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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view, FIG. 2 is a side view, and FIG. 3 is
a partially enlarged partial sectional view. F, A21
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Sentence J1 ? 6Ill3-real opening 5l-18102 (2) ?
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound box (2
11) for mechanically reproducing sound by means of a cone "10" for vibration generated at the
needle tip. 12 Traditionally, as this type of sound box, the main I5 is the main part of the main I5,
which consists of a cone that generates small waves and generates compression waves, and a
needle that picks up the sound produced by +4 records. Even if the record is a circular 16 disc or
an endless belt, it must be 18 if the needle can not move within a certain range. Therefore, the
needle can not be fixed firmly to the center of the cone, and the needle can not be attached to the
center of the cone 20 (1) even if the needle exists in the center of the cone 1 in the prior art :
Covers the movement range of the needle 1: forms a sufficiently flat portion 2 or the center of
the cone has a point-like ridge: forms a needle support 4 with a contact surface of a
predetermined width contacting the portion of the lever 1 Are provided. However, 5 cones I: 1 of
the formation of a flat portion; 6 movement echoes of the needle; accompanying with this, the
driving point for driving the cone is displaced 7 and the efficiency of the cone drive is changed to
vibrate well. 8 can not do. In addition, needle support i has a large contact surface with a width 9
of 9 and is prone to needle collapse and so on 10, making it difficult to perform good
regeneration 11 with an increase in overall weight and high-frequency characteristics It is
something that is inferior to the 12th. In addition, if the weight of the needle support is reduced
14 for this type of 13 f type, the needle is placed right or left: When the needle moves, the
playback volume changes more than 15 due to the decrease in rigidity, and good playback
characteristics It is something that you can not do. Furthermore, in such a conventional manner,
the needle and the needle support simply act as a cord 18; 19 acting as an intermediary part for
transmitting the chopped sound to the cone, this part In all 20 (2) 1 there is no amplification
action. This invention is made in view of such point C2 and can perform constant regeneration
regardless of the position to which the needle is moved, and obtain an amplification effect 4 by
the needle holder. To obtain a sound box capable of releasing the needle pressure 7 without
moving the whole cone or the record and the record bearing 6 or the part to be rotated etc. The
purpose is to In this invention, one end 1: a needle is fixed and a fulcrum in the middle part) (a
base of a needle holder on which 1 is formed is swingable 11 at the center of a cone 1; mounting,
the fulcrum of the needle holder is joined 12 The above-mentioned cone is provided with a
support frame on which a supporting rod is formed, and the cone is freely raised and lowered 1:
1: 14 is provided.
Therefore, the needle support has one end attached to the center cone of the cone 1 и and the
fulcrum of the middle part is in contact with the 16 supporting points so that the needle tip is at
any position and 17 is always 1; constant The 18 fulcrum position can be obtained by changing
the 18 fulcrum position 1: the needle can receive 1 и receive 1 и can amplify the amplitude of the
bending and can transmit it, 20 (5) Furthermore, it is easy to withdraw the needle from the
groove of the record 1 2 C) to raise and lower the supporting frame which has made the support
base 2 and <I :, the vibration transmission to the cone center the fulcrum Performed by the
vibrational motion of the needle holder set to 3, 4 high-frequency characteristics are good, and
the self-weight of the support frame and addition of 15 weights 1 0 0 low-frequency
characteristics are improved to perform faithful reproduction 6 To be able to do 1: Configured.
