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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of electrostatic electroacoustic transducers. Conventionally, as a static type electroacoustic
transducer, a single type book and a Hoffner et al type as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 are known. First
of all, the single type shown in FIG. 1 is composed of the fixed electrode 1 and the movable
electrode, ie, the diaphragm 2 which are provided opposite to each other at a predetermined
interval, so that g. While the signal voltage from the source 3 acts as a driving force for all
vibration IFJ, it has the advantage that the conversion efficiency is good and the sound pressure
can be large, but by the unillustrated power supply equal pressure (biased) electrostatic force
The vibrating plate 2 vibrates at a position where it is attracted to the fixed electrode IK so as to
vibrate K as follows. That is, since the amplitude at which the actual diaphragm 2 can be
obtained is narrowed, it is used for a large amplitude low-mid tone and it causes K << seconds
and the linearity over the whole tone becomes worse and the distortion increases. have. On the
other hand, in the push-pull type shown in FIG. 2, the diaphragm 4 and the two fixed electrodes 5
disposed so as to sandwich the collar portion moving plate 4 with predetermined gaps on both
sides thereof, 6 and so that the electrostatic force due to the bias power source (not shown) is
canceled as the raw salt, and the diaphragm 4 does not pierce any fixed electrode 5 ░ gllK 411
and takes a neutral position and becomes JI WII. , Remove the disadvantages of the above single
formula and control the distortion Kl! While there is an advantage that can be destroyed, on the
other hand, if the signal voltage from the signal 1ily becomes K so that the inward constant
electrode s, cftJK is added, the signal voltage becomes 7 minutes and it acts as a driving force for
the vibration [7 The problem is that efficiency is bad and sound pressure can not be increased.
Man's F-> / Gul type and Buno, -1-) The gel type is not shown and just in case not shown jt +
Jamming 7 j, the side with an outer 1IIK protective film for the purpose of sublayer In particular,
it is necessary to use a protective film in order to maintain the characteristics of the electret at
the same time, especially for the book which has a fixed electrode of -L rectrenot type, which is a
blue color for reading the bias power supply. However, as the structure becomes more
complicated, the resonance characteristic is generated in any way and the conversion
characteristic is impaired. Therefore, the present invention is characterized in that the
conventional n / g ? and punnoyul types have advantages and disadvantages in terms of Ii
pressure and vibration, etc., and require a separate protective film. (Because the sound pressure
and strain of the shore, # V 1-rank v (721) 0 with a single layer no protective film is necessary, to
obtain an electrode 1) Excellent 7 ? ? 1. fr static 1: type Z-Ko-Ki to provide an electroacoustic
transducer 1-P, J-B-.
First, to explain the original MIK of the present invention, the electrostatic electro-acoustic
transducer of the present invention is disposed in a fixed electrode and a pair of electrodes 11 so
as to sandwich the waist fixed electrode at predetermined intervals.? и и It consists of a pair of
movable electrodes (diaphragm), so to speak, so-called Noino 7774, so that both movable
electrodes are driven by the number of signal electrons from the signal ** being applied to both
movable electrodes In principle, it is different from the above-mentioned conventional single type
and 7 no / Koff's book that a is a sound pressure! : It is close to the fi / gul type, and it is close to
the gino / nibble type book with 4 points such as 4 distortion etc., eliminating the disadvantages
of the conventional both type and combining the advantages only. . Furthermore, the fixed
electrode is configured so as to be covered with both movable electrodes, and the movable
electrode can be provided with a function as a protective film separately provided by the
movable electrode, and it is possible to make the storage film smaller. . Here, the 16 single-tone
noise l + strain of the strain ?) and the conventional single-type and gu ',-nol-type book (1 and
so-called so-called Noi, ...-gulжe (5') Looking at the contrast of the non-valley r 4 4 ? ? ? ?,
first, the sound pressure IPI is generally expressed as follows in this type of electrostatic electroacoustic transducer. IP1 factory-? ?1 и -1R1-1t1) where ?: corner open station wave door. : LIl
mass density ', a: radius of vibration system, 6o: true 9n electric car, S: area of vibration system,
C: capacitance, r: 1) distance on mountain axis (measurement distance 1lI), Eo: # & pole voltage,
El: applied AC voltage, ZMI: '1 effect mechanical impedance (but vibration system, air load,
negative stiffness, etc.) 9 9-f1. T 1 1 constant 4 in the equation-p-o 'roundabout-░ people 1 5 0.
