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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are block diagrams showing
conventional single type and push-pull type electrostatic electroacoustic transducers, and FIG. 3
is the present invention in comparison with the conventional principle. FIG. 4 is a diagram
showing an embodiment of sound pressure and distortion of the electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer, and FIG. 4 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the electrostatic
electroacoustic transducer of the present invention. 20
иииииииииииииииии ... Vibrating plate (movable electrode). Fig.1 Fig.2 1-77 Fig.3 1 (a) Siregno ? type (key
east) on P и и и и ? ? 251020 one-round liquid number (? HZ) one-on-one One 251020 round
trip-Xt (? HZ) (b) Putusinaf "le eight (Wa (East)) one l-one? My heart trouble 2510.20 ? и
Shooting flame r (? HZ) 2510-7) fl, l! IKHZ) 20 (c) и 4 rank rank и 2 re type (Honhiko Hou) / 1 '?
Residue shoulder hair 2 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (? HZ)-78-real opening 51-32528 (3)
Figure 4-79-
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention relates to the improvement of the
static mu turtle noise # f * 6. In the prior art, it is known whether the electrostatic type is that of
the 7774 type as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. And first of all, the 7 ngul type shown in FIG. 1 is
composed of the fixed electrode 1 and the tiJ electrokinetic function, ie, the diaphragm 2 which
are disposed at a predetermined interval, so that the principle 1C is Add a turtle powder pressure
from scratch No. 1-or act as an all- peristaltic & 2 electric power и и и VC и-и и и "" conversion
efficiency or sound pressure sound louder advantage? On the other hand, there is a drawback as
follows because it vibrates at a position where it is attracted to the diaphragm 2 or the fixed
voltage I11 by (bias) electrostatic force by a bias power supply (not shown) or the like. That is,
since this is actually taken as the diaphragm 2 narrows, it becomes rough for 10 low-pitched
sounds for large amplitude, and ils property over the whole range or worse to increase distortion
Have a favor. Two solid feet are provided so as to sandwich the diaphragm 4 at predetermined
intervals on both of the diaphragm 4 and the disk lll in the Pun Yueul type shown in FIG. As it
consists of electric power 5.6 and so, in principle (bias) electrostatic force by the bias power
supply etc. (not shown) etc., it is the vibration plate 4 or any solid? BZ, ?, and signal have the
advantage of being able to move to a neutral position without being attracted to an electrode 5
░ 6 ?, and eliminate the above-mentioned / ngle type defects and distort as much as possible.
Source 7 signal voltage power inward constant voltage jk5.6 threshold is to be added as if the
signal voltage is divided by two "1" to act as a driving force of the diaphragm 2, conversion
efficiency There was a defect that the sound pressure was not big enough. The above-mentioned
nongul type and Gut / nibble type are not shown and it is necessary to attach a protective film to
the outside 11J for the purpose of moisture proofing and dustproofing! If the fixed electrode is
electret-shaped in order to honor the power source for% VC bias, a protective film is
indispensable to maintain the characteristics of the electret in a good condition.? In addition to
complication, unwanted resonance phenomenon occurs more than K and f conversion property
or loss is not good. So, the present invention is such that conventional nongul type and gout / yul
type also like this In view of sound pressure and distortion, etc., it is necessary to separately
maintain a thin film in view of the need to make a film, and it makes it easy to manufacture in%.
In terms of sound pressure and distortion, etc., it is possible to make it a good match, and finally
endorsement of the test film and so on. There is.
First, the principle of the present invention will be described. The electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer of the present invention has two fixed electrodes and one fixed electrode t-P: !: It
consists of a pair of movable tlks (a pair of movable tlks (swing &)) facing each other like 6th, so
to speak, it should be called a fin-7 ngle type, so that the signal voltage from the gi source or the
two town electrodes The two movable electrodes t-driven n-core-like by applying n are described
above, and the above-mentioned conventional / ngule type and 7 no / nibble type and t-1 N! It is
close to that of nungul in terms of a-1 sound pressure different from il and is close to that of gin
/ nibble in terms of distortion etc., eliminating both conventional short Ph and eliminating the
advantages It is a combination of things. Furthermore, it is configured to be sandwiched by
Hanseiden at's movable electrode, or a 04 phase is provided as the ami + that has been
separately provided by the two town electrodes and the protective film is not necessary because
of the six phases. . Here, the point 1 (') of the sound pressure and the distortion as described
above is compared with the conventional single type and push-pull type of the present invention
and the so-called twin ? single type of the present invention. First of all, the sound pressure IP +
in this kind of apparatus electroacoustic conversion S is generally 1! 0 ', a'C', EC 'EllPl-', F ', Fist'
(1) 2 r '. ???? Here, ?: angular frequency a: radius of vibration system S: area of vibration
system r: distance on front axis (# 1 constant distance Eo: adult turtle pressure 2, ...: effective
mechanical impedance (but vibration system, air) Directed, negative stiffness [including]?:
Medium density ?: vacuum-electricity C, static amount h +: E4 ?Additional turtle pressure and
one term (1) person's constant term? 1po &- G0S-Co '-EoElX--=-(Kf if the phantom r, this
constant (K) U capacitance (Co,) tx diaphragm (movable electrode) or polarization (fixed small
voltage by the bias small voltage side Since it is assumed that the interval IP is not aspirated, it is
applied as if it were a guss / nigel type Q or V. Therefore, the IrA moving plate (moving electrode
or polarization (bias) voltage is increased by a fixed voltage @ fl14rCe), in the case of a fixed
voltage @ fl14rCe / nugly type and a twin-n'glul type, the capacitance becomes large. (K) will be
applied with (K ') larger than (K). Also, the effective mechanical impedance (zMl) in the above
equation (1) changes depending on the angular frequency so as to become zMl- (M + gMa) и ?
