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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are perspective views of a
conventional composite longitudinal vibration type transducer, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are views of a
composite longitudinal vibration type transducer according to an embodiment of the present
invention. FIG. 5 is a perspective view showing frequency sensitivity characteristics of three
types of vibrators of FIG. 1 and FIG. 6 is a frequency sensitivity characteristic view of a composite
vibrator according to an embodiment of the present invention. 2........ Fig. 1 Fig. 2 膚-Fig. 4 Fig. 4
餐 餐-177-Fig. 5 Deputy fine school-1-L-178-Actual opening 50-99879 ('2) Fig. 6 vinegar fL4c.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Name of the Invention Compound Longitudinal
Vibration Type Vibrator 211 Month No. Claim Claims Piezoelectric or electrostrictive vertical
vibration type fI motions are collected in several pieces to form an integral structure, and It
should be noted that the vertical dimension of the 鍍 oscillator has been made different so as to
have at least one step difference so that the oscillator as a whole has two or more and five or
more closely-spaced skin wave numbers (I! Self-titling l111 type riot child. 3. Detailed Description
of the Invention The invention relates to a piezoelectric or electrostrictive oscillator O
configuration ME. Longitudinal vibration type vibrators having a large electromechanical
coefficient and a simple & simple appearance are often used as a piezoelectric or electrostrictive
vibrator for a wave number 趨 a wave. As a result, in order to arrange a wide-field i soundshooting image for the purpose of sharp directional synthesis etc. A large number of vibration 1
(1) nako singles are arranged in one pot parallel or perpendicular to the sound wave emitting
surface. Also, as shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. 2, a composite longitudinal in which a plurality of
longitudinal vibration type vibrators of the same resonance frequency are II @ in the part of the
vibration-displacement node or in the part of the sound wave emitting surface area or its
anticircular surface. Vibration type strip 5 mover is also used a lot. FIG. 1 shows an integral
structure of a plurality of vibrators at the nodes of vibrational displacement, 1 indicates a
sintered piezoelectric or electrostrictive material, 2 indicates a narrow groove 6 And 7 indicate
electrodes. FIG. 2 shows an integral structure of a plurality of pendulums at one end opposite to
the sound wave 19 radiation surface of the vibrator, and the reference numerals are the same as
in FIG. However, since these longitudinal vibration type vibrators have sharp mechanical
resonance characteristics and large mechanical Q, they can not widen the transmission /
reception frequency band, and they are standing up by the waveform O transient phenomenon of
pulse modulation ls adjustment The top 9 was a late fault. For this reason, either one with a small
mechanical Q and a wide flN radiation-which is a public expense, should be a Langevin 謔
oscillator, or a longitudinal vibration 1111It rate factor body having a number of resonances 4
with two or more near resonances. Yes) The machine 20 (2) target Q was small and a large
number of vibrators were arranged. In such a method, it takes a lot of time and steps to arrange
and assemble operations, and the electric reverberation characteristics of each 1 # R motion are
likely to be uneven, and the array dimension accuracy which is the main element of the
intergranular association is In the case of high four waves, it is required 5 high values, whereas
its alignment work is 6 in TAa. This device is intended to further reduce the manufacturing cost
except for these drawbacks, and a slot is formed in the piezoelectric or piezoelectric material
leakage material in a direction perpendicular to the # wave radiation pile and separated by the
slot. Make each fil I part i1310 minutes to go to the vertical position-or make a W at a part inside
the reflection-or a part of its reflection, and each part separated by a narrow groove has a
proximity of 2 櫨 or more In order to have the number of pieces and the number of scraps, the
dimension step is made as a whole to perform O vertical weft as one transducer, and a 7J4
vertical vibrator 15 type vibrator is presented.
In the following, the present invention is made according to the embodiment) @. FIGS. 44 and 5
are oblique m views of the embodiment of the vertical self-working vibrator of the present
invention, which is 6Jl, and it is resistant to rice 1 and 2WJ. 2 G (3)-1 1 ノ sintered body of
piezoelectric or electrostrictive material transducers 3-5 arranged in a matrix to minimize the
length of the two-sided vibrator at the central part, The length of the vibrator 4 in each row on
both sides thereof is long, the length of the vibrator 5 in each outermost row is the longest, and
two steps are provided. . By forming a vibrator having two dimensional steps in this manner,
three close nine resonance frequencies can be used. In addition, it is possible to use for adjusting
the phase difference of the radiation f wave at the working frequency which is caused by the
difference in the number of resonances s 41 of the dimension step 紘 each longitudinal vibration
type transducer by 1 G. なおsjlaiiQ、! [4 Figure shows the case of three types of
resonance frequency, but it is clear that the present invention can be applied to the case of two
or more types of resonance ma number by providing one or more step of the size of the present
invention. It is. The piezoelectric body or electrostrictive body 115 is formed by a method such
as silver powder coating or baking under J & temperature, etc., and is divided by the electrodes 6
and 7. In the case of the structure as shown in FIG. 4, the current Ik7 can be made common to
the longitudinal oscillators having different resonance / 4 wave numbers. In addition, the
position of the electric is shown for the case of the longitudinal effect of the 20 (4) piezoelectric
or piezo-electrostrictive characteristics of the longitudinal vibration-type vibrator in the case of
凶 3 in ga but it is also possible to set the position for cooking the transverse effect It is. The 5th
WIA is a longitudinal vibration type with three closely spaced resonant skin wave numbers using
the implementation NK of the present invention! It is a single sensitivity frequency characteristic
diagram of movement 3.4.55. C corresponds to the vibration of the vibrator 5 4.3 respectively.
Longitudinal vibration 111ii The mechanical Qeililll + child material of the mover (as determined
by, generally, the Fi mechanical Qa is large. However, the sensitivity dust wave number
fluctuation of the actual weaving example of the present invention in which 1G longitudinal
vibration l1il heat vibration oscillator having 3 kinds of close 9 resonance frequencies is placed!
Curve D in FIG. 6 (9 mechanical Q as shown becomes smaller. Therefore, according to the present
invention, the transmission / reception shoulder wave number can be widely selected, and the
improvement of transmission / reception van shape due to excessive edge during transmission /
reception vibration can be improved 15. Furthermore, by moving in parallel to the 1tttto
radiation direction at the position of the radiation image, the phase difference of the radiated
sound wave due to the difference in the resonance frequency of the longitudinal vibration type
oscillator at use # 1 wave number is mechanically checked. It is also possible to do. As described
above, according to the present invention, if it is necessary to widen the radiation surface due to
the small size of 2G (5) Ca 暴 愼 mechanical Q and sharp directional synthesis etc. according to
the present invention, array dimension error The dimensional error can be reduced to a small
size, and directivity synthesis, particularly the suppression of secondary false negative, becomes
a good item.
Furthermore, it has the effect that the deviation of the electric noise #I characteristic can be
reduced by the rounding assembling which can reduce the assembling process.
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