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1. Title of the invention: ■ Japan Patent Office ■ JP 50-81.31.80 Published Japan 50. (1975)
7.2 Office internal reference number 6 lead Δ statement specification-name of the inventionname of the invention ビ − 力 特 L 鯖 ml ml ス − 力 力 ス ピ ー カ, ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 勧 勧
With power amplifier. A detector with one side of the speaker and a balance balanced to detect
all of the speaker's weight, and a detection signal of the detection signal of the him output W #
(Harmonicity to cancel the dead tube by the power of the speaker A high-frequency wave
generator generated in advance from the input signal, an arithmetic unit that differentiates the
detection signal @ and the m proportional calculation, and a correction for correcting the input
signal into a constant A circuit and subtracting the correction (2) path output pipe from the
output of the multiplier and returning to the input section 1- # P power-set to ス power. Detailed
@ in the book @ @ @ This is a sound box combined with an amplifier and a speaker. In the prior
art, there is a low frequency resonant substance wave & (1; iL under to) that has a speaker box of
1% and a% / 'h at the time of resonance,' 'Q no $ l @ I was looking at a rare circuit. Ie with the
speaker (4) and the resistance 1.5) (@l and (7). Balance these tube-side bridges. Arithmetic unit
(91 [more fo and resonance-Q was controlled-one. Here, ((11) input terminals ((subtractor, (3) σ
power multiplier, (81) is a subtractor). However, the magnetic circuit of the speaker (4) is
generally structured as shown in FIG. 3 (1). Therefore, the effectiveness when the voice coil Q21
cuts the magnetic flux is different, and the attack is different, and the detection fl # is the
displacement X and 2 of the center position of the pois coil OH. It becomes "Jk inertia song-like".
When negative feedback is performed under such conditions, the speaker (output sound pressure
of the speaker 41 generates distorted sound pressure due to non-linearity of the force coefficient,
and a sufficient effect can not be obtained. In the present invention, Q at the time of to or
resonance? No reduction in effectiveness of booster-no increase in K and no increase 1 (11
control is possible and moreover. This is to provide an EndPage: 1 Hekara rattan that can reduce
wrinkles such as the sky of Heika's yarn, the force coefficient, and the sky of the speaker box.
The following book-one true example? Get ready based on the drawings. In Fig. 2, the signal that
entered the input child @ 1 is combined! The peak is added to the minus (+) input terminal of Mii-
. Applied to the car-m-.
Further, the output of t-car-4,-is applied to a speaker circuit as a side of a speaker and a pre-coil
as a detector consisting of a resistance surface and a @. Because the fall of the resistance of the
speaker (ha) and Hafens are taken off here on Privji curving path! # Out fW? In the lower range
than this balance @ l & number, the voltage which is proportional to the coupling pointproportion of the wheel coil speed of the HhK speaker is clumped in the lower range. Therefore,
by means of subtraction 40, the fall voltage proportional to the speaker's connection is detected
and added--in addition. In addition, W-wave distortion of one constant r generated from the input
signal is observed by marking the adder signal TJI ′ ′ ′ by passing the input signal
connection point @ − and marking it as “TJI ′ ′ ′ ′ in the acoustic wave generator. , The
force factor detector is reduced. Therefore, the output pressure of the speaker includes the gill of
the speaker including the air bag and the like which is generated by the container of the speaker
Y and 111 & the container of the shock pump sock at the output of the adder. Then, the output
of the multiplier is applied to a computing unit, and after one operation of proportional to m
minutes is performed for 81 minutes, it is applied to the subtraction m- ((-> input terminal). Also
subtraction 44! A part of the input signal which has passed through the connection point (--one
ker child vr is corrected to 19r constant abolition characteristics). Be Subtractor (3 power output
lights, machine f) h etc. In the high frequency band of high frequency, the level and phase time
tolerance with respect to the basic balance are divided, but as described above! It includes a
capsule fraction and further includes a difference of 15 minutes at the resonant wavenumber fO
and a difference in the level of Q at resonance as well as the above-mentioned hiro component at
a four wave number IIIF below the middle band. The output of this subtractor 3η is picked up
from the (−) input of the subtractor (2). That is, only atO and Q at the time of resonance as well
as the above-mentioned components are incorporated into the negative feedback loop, and a
reduction of distortion and a predetermined @ wave property at # i5 +-can be obtained. Next,
detection * reduction (about theoretical knowledge). 1 Figure 3 (ml graph? Bj-Jump 4Bo-1 (x-n),
where Bj #-1t force holding number, Bo is the maximum average magnetic flux density (wb 7 ""),
m # i Parabolic-reduction coefficient representing the reduction (wb7 '鳳 t), x is the displacement
* nts maximum flat maximum average flux point texture, 1 is the voice coil effective! # 會 Table
Wass, yes! Voice coil speed at certain horns & bushes? Assuming that ■ V Vain ωt, the detected
voltage Et1% Mm% B1) Iw (Bo-mx "+ 2 mn-n-) 7 Vain り (displacement xri speed V Vf> time
integral ーIs a base leather wave, a second N & -shi, a third tatami mat button and (the division is
performed as in the following equation.
