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'-,' s <to 'и ffi Tazunamoto claim O range - is described in the round angle - of ? 2441 allowed
Deoboro's address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma Oaza Kadoma 1006 Statement land 4Its (sea)
Matsushita s, m ** formula Company-Person Masashi Matsushita 6 generations 1 person 571
Address General sales department Kadoma city Large letter gate 100 и threatened area C
destination destination electric charge (Tokyo) 455-511141 license office] ? Japan Patent Office
? JP-A 51-3189817 ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? f f f f f f f f f f f f f ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ** ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 11 11 11 11 11 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? f. Zinc 1 opt ? zircon lead ? 1 powder и ? @ @ 0 ~ Ss wt%?
Piezoelectric material that can be made into a tatami mat-+ o (less than the north also
polyvinylidene fluoride resin and zinc ? и titanium oxide opium ? acid az powder ? and eat ░
zinc zinc ? acid ? acid? The content of the zirco y scale ship SS powder go to .6 weight sound,
temperature 51106-1811 ░ CKli-s te, 6 to 1111mV / s I 56 [@ voltage for 24 to 1 hour Apply a
voltage and cool down rapidly to 30 to 20 ░ C for 6 minutes or less for 6 minutes or more. $$,
** a * a * sia ░ -20 g / h ? is an organic polymer word and an electric field alignment
component from an inorganic voltage material. The present invention relates to a large-scale 1iI /
8E-electric material and its manufacturing method. ? As a piezoelectric material known as (9),
for example, quartz crystal, ? seal salt, crystal, such as ? seal salt, ? di hydrogen an 4 equm,
and titanium t burr? A, etc.-I11 because of these materials-but with a large piezoelectricity-but it
is hard and brittle, processing is a long time ago, so the thin plate piezoelectric material, h It is
extremely difficult to obtain a flexible O large Ii-piezoelectric body ?? On the other hand,
polyiodopolypi 1-le I-le in polychlorinated vinyl j! Large piezoelectric materials of ? me can be
obtained by organic piezoelectric materials such as Lagenpo-monofluorinated vinyl, poly- and
pentafluorinated pylori deidenes, and these piezoelectric-electric Il! The piezoelectric constant of
the member vibration is a, 67 О 10-? ? Wb ~ sonoelectricity even in the polyvinylidene
fluoride having the smallest piezoelectric effect and the largest piezoelectric effect. Material O1 r
to defect flaw (to 4 and to the thin plate EndPage: 1) '0 ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. The materials
g and the method of manufacturing the materials g have been 9-variously probed, and the
members are completed.
That is, in the case of one single-component polymer as a polymer material, 11D y0-2 is used as
a binder material, and as a binder material, zinc niobate titaic acid di ## = II! Ship-use static
powder. In other words, dissolve polyfluorinated bi-a = 'l-den tree-in a solvent to form a solution
of ? O drop IIK particle diameter of 1 ~ @ # @ IIO zinc ? optical ? lead snow zirconate 1 static
powder blowing In addition, mix evenly in a bowl. At this time, the particle size distribution of
one-in-one powder is selected, and the optimum conditions at the time of thin film formation are
selected according to the particle iIK. Material 04141 KfL--In this way the large coat IIIt riI &
thus obtained, deposited on the skin-is applied with one pair of electrodes according to the O "j1
method. Apply heat to both L and L IK l [I l is-s * ? V shoulder O voltage for a predetermined
time in a 9-n oil at a predetermined temperature and then hold for a predetermined time, then
apply an electric field but no wax By cooling with the above, it is possible to obtain 9 m inorganic
composite piezoelectricity which is superior to conventional organic piezoelectric materials in
terms of ministerial IE property and dielectric property. That is, a single-piece type is a composite
shaped product formed of a thin polyvinyl chloride resin and a zinc 1-optimized py-zircon leaded
porcelain powder, which is formed into a thin-plate shaped gauze, etc. A piezoelectric body and a
method of manufacturing the same are characterized by applying a direct current voltage at 11llj
10 B to 1 ss' C and applying a DC voltage to the so-ms% composite molded article in terms of
weight percentage. ???? ???? ?The composite molded product composed of at least this
polyfluorinated biphenylidene resin and zinc niobium borate lead zinc borate-powder is
orientation polarized, and there is almost no piezoelectricity in the t-placement type, and it is
practically used. What can not be obtained-... However, this molded product is provided with an
electrode, and direct voltage E @ ~ lGmV / 5 st 24% applied directly at 105 to 166 ░ Gt)% for 9
hours, with voltage applied Cool down the temperature within 6 minutes Ego # jlo "OK and turn
off the voltage". Km ? и 1ksP, Jl lead ? lead oxide titanium dioxide ? ? ? ? I I I I ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The weight OSO ~ и S weight s and turtle size self-introduction
Piezoelectricity and flexibility showing 90-static dust and electricity O content is this 0 III! Small)
and small piezoelectricity 1 (and embedded in practical use 1 oppositely 1-amount of powder is
large in this range and the number of composite-forms * m work with WAIIl By the way, I would
like to explain -m- under I = 1 Ia by heat I 1 example under heat 1 by obtaining a piezoelectric
material excellent in flexibility.
