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(2 ', 000 yen). 1 Patent application address 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma
city Ogata Kadoma name 1002 Name (582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Shoji Matsushita 4 agent ? 57 ░ 1 address, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogado Kamon
1006 address ? Japan Patent Office ? Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-994570,
Japanese Patent Application No. 50 ', (1975)' 3.7 Japanese Patent Application No. 4q-2 (? 7]
[phase] filing date ? dental home (197j) / 2. ?? Examination request not yet requested (all
four pages) Office serial number 6 + 11 :, 5 specifications 1, title of the invention 1, title of the
invention Office split circuit for multi-way speaker system
Round ? ? ? way speaker system '' ffr? ??
3. Detailed Description of the Invention With regard to the dividing circuit for the multi-multicast
speaker system according to the present invention (separate into the type speaker system and 4),
even when the frequency characteristics of the 4-sound speaker and the bass speaker are not
flat, 4 The purpose is to configure the sum of the sound of the speaker to become a treasure.
First, before describing the conventional multi-way speaker system, one light storage tank T1
(5?), f2 (5 ?)
иииииииииииии Transmission 1, 2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и shows the frequency transfer function that represents
the relationship between the input and output of ?, i # 'i double' l # ?, ? indicates the angular
frequency respectively There is. FIG. 3 shows that the output through low-pass sure LMIO 1 path
11 is interviewed or passed through amplifier 12 to the high-tone speaker 13 of the conventional
multi-way speaker system, and the high-pitch speaker 16 is high It is configured to apply the
output through the area disconnection pipeline 14 through the 11-junction or the amplifier 15.
However, in this -J1 configuration, when m is a split open circuit with a slope of 12 dB / octave
or more in low-pass power disconnect circuit 11 ░ high-pass disconnected channel 14, the toro
number characteristic is flat from the point of phase characteristics. (There was a configuration
as shown in FIG. 94 which could not be used. That is, one high-pitched speaker, the signal
passing through low-frequency cut-off EndPage: 1 ? road 1A, or through an amplifier 18, is
added to b = ? 1, the original signal to bass speaker 23 , Phase 1 of the low-pass cylindrical
place 0 path 1 are inverted by the phase inverting circuit 20 and added to the summing circuit
21 with the light one and added, and from the original signal low-pass, IIIrrIO 1 path 1 The signal
obtained by subtracting the output of a is added directly or through an amplifier 22. However, in
this configuration, it is preferable that the transmission frequency characteristics of the highpitched speaker and the low-pitched speaker be flat. Since the imaginary part often has no flat
characteristic, the sum of the high sound speaker 9 and the low sound speaker 23 and the @
sound pressure is not -iK. When one of the ## of the high-pitched speaker 9 is a flat line # 1 and
the frequency transfer interval T1q (jm) is 1 at J, the characteristic of the sound reproduced from
the high-pitched speaker 1 is Tly (jm) X1. #), It becomes the characteristic T1y (jm) of the lowpass 4 disconnection Ia. At this time, if the bass speaker 230 characteristic l2s (jm) is also a flat,
the sound to be reproduced from the bass speaker 23 The characteristic of (1-Tly (jm)) О 1 is
obtained, and the characteristic of the output of the adder 721 is 1-'i: 1y (jm), but it is -1 (Tly (im)
Xl) + ( It becomes 1-'l (degree) 17 (jm) X1 = 1 and fM wave number transfer function is 1.
That is, the same wave number characteristics are flat ? m,-,. ?? ???? For high-pitched
sound, if the high-pitched sound 4N-ka, a, q (9a +), the bass V- for the sub-speaker 23 has a
frequency transmission coefficient of T0n (?) and both of them are not 1, ie, not full. The sound
emitted from the speaker 19 ░ is 1?1y (jm) XT + t (? ?), and the sound emitted from the bass
speaker 23 is (1-?J: 1y (im)) XT2s (jm). In addition, the frequency transfer complement is not
1Vc'lk, so that this configuration makes it impossible to realize a multi-way speaker system
having a flat 4-wave number characteristic. Therefore, according to the present invention, the
frequency characteristics of the high-pitched speaker and the low-pitched speaker are not flat.44FK4, the sum of the sounds of both the speakers is constant. Reveal. In the figure, the baFi
signal input terminal, 1 is a low frequency cutoff circuit, and its 1111 L1! ! The number system
4: 4 IA number is T1 (1?), and its output is directly applied to the high sound speaker 3 of the
number 15 (im) per 1 frequency transmission through% or amplifier 2. Therefore, the
characteristics of the sound reproduced from the sound speaker. Becomes T1 (im) XTg (1?). The
town Q 1 is inverted by the phase inverting circuit 6 and added to the input signal by the adding
circuit 6. That is, the characteristics of 1- [1 ░ 1 (1?) О Ta (1?) ? ?] = 1? (11 (?)
xi??sri?)] can be obtained by subtraction. This is the ws of the bass speaker 9, i number
transfer Ail number Tt (the inverse characteristic of ios3, ie, 1 / l '? When the speaker 7C for bass
is added through the circuit 7 having (1?) and then directly: or through the amplifier 8, the
characteristic of the sound from the speaker for bass is 1-Tlrm) XTir '.
???????????????????????? ???????????????? L + M,
Dodo of the microphone 1 o is for high-tone (T + '(jg) XTs (ja +))-1-(1- (T1 (im) X Ti (la +)) l = 1
flat sheet 1 frequency characteristics flat 4 multi-way speaker systems can be realized. From the
following, as shown in FIG. 4, one alig information O # '> 25 "t" "" "Shun-m,), x-'rs (, jm-lil
characteristic T *) Even if (im) is made, it is possible to realize a flat one-multi-speaker system of
the upper case real ellipticity and the 14 horizontal f rounding number characteristic. In FIG. 2,
the parts denoted by the same reference numerals as in FIG. 1 have the same functions. Also, in
the above example, only the F12 way is considered, but in the case of three or more windows, as
described above, it is preferable to configure the four speakers.
As described above, in the present invention according to the present invention, a predetermined
band is cut by one to one speaker. The input signal through the vr circuit is applied, and the
output of this circuit is applied to a circuit similar to / i- characteristic of the one speaker, and
this output is subtracted from the manual signal to obtain the other speaker's Add to a circuit
that approximates reverse ringing, and increase its output? Book EndPage: 2 ? ? speaker wR
index characteristic is flat and it is danced by making the sum of the sound of these speakers 4
constant and obtaining a frequency characteristic flat ? way speaker system by making the sum
of the sound of these speakers constant It is
4, a brief description of the drawings, @ 1 is a professional drawing showing a division circuit for
a speaker system according to an embodiment of the present invention. 2 is a block diagram
showing another embodiment of the present invention. @ 3 'Figure, Figure 4 is conventional! FIG.
6 is a perspective view showing a car dealer 1 passable road for a Louway speaker system. 1
......... lowpass Nokodan circuit, 3 ......... tweeter Supi force, similar to the characteristics of the 4
......... tweeter nine circuit having a characteristic, 1s ......... phase inversion, l'51B, 6 ......... addition
circuit, 7 ......... reverse woofer Circuit having characteristics approximate to the characteristics,
9.... Agent's name Now Toshio Nakao or one person 11! 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 EndPage: 36 Agent
address other than the above. ?
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