with respect to the mass (M) VC of the diaphragm described later. a <51 (where -Ql / Co-2?f /
C,) and f> fv (where i).
The sound pressure in the case of (1 height / / ngur expression, 7 n / uful expression and twin 7
/ gul expression) in the range of co-frequency! For p, I, lp, l, and IPTl, the following flagella can
be obtained: O-IPSl-?-3---(2) M 10 g X 8.2a IP, l---(8) ) M + 2 О 3.2 m 'IP, 1 / rich in / ?',-и и и (4)
M + L 2 m + 10 cm '?. dCj: 't'd: IlllmI threshold O distance-although it is 19KK'> K mentioned
above, if it is from 0 to steven IF ', l> IP, l, IP for the purpose of the present invention IP, l # IP, l It
is proved that IPl, i.e., IPTl> IP, l, and n is good ?, i.e., 2 to 8xio-3 (+ y +) which is normally
treated as the above (4) (in the case (d)). The added mass fraction is 8-2 * 6) sr * 2 * tro-a, and it
can be understood from the equation (n) that the above equations (8), (4) and the t ratio soften so
that IPTl> lPP1 . If you keep it, if you use vibration motive X), 6Xlo- '(m-) vibration ratio & 1.4 ░
thickness 4?) t-, IPTI / 1Ppl "= 1.7 (increased by 4.6 dll under identical conditions)
Correspondingly) IPTl # IP, l> 1 ppl ie IPTI> lp, l # will be proven nh. And in the twin single type
VC of the present invention, the distance (a) t11 of the vibrating membrane can be reduced in
principle, that is, the twin single type mo Lj) Even if the line width or the line width is narrowed,
or one of the fixed electrodes is shaken, the other is ? и t, and the other is a single type, a single
type, a hydrogen fluoride / nibble type or an am type Because it is in contact with the fjiU
constant electrode or for a small town <d) k constant l more than l l и и It is possible to further
equalize the sound pressure as compared to the fact that it is impossible. In terms of strain, this
? electrostatic electroacoustic transducer has a ?, ? power, and dinutrition, so it mainly
becomes a second-order high m1 en melt. First of all, a single-type book is this second-order
high-wave distortion (D) or z'm1 EID =---XILII + (%) и 1111 (b) 2, z '. 2 ? ? u = surface 7 ? L, 9
? ll ? is the height of the above noodle pressure-image ka (1, f, <fK o te E,-1110 retro Jv, aotooovo strain rate Will be 8.8 ?. And in the case of the Butu / Uhul type, since the even-order
high III t IL having a secondary height of 11 m or more is canceled in principle in a completely
balanced state, the distortion becomes almost zero. The twin / nogul type is vibration system or
perfect VC balanced, and V'c can be theoretically considered as a pre / nibble type IIIIIIK when
the distance between the vibrating membranes is small or not, and the distortion is Take ? t
close to zero.
The eighth factor is the sound pressure distortion I! In comparison with the twin single type of
the present invention based on the jIII filling and the conventional single type and Puno 7 Yuful
type. It shows IIIIIFW. And in the same figure, each distortion curve shows the distortion
relatively on the back side by taking one town-power level t at a frequency of 10 kHz, and it is
converted to a distortion factor in a single equation or 8% or more. The value is less than or
equal to 1 ? or less than or equal to 2 / N, and the twin / n-kru type is 2% or less. Each sound
pressure IiI! ? Is a 4-power level to lower the sound pressure on the back side relatively, ? to ?