An embodiment of the invention will be described with reference to the drawings. 8 (1) is a base
frame provided with a ring-shaped edge 121, and two legs (3) 141 are integrally formed on the
base frame 9 (1) 10; The inner periphery of the edge (2) (-is conical and thin + 1 formed outer
periphery of the cone (5) is fixed. 12 The cone (5) and the base frame (1) may be integrally
formed and may be +3. And, at the central portion (6) corresponding to the top 14 of the cone
(5), the 1A shaft supporting portion which holds the spherical end (8) formed at one end of the
needle holder (7) freely pivotably (9) is formed. The lower part iii + 2 of the needle holder (7) is
formed with a spherically projecting fulcrum point% 18, and a needle 18 protruding upward is
fixed 19 to its tip end19. 20 (4) 1 ? Next, the leg (31C is upper end 1: two 1 inclined surfaces C:
each post I is provided with a linear support portion ?3 by 2), these bosses (13C bonded At the
same time, the support frame ?9 is mounted so as to be able to be raised and lowered, by
pressing it downward by the force of the compression spring 3a4. On the free end side of the
support frame ?9, a spring 5 receiving r1e is fixed, and the above-mentioned leg portion 41 is
loosely fitted on the supporting shaft 6?? which receives the pressure from the upper and
lower portions by the compression spring 1111dl . A relief hole (7) is formed at the center of
such a supporting frame to avoid interference with the eight cones (5), and the periphery of the
relief hole (1) 1: the fulcrum bond is joined 1 A support ring c11 is formed in an annular shape 1
:. Further, there is provided a 13 bridge @ which is erected from the 11-fulcrum bearing and has
a projection-engaging with the upper end 1: 12 of the upper end of the shaft support (9) and a
projection (2) projecting upward. .
Also, the support frame fi! One of two columns 19 and 4 is erected, and a horizontal leaf spring
(2) is fixed to these columns 15 (E). Also, # 816 recording a! lt two pivotable t: fitted and
provided with the anti-falling body (2) which is held off by the plate spring (7), the needle holder
at the tip of the anti-falling body 8 Pushing plates (d) are provided opposite to each other on
both sides to prevent the falling of (7) 19. 20 (5) Axle I: The first needle holder (7) is biased by
one direction ? 2 from the tension spring 12I + two. Note that (d) is a weight. 2 In such a
configuration, the record not shown] is located at the upper part 1: but when the record and the
needle ??4 are put together, the A part of the tip of the support frame Q9 is pushed down to
move the 5 needle ?11 downward 1; Then, by releasing the pressure of the part A by a factor of
6 (the needle I fits into the groove 7f of the record at a predetermined pressure). That is, the
needle holder (7) pivots up and down 9 around the spherical end (8) due to the support point anv
up and down 8 and C2 and the needle pressure against the record is from the support rod 11 ░
Qll It is produced by the lifting blade. Then, the needle holder (7) vibrates 1 at the center 12 of
the fulcrum ?Q by the movement of the loop cord 1), and gives a cone (center +6) C vibration of
the cone 5117 by the spherical end (8). Then, although the needle a is moved according to the
14 grooves 1 nib of the record, since the fulcrum a moves along the upper surface of the fulcrum
15 receiving Q ??, any change in the vibration state given to the cone (5) is observed No
matter what position the needle 17 tip has reached, a constant playback is done in line 18. 19
Also, the needle is held so that the distance from the needle ?? 20 (6) 1 to the fulcrum is
smaller than the distance between the spherical end (8) and the fulcrum. If you change the lever
ratio of the body (7), by its length ratio. The spherical end 18) vibrates more than the amplitude
at which the eaves 111J vibrates. To be amplified and amplified 1; ???? When stopping
regeneration, the needle ?? is released from the groove of the record by depressing the A part
t5 of the supporting frame ?S. And return to the original position by the tension spring @ 7
without damaging the recording surface. In addition, in the vu example in 8 of the fall prevention
body @ 1: from the needle holder (7) up and down, 9 left and right 1: movable movability, but
this invention 1; Is a state of such a bi-directional movement being made. , 2 this invention, as
described above 1: needle holding at the center of the cone, swinging one end of the three
support 1: connecting, the middle part 1: setting, supporting the fulcrum of the support frame To
be joined to.
Therefore, if the width of the fulcrum holder is increased, even if the needle moves 6, it can
always reproduce in a constant state 7, and the vibrational motion of the needle holder is
centered on the fulcrum, 8 Because it is a swinging motion, one that reciprocates 1; If it is
lightened, it can be made lightweight, and it is possible to reproduce excellent in the highfrequency characteristics owing to the shadow of the double dead weight 2 ░ (7). Furthermore,
the fulcrum position of the needle holder can be appropriately selected. By determining the
vibration, the vibration of the needle tip can be amplified and transmitted to the cone, and the
mechanism for separating the needle from the sound groove does not affect the reproduction
sound quality.
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