0. ??? This constant (K) can be expressed by the capacitance (C) as ? + 21. When ij willow
(the movable electrode 9 is left (biased)-?, pressure is not absorbed, 4jllK is not attracted C)
Kneading-taking an interval "Because it is an easy-to-use thing, l) Won 7 7 7 o'clock ? и Mon I
who is suitable for the brush of the formula. ????? Therefore, in the case of the single type
and twin single type in which the fixed electrode m1 lk is pulled by the polarization (polarizing 1)
voltage of the diaphragm (movable electrode), the capacitance becomes larger than (C0), so the
constant is also (K) It will be applied with a larger (K '). Although the effective mechanical
impedance (Zm +) d in the above equation ft1 (Zm +) d varies with the angular frequency so that
the mass (M) of the vibrating film to be described later becomes 2 ? + ? (M + 2Mm) и ?, ka <1
(Where 1 (= cm / l, = 9?t / cn) and f> fo (where f).
In the range of resonance frequency), the following formula is obtained from the above equation
(1) for the sound soils Ps, Pp, and PT in the case of the single type, the fullness type and the twin
single type. , LIP, l = 1----r ... (2) M + 2X: u, 2m 1 ppl = x-1-иииииииииииииииииииииииииииии 31 О + 2 x 84 m {Circle
around (1)} lPT ',-= K'-m-[--- 1- (1) (4) M + 84 & + ? 1 #, dr-bacteria where d: distance between
vibrating membranes Naturally 1psl> IPpl from the purpose of this invention is IP! It will be good
to prove that 1 pslNPpl in 1 ie IPPI> IPPI. That is, assuming that (d) in the above equation (41) is
usually a: 2 to BX10 (m), the added mass is 3.2 m ?) и 82 и ?, -d. By comparing Formula 1 and
Formula 11, it can be understood that 1Ptl> IPpl. Ya, when 11 ? trebled 6 O lO (m) th 1 1
northeast 1.4, thickness 4?), 1ptl / 1Ppl ? 1.7 (jml-condition 4.6 4.6dB increase to ?) And lP?
lIPIPIII> 1Ppl, that is, lPt1> IPpl; p. And in the twin single type of the present invention, the
distance of the vibrating membrane (d) kOJ and in principle can be reduced to the market, that is,
the twin single type type (in which Becomes narrow, and even if one pair of legs is touched, the
other force k) so that the counteracting resistance ? is, so the Ng-Ngul type and Pushsi one-off
type 4 are the principle Km electrode and The sound pressure can be further improved as
compared with the case where (d) can not be made smaller than-room because contact is
impossible. As for the point of distortion, the eighth harmonic distortion mainly becomes a
problem because the driving force has a square characteristic in the former electrostatic
electrostatic conversion conversion S. First of all, in the single type, this second harmonic
distortion (D) is given by 77 mD =-stop-▒ 100 C% J (5), for example, ka <1 as in the case of the
sound distribution pressure. The distortion factor is 8.8% in the case of E <-1> = 611 V-Eo =
1000 V at fa <f. And since the even harmonics higher than the second-order bird's harmonics are
canceled by the company principle in the state of being completely balanced in the push-pull
type 4 distortion is almost zero. However, in the twin single type, when the vibration system is
completely balanced and the distance between the real diaphragms is small, it can be considered
in principle in the same way as the one with the Phnom-Juple type, and only one is zero. Takes a
value close to 14 ".
FIG. 118 shows an example of measurement of sound pressure and distortion in comparison with
the twin single type 4 of the present discussion based on the heel principle, and the conventional
single type and push pull type heel. In the same figure, each distortion curve shows the measured
distortion relatively as taking the same output level at the frequency IQKHz point, and the single
formula is 8% or more in terms of distortion factor, and the Bush-full formula is 1% or more. ),
And twin single type becomes 2% or less belly. Also, each sound pressure curve in the same
figure relatively shows the measured sound pressure as the same human power level, and it is
clear from the figure that the IPTI = 1 psl> 1 ppl, together with the above, the sound pressure
and the sound pressure Both can be made better in terms of distortion cars. The present
invention is characterized in that the distortion can be reduced as much as possible to 4I in the
twin nongul type as described above. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. fl ',; -pJ, ie, 1' is a fixed electrode in IE 411,
and this 1iie electrode 1J part is brought into close contact with the other surface of the round
back electrodes 21J, 221, for example, with the same polarity. It has electrified electret 212.222.