V 黛 lm (Bo-mn "-訃 I v) I gain @ Itv" 1 m + 7 V "-11 1818 n t-· · 7 ft ln S mt 131 ω That is, as
shown in equation 181, there is an angular wave number V snow sjvs 關 j-aim noodle t + 7-211 n
T-YrllJL 上 and the power coefficient of W 検 出 at the time of detection is heard, and 411 ー ー
ー 性 性 性 性. Recommend 4 figures tj + i! -One example of the fence button-Show one tube--------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is an accompaniment device to
determine @ next child's level. In this case, O! ! Assuming that AJin & t is an output company A ′
′ sin ′ ′ ωs mA ′ ′ (1−6052 ′ ms) / 2 of the g-th power tm path, a part of the signal is
obtained by W and the input signal Since -i of the multiplier-busy W is obtained, the power of
this two-signal calculation company-A20 ° '"-XAs1 n *,! −=1n*t、
aa5Smt22−−−4−? sin3ωt-sinωs) In the ff181 equation, the speaker's Hess coil
Waga UV is a constant of the speaker, that is, a low band angular resonance component ω 0. Q
at ω0? As shown in the figure of the filter inertia rj sugar of +3+ type from VQ when the interval
between the Heus coil in coo * ω0 is VQ. EndPage: 2 ■ / 61 'IC Oy uto more than one 18 / LB
10 oz fo less than @ 妓 number 64B 70 (stV "7 # [Oy rif more than @ f & in-30-11 B 10 ctfo less
It will be 6 (LBloat) in one wave. A filter filter tube with such characteristics is inserted to match
the phase and level of each tone adjustment button. The power is obtained from the output, the
child, the noise, and the noise, the non-linearity of the force coefficient at the time of detection of
the speaker is removed, the required frequency and inertia are compensated, and the pressure is
reduced. According to the above, according to the end of the present invention, it is possible to
control fo and Q at the time of resonance without reducing the effect of the fixture and without
adding the distortion, and furthermore, the distortion of the speaker's sentence, distortion of
force holding capacity, the speaker hook It is possible to reduce distortion of nausea caused by
the capacity of
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS 4 h Drawing 1st light conventional block diagram, FIG.
2 shows an example block diagram of an embodiment of wood shelling, Ii! 13 (a) Repulsive force
coefficient = displacement characteristic curve- (b) rt Noodle construction of a magnetic circuit of
a general speaker, FIG. 4 is a 10-deck diagram showing an example of a high-wave meeting
generator, IK5e ! ! 3rt 5e! ! It is a characteristic view of 3rt collector. @ ... Trial calculator,-one
electric car width device, 彌 ... speaker. G ~ 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · right to add (至) · · · nose nose ・, · 3h · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · 侠 代 人 本本 弘 3 3 ks J group 8] EndPage: 3
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