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特許 Japanese Patent Office Mourning Officer Hideo Saito December 1954 Day 3, patent
applicant address (Iijima Tokyo-Ota Ward Omori Nishi 4! Eye No. 15 No. 5, Name (501)
Representative of Pioneer Corporation Atsumi Ishizuka Published Patent Publication, Report ■
JP-A-50-99117, 4 et al. 5 Description 1, Title of the invention.
Domed speaker
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an oval dome-shaped
loudspeaker. The diaphragm in the conventional dome-shaped speaker has a shape formed on a
part of a spherical shell (hereinafter referred to as a "circular diaphragm"). The high frequency
limit frequency is determined by the size of the outer diameter of the diaphragm. In other words,
it is possible to reduce the external @ by raising the high frequency limit frequency, but there is a
defect that the 6 frequency characteristics are degraded in the low 10 000 low frequency range,
and in the case of the conventional circular diaphragm, wide band design The limit arose
naturally. Then, it is considered that the diaphragm has a shape of -IIlIt of an elliptic spherical
shell (hereinafter referred to as "elliptic plate"). -In other words, the high frequency limit
frequency is fixed on the short diameter side of the diaphragm, and the low frequency 1Ill is
determined by the entire area, so the dome type Svy shape with a wide range as a whole-1 voice
coil r) In the case of a% ellipse, it is necessary to make it an ellipse to the gap of the magnetic
circuit. That is, if all the items are ovals EndPage: 1, the cost of parts is 1 over 9 and the defect
rate is also high. The present invention has been made in view of the above-described point, and
its object is to provide a dome-shaped speaker having a compensation circular diaphragm which
can be manufactured very cheaply and easily. Another object of the present invention is to
provide a dome-shaped speaker having a flat reproduction frequency characteristic from low to
high # by using an elliptical diaphragm as a fusion with other objects of tree climbing. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. (1) is a
vibrating plate having a vibrating portion a formed in a tank circular shape, a damper portion (2)
formed on the outer periphery thereof, and an edge portion (2) formed on the outer periphery,
(2) -A coil bobbin whose shape is identical to that of the back surface center of the upper surface
of the coil when the side (b) is released in a wave shape and rounded into a cylindrical shape, (81
ri is a voice coil wound on the coil bobbin (2) . (4) is the same magnetic circuit as in the prior art,
@@ is a yoke% -pole piece, and .mu.s is a magnet%. (61 (6) is an arrow paper formed in the same
shape as the upper V diaphragm (1) and the same shape as the wedge (2), to which the
diaphragm (1) is attached. B) mounted on the top surface. (6) is a sound absorbing material such
as a felt material fixed to the upper surface of the plate. Next, we explain the action based on the
above-mentioned interception. Now, if the carp is fixed by shaking the center of the back surface
of the ruby pin (2> kJlii moving plate (1) with the center part of the back of the adhesive), the
coil bobbin ~ (2) 2 '!
1 pois county le (3+ magnetic turn, position on the magnetic gap back of the path (λ). And the
vibration holding plate, the edge part (2) of (1) on the plate-with the arrow paper (5)? Then, the
diaphragm (1) can vibrate. Here, when a signal is applied to the voice coil (3) and the force is
zeroed, the diaphragm (1) vibrates as in the conventional dome-shaped speaker, standing waves
generated when the normal circular vibration is removed, the vibration Because the part (b) is an
ellipse, it is a fraction, and the book caused by the occurrence of the standing wave can be
ignored. Reflected waves are easily generated between a part of 10,000 dampers (2) and the
plate-(by providing a sound absorbing material (6) between the two as one real stream side), the
frequency characteristics are generated You can reduce the number of mountain valleys. In the
present invention, as the diaphragm is formed in an elliptical shape as described above P, and
one side of the coil bobbin y is in the same shape as the l & plane center of the m part at the
above Since it can be used on ordinary magnetic circuits and therefore can be used on
ordinary magnetic circuits, dome speakers with transverse circular sliding plates can be
inexpensively backed up, and generation of standing waves can be well prevented, and it is a
finger circular shaking plate In particular, the effect is obtained such as to obtain a flat
characteristic from the low band to the high band. 4, simple [I? The clear figure is the
implementation of the domed loudspeaker according to the invention fl! I is a perspective view of
a state in which the coil-bobbin is attached to the diaphragm with the coil attached to the
diaphragm. W2 is a development view of the coil bobbin / FIG. 5 is a central half sectional view
of an assembled state. (1) is a protein board: (b) is a pregnancy II J part, (2) is a coil bobbin (2) is
a corrugated side EndPage: 26. Inventors other than the above, a patent applicant or a derivative
name, address name, name and name (2) ) Patent applicant address location) Name (name)
representative 'address 1 place) name (name) representative address change notification superpermitted March 74 '49 2, name of invention 2, name of invention 3, address Relationship with
the person who changed the applicant New address 1000 153EndPage: 3
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