cam example 1) polyfluorinated di-idene, 1 weight of a resin distilled chilforma (do tlt K ? ? ?
? ? # # II II # II II # # # # # # # #) In a bowl # -le in a bowl # -le, it is dried and dried in a round
shape of 'C' after the round '11'y,) to make a thickness 1 h 1 so composite tone, 90 11. Apply a
silver base to 11 and dry to form an electrode. 9. Heat the sample to 10 ░ C in silicone oil at 9
░ C-Nj / smo DC voltage at both sides After applying for 24 hours, apply voltage and cool the oil
temperature to 20 ░ C in 8 minutes by replacing low temperature oil of V-corne oil to make
polarization as in the (Late) method) The obtained composite piezoelectric 1B-longitudinal
piezoelectric constant-- matches 2 иии ОО 10 ? ? ? ? 1 ? / v. 1 (Example 2) Poly Mold 1 lyso
/ tree @ A1a11 weight% clamping -N dimethylformamide A (de happy liquid zinc roar op acid
titanate y acid Jill s Con Sansen - a vessel powder ice weight ratio of the two components each 1-:
8! After making it into a ball (1), grind it into a sheet and then dry it to make a thickness и s # O
composite Issuing, apply silver paste to 9 @ this composite 11 After forming the electrode and
heating the test shoulder in sili-cone oil by 188 "GK for 9 days and 10 seconds, apply a K 10 kV /
m direct pressure for 1 hour between the upper and lower angle electrodes-after 9 days, apply
the voltage The temperature of the silicone theory is cooled to go- "c by 90 minutes by quick
replacement with V-conel-9 with low temperature and calm low temperature, and then the
voltage is cut off and polarization--? T и 9 и This: J machine, 'c obtained 9 composite electrodes in
the length direction 0 piezoelectric constant EndPage: 2 [] a11. The value of @ X1 cr-"in / V" is 6s
9 ts, in the example, "-" combined with ojl animal S-141 ?m, one atmh * is-one film thickness is
Category-eecmii * heavy electric power so that umbrella by <1g,-0 by cooling by substitution of
ricone oil-When и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ? As shown in
the figure, I will explain at 10 o'clock to I @ Turtle Nao 0 III constant wear. The 11th I is a
composite MK consisting of polyvinylidene fluoride resin and zinc niobate titanium dioxide hwy *
lead powder. It is possible to change labor conditions and carry out electretation to m = and self
o This component shows a change and transformation of the length * 1 meaa electric weight ?