The fixed electrode L1 ? ? portion formed in this manner is paired with the insulating spacer
23.24 and the elastic material 28 which are interposed between the upper and lower end
portions and the middle portion in both of them II. And the diaphragm (movable electrode) l !,
which has a conductive layer on the rear surface (surface opposite to the noble of the fixed
electrode iN). Interspersed by the king. On the other hand, the transformer 27d to which the
signal source is connected to the next one and the two ports of the secondary weir are connected
to the two awhss (movable electricity &) 25.26. In the above, the elastic material 2g # i is
interposed between self-oscillations (movable electrodes) and 2) at both noble intermediate
portions of the fixed electrode 1 'portion, self-vibration ? (movable one pole) A "at static time ,
? is fixed by a set 1 electrostatic force 20I +! 1WaK Aspirated state and Reno fattened-61
Balanced state 0 neutral ?- и 2-spindle и Intervened by at least one side so that stable state can be
maintained L It is. In this case, as described later, the self-oscillating plate (movable electrode) xs
and xa vibrate in the same direction during operation, so that the elastic material 28 does not
disturb the upper side of the operation. In the so-called twin single electrostatic electroacoustic
transducer of the present invention configured as described above, if, for example, both electrets
212 and 221 of the fixed electrode portion are both negative-charged. The back side conductive
layer portion of the self-oscillating plate (movable electrode) LJ, 2g opposed to this is in a state of
positive electrode charging at 4.
Therefore, in such a state, when an alternating current signal from the signal source is supplied
to the self-oscillation IF (movable electrode) Jj, 26 via both ends of the secondary stomach of the
transformer 27, first, in positive half cycles of the crossing signal. One vibrating ? (iJ moving
electrode u-soil is intensified in the positive electrode charging and is attracted in the direction of
arrow + AI f-t, the other diaphragm (rotation chamber @) z5 is canceled in the positive electrode
charging and indicated by the arrow (A ' ) Repelled in the direction. On the other hand, in the
case of the 2nd half cycle of the French AC 2nd cycle, the vibration IF (movable electrode) XS
side is oppositely walled and the other diaphragm (movable) (movable) @) 2 ?? is drawn in the
direction of arrow (B '), the amplitude according to the magnitude of the alternating current
signal in the same direction for both self-symmetry plates (movable electrodes) xs and xe for
each positive and negative half of the alternating current signal The alternating current signal
can be converted into sound. And sound pressure obtained by this and its distortion etc. are clear
based on the above-mentioned principle based on the above-mentioned principle. In terms of
sound pressure, it is close to conventional single type 4 and conventional in terms of distortion
etc. It is similar to the ones of the prior art, eliminates the disadvantages of the two systems of
the prior art, and has only the merits, and is able to improve the sound pressure and distortion
etc. Since both fixed plates 20 parts including the electret 212 ░ 222 can be sealed by both
diaphragms (movable electrode @ 1) 215.26, the self vibration member (cIJa electrode) 25.26
also has a function as a water-saving film In addition, as in the conventional method, a separate
protective film is attached-V-There is no need, it is 2? ? -Exposure 9. The constitution can be
simply summed up, and unwanted resonance phenomena can be prevented by ? to be more
faithfully converted and reproduced with a so-called "ifify" effect without compromising the
conversion characteristics. According to the above process, the elastic material 28 attached is -f,
fh, uMiim & i (Y, 1. At the time of static pressure, the fixed electrode processing L ? ? portion is
kept in a state where it is attracted by the (biased) electrostatic force. And when such a vibration
system is completely balanced, it is possible to theoretically eliminate distortion as in the case of
the second step, but in fact it is the solid phase that the vibration system is completely balanced.
This is a factor that causes a certain degree of distortion to remain. Therefore distortion as much
as possible KI! In order to reduce the amount of C, both moving plates (the movable electrodes 5- and 26 are not attracted to the fixed electrode LL ? as a stable state in the static state) are
indispensably a neutral state. However, in the present invention, the elastic material 28 large
intervening space between the two moving plates (movable electrodes) zs and zg in the bothintermediate part of the fixed electrode 11 part.
-Because it is lll, as it is self-vibration, II (Movable power @) L ", elastic force against the
electrostatic force (biased) that is attracted to KIill constant electrode Lo @ when static acts Thus,
the self-oscillating plate (movable electrode) Li и 26 is balanced and maintains stability in a
neutral state. Therefore, as described in detail above, according to the present invention, it is a
so-called twin single type, and provided with an elastic material for distortion correction. It is
useful to provide a very good electrostatic-type electroacoustic transducer until it has a% image
at a point that can be mitigated and that the protective film can be made to be unfolded. It goes
without saying that various modifications can be made within the scope not departing from the
gist of the present invention without being limited to the above 11 cases. And this issue 1 like -F!
Are particularly suitable for tweeter loudspeakers, and in the case of a horn-there is a point
where the face can be brought out directly on the outside of the cabinet. 4 horses r
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