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(Nationality)-Japan Patent Office-JP 59-842310, published Nissho 5Q, (1975) 7.8 @ Letter 1, title
of the invention 8.41 Patent claims Natural cellulose or rayon such as paper, pulp and the like.
Organic halogen compounds and anti-mono compounds in the diaphragm body made of
regenerated cellulose such as acetate. Loudspeaker diaphragm characterized by adhering or
absorbing 5 to 50 of the organic zirconium compound and the flame retardant of the phosphate
compound part at a weight ratio of 1 to 3 W! The present invention relates to a defibrillated
speaker diaphragm. As a so-called S-fired speaker wedge diaphragm. Although a glass m-up
diaphragm or a metal diaphragm is proposed, it does not reach the diaphragm of natural
cellulose a in terms of the 411 aspect. However, it is possible to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks of 0-ring lII # i which suffers from the drawback that the fibrous diaphragm i is
flammable, and to use a natural cellulose fiber 1 and to provide a large diaphragm. llIh The
present invention is an organic halogen compound in a diaphragm main body made of natural
cellulose (fiber) such as paper or pulp or regenerated cellulose such as rayon or acetate.
Antimony Kuramata, organic zirpnium compounds The present invention relates to a diaphragm
for a speaker, which is made to adhere and adsorb by deinking, painting, coating or the like with
a decarburizing agent such as a phosphate compound. The invention will now be described by
way of example. As a decarburizing agent to be attached to or absorbed to a diaphragm body
made of natural cells or regenerated cellulose, for example, a CBr 'product as a halogencontaining compound, a g'b- as a Br' anti-mono compound, etc. os @ 1it) OJs @ 11) OJs Organic
Jill; * Zr0OJ as a leek compound. As the phosphate compound, for example, s0IIn) a + sPmosa + s
is used, and the above-mentioned second flame retardant agent ethyl borate, methyl ethyl
ketono)) 9 pre- 、, dolol 11 o EndPage 1 base layer agent Kl # dissolve, in the above solution The
diaphragm is crushed, sprayed, or brushed, and the flame retardant is impregnated, adsorbed, or
coated on the diaphragm body, and the amount of the flame retardant that is required is the
weight ratio A range of 5 to 50 is desirable for the diaphragm body. When it is less than 5 inches,
the effect of the flame retardance is small (. When it exceeds 50%, the weight of the whole
diaphragm increases, which is not preferable in the characteristics, around 20 inches is optimum.
Next, we will give an experimental example. In the case of impregnation, weigh the diaphragm?
0-18017 m "density 0.5 to alpha fu easily impregnated S @ composition ethyl borate 4 o
chitoluol 40% organic halogen compound 2 o-jll EK impregnated and dried at 80 @ 0 for 20
This reaches oxygen 1'tjlljLas or more. Bring the above treatment to the 1st II INVC flame. By this
m, the deflagration agent is decomposed to generate noncombustible gas, and the air of the
outside air and the cellulose fiber are blocked by the noncombustible gas. Also, in the case of the
antimony compound which is an inorganic compound, the degree of decomposition is higher
than that of the flame, so that the fiber covered with it is indirectly 'contacted with air and
carbonized without coming out of the flame. . Therefore, when the flame gets close to the
diaphragm, 915-50% emits flame from the combustible cellulose fiber. The removal of this is to
extinguish the fire within 1 second, and the Tsu f I & part to be retained is the book to extinguish
the fire within 30 seconds. Since the present invention adsorbs or absorbs the flame retardant by
5 to 50% by weight ratio to the diaphragm body made of natural cellulose or regenerated
cellulose as described above, it is in contact with the flame. It is possible to prevent the spread of
fire due to the combustion of the speaker diaphragm without the main combustion. In the
present invention, in addition to the diaphragm, an edge and a damper. Voice coil, gasket can
also be applied in 16 * * IFRtSl [A: y o xp-11 @ * * & agent attorney Toshio Takayama / Turtle
inventor other than the above 'address Akishima city Tokyo Tomizawa town 512 Foster Electric
Company, Inc. Mr. Ken Shigishi, Second Section EndPage: 2
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