? This component weight ratio ? fluoride fluoride 1511 zinc easily zincate zidoate zircon lead
lls powder и Toka 11I: 8 f and te 1 min 1 electric wave ha am V / ms, e ? time is 1 hour. As
apparent from Fig. 1, 'Knoll ~ 1 s 6 ░ C range-?-?' e ? # embedded. Although it shows a
constant 1, it is excluded from the range of the present embodiment because the piezoelectric
constant is lowered because the piezoelectric constant is lowered. [Example 8] FIG. 2 is a
schematic diagram of a combination IIK-- made by the same method as the actual jllfi2; The
polarization voltage is changed by making the temperature constant at 106 ░ 06 minutes for 1
hour, changing the polarization voltage and showing the change of the piezoelectric constant in
the longitudinal direction in the case of a circle. The polarization voltage is as low as 4mV / as as
evident from II. The effect of improving the piezoelectricity and the piezoelectricity is small, and
at a polarization voltage higher than 9 14 kV / ?, the sample breaks down at the time of every
other minute to obtain an element with piezoelectricity.
The polarization voltage of the present invention is limited to the range of 6 'to + 2mV / III.
[Example 4] Figure 4 is the same method as Example 1, and for the composite 11, the power
distribution temperature is kept at 10 s ? ? C and the polarization voltage is kept constant at 6
mV / s, and the working time is changed in 9 cases ? length direction Shows the change of the
piezoelectric constant of The piezoelectric constant is small, and the piezoelectric constant is
small, as in the 8th garden or b @ L, and the positive electric power is fixed even if it takes a long
time to cover the threshold. The improvement is not given by %% A. The cost is reduced, and the
work efficiency is reduced. C11m1ll1) 5 port-modified bite tree @ t) 16% by weight wing-doe,
methyl phoenix IEK ? ink acid I I acid, di-kW lead-rate ?k (method of mixing k, compounding
with resin 11 powder me weight percentage variously changing, compounding II% making this
sample min-warm station 1 o 0 o C 9 o'clock 1 o voltage 1QkV / 1ll "9 $ 1 hour After 9 minutes,
apply voltage for 6 minutes, and cool down with 1k: sO ? ? 0 :: J method 7 Preparation 9>Electrified material, Piezoelectric constant column Wl # II best is shown in 4th и и -Pres ? ? ? b
or b @ b Like the piezoelectric constant and the rate of one lead ? lead ? и titanium k titanium
11 di k 27 @ lead--powder paste rate + s 80 ~ 86 wt% 0 range ? 0 and 1 Piezoelectric
incorporation 2 dielectric constant и improvement of O is considered-и If it is less on the ? 0
weight weight и self improvement effect of the piezoelectric constant and the charge is small, и и и и
и и и и и и weight Many * i and -S powder IX- multi-far against Kimaro ", composite ? ░ form
compounds 611E-shaped processing Komatsuba and all, AI to have a gender to the flexible! It is
excluded from the% real-aSS because of obtaining the current collector. Thus, by selecting the
component ratio of the composite material consisting of polyvinylidene fluoride resin and **opium testium zircon lead aS powder electricity and the conditions at the time of separation-by
"e" c, It is a material that can make a piezoelectric material with a piezoelectric constant than
conventional 11 'piezoelectric materials, and is a material with great application value as an
acoustic device-use piezoelectric singlet. и WsiO 4 & a I 111 111 111 m Polyvinylidene fluoride
resin The figure shows the relationship between the piezoelectric constant and the temperature
of the composite film made of zinc and lead zinc eopperate ceramic powder. Figure 2 shows
polyvinylidene fluoride resin and zinc 1-optate-zircon tufting weave The figure shows the
relationship between the gate voltage of the composite film consisting of the powder and the
polarization voltage and the number! ??? It is a cabinet showing the relationship between the
piezoelectric constant of the stswt line polyfluorinated pi-diidene snow and the zinc 1 opate
titanium-zirconate tIli porcelain powder east and the time of seconds. Y y41iIl fat and ? lead
niobium ? EndPage: 3 complex yl acid zirkun lead lls powder composed of ll0 a-settled ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Mr. Toshio Nakao Mr. Nakao Toshio
Nakano 1411811 II 80 1000 / # ? 0 ? 0 punctuation 1 il ? f 12t IJ 46.810 n 4, minute @ 1
pressure (i ? 4 ?) 31st!
I и q 511 224 a & -it 114 mt, 6 p) End Page: 4-4 m magnetic charge 11 rate (amount example 7
of the inventor and the agent other than the address above address End Page: ?
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