J is also IPTl # IP, l> IP, l is lkoot tIi clear light, combined with the above Sound pressure and
distortion, etc. can be adjusted to 0% and Higashi. The present invention is characterized by the
point that it makes as easy as possible the special VC made rattan in the above-mentioned twin
single type one. That is, the distance between the diaphragms ((transformation) is a very
important factor in the above, and the ease of dimensional control of this n becomes a problem,
and in the end, this type of electrostatic electroacoustic transducer It affects the difficulty of
production. The K type twin 7-gul type has # a pair of diaphragms (movable electrodes) on the
rear surface, and it is Kri that makes full use of the fik plane @ by eliminating the loss and phase
shift n on the K ktm side. It is essential to narrow the distance (d,) between the vibrating
membranes that can be made. On the other hand, as can be understood from the principle of the
prior arrangement, the distance (1) between the diaphragms is equally selected on the front and
back surfaces as 7 minutes ?rt 6 or it is general. It becomes-. Taking advantage of the unique
properties of the twin-feng nulul that is equipped with II j W k surface r pair 0 vibration board
(town 0 ') electrokinetic @) such as arranged force ? ? и ? # 1 IK III i It is possible to eliminate
the loss and the phase t ? Lk on the il side by the side of the diaphragm holder fixed electrode
? ? (to make it close to K, and it is possible to eliminate the phase shift t 1 Lk). Since it is not
necessary to select the distance, it is extremely easy to manage the dimensions, and can
contribute to the simplification of ri production on the ground. Next, FIG. 1IT will be described in
detail with reference to FIG. That is, in FIG. 4, reference numeral 20 is a fixed electrode, and this
identification electrode 1kxoall is a back surface contact @ z1z in which one direction part is in
contact with each other; each other 1iiK adhesion t of tzi; .122t-have.
The fixed electrodes 11 thus formed are spaced apart by a constant distance of 15 T by
insulating spacers 23.14 which are interposed on the upper and lower end portions on both sides
thereof at least the back surface t1 (identification electricity! A pair of front and rear face swing
plates (town 16M- ('1S electrokinetics It)) having a conductive layer t- in a uniform shape facing
the both sides of h20, and sandwiched by J6. On the other hand, the transformer JFjt connected
to the signal source on the next side is connected to both ends of the secondary side thereof and
both # 1 diaphragms (movable side 125. 26). 9, one O insulating spacer 24 is narrower than the
other spacer 2S, or V, so that the distance between the two fixed electrodes and one diaphragm
(movable side 1 or above is the other fL) It is narrower than usual. Thus, in the so-called twinfing-type electrostatic electroacoustic transducer of the present invention configured as
described above, PI is a fixed electrode L! If both electrets zi 2 and 22 2 of the part are both
negative-charged, it is IL, and J (C: countering self-oscillation 11 movable electrode) 25. 26! The
surface conductive layer portions are both in the form of positive charge 11MVC. gIt connexion
Such Jo ll exchange lL scratches No. or self diaphragm from the signal source through the
secondary side across the transformer 27 in (Tsukasado electrostatic other ? ". ) And charge the
stop on one diaphragm (movable turtle th) 26 in a half cycle of the stop of the alternating current
signal ? и intensify the suction in the direction of the arrow (A) n1 the other g: To Palace X J
Vibration 4 [(l] 'Motion%! ) Zerif, 4jIIm is canceled, and the arrow (A ') direction repulses n. Also,
in the negative half cycle of the alternating current signal, in the opposite direction to the above,
one diaphragm (movable 1k) 25 @ r and the arrow (B,) repel in the direction n1 the other
diaphragm (movable electrode &) ? @ is the arrow (B )) As in the case of ? ? ?, both positive
and negative moving plates (6 ? ? moving electrode) 26.26 with a silver ring according to the
magnitude of the alternating current signal every half cycle of positive and negative IIL wound
The vibrating n1 alternating current signal can be converted to sound. And, based on the
principle described above in terms of the sound pressure obtained by this f'L and its distortion
etc., it is apparent that in terms of one sound pressure, it is close to a conventional / ngule type
book and points such as distortion etc. Then, it is similar to the conventional Guts / Nibble type,
eliminates the disadvantages of both of the conventional methods, and has only the merits, and it
is necessary to make the sound pressure line, etc. particularly good. 0 0 1 1 2 double moving
plate (port J moving turtle ? Noko L-?, 2. r r (? ? ? L j j 2 j 2 2 222 or 1 rl, om 'yill miserable
zomlr ?L center 8 and base 1?, so the inner moving plate (movable electrode) 25.26 also has a
function as a protective film, and it is necessary to attach a protective film as usual.
Only force n can be reduced to ? JiJ and, above all, it prevents undesired resonance phenomena
and does not impair the conversion characteristics. v (the conversion can be reproduced with socalled C 17 jf effect. Therefore, according to the present invention as described in detail,
according to the present invention, the twin W / ungle type VC4I having a pair of vibration ll1I
plates (movable electrodes) on the front Wk surface is used. The moving plate [Proced to 'IC-f
close to the fixed electrode side, loss on the saponification side and phase shift nt-? and
equivalent distance D between diaphragms The sound pressure can be further increased because
it corresponds to a narrowing, and furthermore, the Vc can be selected on the front and rear
surfaces 7 minutes t4) so that it is not necessary to select the distance l11 lI between the
vibration spreads. The tube is easy to heat up, and it is easy to spread and spread. Extremely
good IH electrostatic retractor air acoustic transducer provides r4 or white j function.
Furthermore, various modifications can be made with Ils without departing from the spirit of the
present invention without being limited to the above-described moths only.
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