IOL) (IOR) of
the switching circuits (2L) and (2R) are switched to sine-input signals 3 as shown in FIGS. (C) and
(D). The switching is alternately performed according to the synchronization (T) of the circuit,
and the waveform waveform and 0 (i) are obtained.
The above-mentioned wave ThnH4) is multiplexed by the encoder (4) and transmitted to the
receiver under test (6) by the transmission device (5). In this case, the separation on the side
including the encoder and the transmitter is selected to a certain reference value. The signal (fl)
received by the receiver (6) is decoded by the snowstorm decoder 7) into a waveform (1 (d) aθ)
as shown in Fig. 3 (A) (B) and (15 ') (16') The leaky component shown in These output signal
waveforms are added to the vertical axis (v) and horizontal axis (H) of the oscilloscope through
amplifier (Attenuator circuit) (8L) (8R, as required). When a signal such as that described above
is applied to the oscilloscope, the re-surgery figure will be replaced by the 'yfj IJ ia, (a + separable
yon is correctly adjusted and the vertical sleeve and horizontal axis of the oscilloscope will
alternate) Since the lines intersect with each other q and the separation is poor, it is possible to
adjust the receivers to be measured so as to be completely orthogonal since they cross with a
certain inclination. Also, the period (T) of the timing pulse generation circuit used in FIG. 11 is
named as a sufficiently short period so as to switch before the elephant does not disappear using
the eye image effect of the eye, the resurge diagram Can be observed as a figure of cruciform 0
eta as shown in FIG. Therefore, it may be adjusted so that this cruciform umbrella is completely
orthogonal. In the case described above, the signal applied to the input terminal (IL) (IR,) was the
sine wave input signal 02, but a rectangular wave is used as the input signal-if the oscilloscope's
Sage figure Fi in Fig. The bright spots (18a) (18h) (18c) (18d) appear. Therefore, if the window
(18a ') (18h 勺 (18c 勺 (18d 勺) is provided at the right position of the scope), it is extremely
easy to adjust it simply by adjusting the bright spot into those palaces. It can. 2 In this case, the
cruciform as shown in Fig. 6 by using the step wave j j as shown in Fig. 7 as the input signal
because it is a part-part unclear stone in charge of the intersection of the cruciform. It is
convenient to adjust the separation while observing the oscilloscope because it appears as an
intersection point (19f) of a cross shape (19f) and a crescent cross section (19f) with an apex
portion (19a) (19b) (19c) (19d). The input signal waveform of the invention is not limited to a
sine wave input signal, and it can be understood that any input waveform such as a rectangular
wave, a step wave, a triangular wave, etc. may be used. Furthermore, a linear amplifier was used
for the amplification circuit (8L) (8B,) at the front stage of the oscilloscope. A non-linear amplifier
that performs amplitude limitation for large amplitude is used. Amplitude-limited crabs are
performed on the demodulated signal components of the above, and it is emphasized to leak
signal components that are small exposure widths, and their 1'1 scale figure Fi-Th8 cross
waveform 121) Get
-As another example, the frequency difference between the input terminals (IL) and (In,)? The t @
sign may be added. This signal is tentatively named (K,) (K,). As an example, when the signal (K,)
is added to the signal C having a frequency twice that of the signal (K, One eight-shaped figure in
the perpendicular direction and two 8EndPage: two-shaped figure (two in the horizontal direction
orthogonal to the eight-shaped figure) are formed. In this case, the separation tone of the
receiver under test is adjusted so that the width of two figure-like figures that cross # 'iq crosses
as the adjustment method and adjustment method (W,> (W,)) becomes the narrowest. Suga, you
are good. In the case of the above embodiment, in the case of the above embodiment, measure
the receiver as a circuit under test (6) Measure the separation and show the block (S) shown by
the dotted line in q-hly1 figure as the layer 11 constant circuit and separate the transmitter
simultaneously It is also obvious that it is good to measure the separation on the receiving side
by passing it to a certain base value and measuring it as the separation on the transmitting side
(5). The present invention adjusts the separation as described above-a! While looking at an
oscilloscope, anyone can do it-extremely easy as well as reduce measurement time n, large door
length! I'll try it. −
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a separation display device according to
the present invention; FIG. 2 is a schematic diagram, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3 are waveform diagrams for
explaining the operation of the schematic diagram of FIG. Fig. 8 and Fig. 9: In addition to the
separation display device according to the present invention, the oscilloscope display of Fig. 8
illustrates the difference of the oscilloscope waveform based on the difference of the input
waveform according to JP-A 5O-79301 (3). FIG. 7 is a waveform showing another embodiment of
the input waveform. (IL) (IR) 汀 input terminal, (2L), (2R) is a switch circuit, (3 + i timing pulse
generation circuit, f411 d encoder, f51 Fi transmitter, (6) is a receiver under test, (7) is a decoder
, (8L) (8B,) are amplification circuits, and (9) is an oscilloscope. Patent Applicant Nippon
Derombia Ltd. Atsushi Ito EndPage: 3
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